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5 life organization tips for achieving weight loss, health, and wellness goals

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Last Updated on June 2, 2022 by Latrice

Struggling to stick to your health and wellness goals?

I used to start working on my goals and then start “forgetting” them within the first month.

Getting my life organized for achieving these goals has helped me stay on top of healthy habits like meal planning and meal prep, food journaling, my morning mindset routine, and weight training. 

Below, I share 5 ways I’ve organized my life to achieve my weight loss, overall health, and wellness goals. 

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Keep a special planner just for self-care, weight loss, and overall health & wellness goals 

Ok so to keep it completely 100, I actually got a little crazy with the planner purchases this year and ended up with one too many planners. 

So… I decided to dedicate one of those planners to all my self-care, weight loss, health, and wellness goals. 

I keep my weight in it, my measurements, my meal planning, my face routine, my workout plans when I wash my hair… pretty much everything self-care. 

Keeping track like this really does help with remembering. I used to suck at remembering what healthy habits I was trying to establish. 

Or I’d just get too caught up being busy that I’d neglect them altogether. 

But with a planner, these healthy habits and self-care tasks become a part of my overall schedule. I plan them to make them fit. 

Keeping a health and wellness planner helps with centralizing and scheduling all things health and wellness. I love it. 

Include everything you need. Here’s what I’ve got in mine: 

  • Weekly weigh-ins 
  • Monthly measurements 
  • Meal planning 
  • Grocery shopping and meal prep days 
  • Chores 
  • Hair wash and deep conditioning days 
  • Face scrub and mask days 
  • Short journal entries about my eating for the day 
  • My workout schedule and body groups I’m working on 
  • Days I take online courses 

More resources:

Use the hell out of a habit tracker 

Do not underestimate the power of a good habit tracker! 

I used to struggle to use mine and had plenty of months where I just lost steam and had a half-assed habit tracker that was very telling. 

Then I invested some relatively major coin in a habit tracker that was fancy and just a little too pretty (and expensive) to not track my habits in it daily. 

Guess what. It worked. 

Not only have I established new habits, but I also learned something pretty interesting about my eating habits and triggers. 

After a few months of tracking, I learned I only spent an average of 2 weeks on my healthy eating routine. Without a habit tracker, I really would not have figured this out. 

Keeping a habit tracker is motivating and can help you figure out what habits you should tighten up if you really want to achieve your goals. 

Meal plan and prep religiously 

Are you meal planning and prepping yet? Still dragging your feet on taking this practice seriously?

Knowing what you’re going to eat ahead of time and having food ready to go can improve your self-discipline and consistency, limit temptations, and help you stay on track. 

When I promised myself to at least meal plan and prep weekly, I ate clean more consistently and lost the most amount of weight. 

It was easier to stick to my caloric and keto macro needs as well. 

Organizing what I ate ahead of time made getting healthy and achieving health and wellness goals much easier. 

If you’re struggling to eat clean consistently, meal planning and prepping can change that for you.

And if you want to get several cookbooks, meal plans, and ebooks on meal prep and meal planning for a steal, check out the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

More resources:

Plan a morning and evening routine

Is this your umpteenth time hearing about morning and evening routines? 

That’s because they work! 

Having a morning and evening routine has helped me get clearer skin, stick to my mindset alignment routine, workout consistently, have my environment in tip-top shape for work, and helped me read and write daily. 

I am sticking to all types of health and wellness habits I wanted to establish because I created morning and evening routines I can stick to. 

Don’t sleep on the power of good routines. If you’ve been dragging your feet about creating and sticking to one, you’re missing out. 

In this post, I share how you can create a self-care routine you’ll actually stick to. It shares a hack I use to improve my self-discipline and stick with it. 

More resources:

Add reminders to your phone 

Setting reminders help me end and begin my fasting windows consistently, realign with my goals, and check-in with how I am feeling. 

They keep me on track with my health and wellness goals by reminding me (duh) there’s something I wanted to do for my health and wellness goals. 

If you find yourself having health and wellness goals that you tend to forget, setting reminders on your phone can help you get it together. 

Set reminders for viewing your vision board, going on a walk, drinking a detox tea, starting your evening routine… anything that pertains to the goals you need to do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Organizing my life for my health and wellness goals have been the difference between wishing I can live healthier and actually living healthier. 

When I did the work to plan and schedule my health and wellness tasks and aligned my lifestyle with living healthier, my quality of life improved. 

How do you achieve your health and wellness goals? Please comment and let me know what you think about these organization tips. Use any? I will love to hear about ‘em! 

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