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  • 7 best keto and low carb pancake mixes: eat pancakes and still lose weight

    When I first started eating keto years ago, there weren’t many keto-friendly flour mixes so I usually made my keto pancakes with coconut flour, eggs, liquid stevia, pink salt, and coconut milk. And they tasted like coconut flour pancakes, know what I’m sayin’? Now there are keto and paleo friendly pancake and waffle mixes that […] Read more…

  • best foods for weight loss

    3 Surprisingly Best foods for weight loss, appetite control, and sugar cravings

    These 3 best foods for weight loss have helped with fat burning, weightloss, and eating low carb. They’ve helped the most when trying to lose weight. These weight loss foods have helped stop and curb sugar cravings and create natural appetite control for losing weight. They’re likely not your typical weight loss foods, but these are the foods I ate to achieve my 75-lbs weight loss transformation.  Read more…

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Beauty & Self-Care

  • self care routine of healthy habits

    How to create a self-care routine that’ll make healthy habits easy to stick to

    I’ve got my self-care routine on lock. I used to STRUGGLE to maintain a self-care routine. Then I gave these tips a try and it improved my discipline and consistency big time. Below is what I did to finally put together a self-care routine of healthy habits that I’m actually sticking too and getting good […] Read more…

  • The Power of a Mid-Morning Walk

    Working in an office for 8 to 9 hours a day, I’ve come to really appreciate my mid-morning walks. They allow me to get under the sun, breath outside air, break up my sedentary work-day, and think alone. The biggest benefit I’ve noticed, however, is how much it has helped me be positive, uplifted, and better […] Read more…

Mindset & Productivity


  • How I increased my blog traffic from struggling to 1000+ views in under 3 weeks

      My blog traffic used to struggle because I didn’t put in the work. Well, unless we can count research, taking notes, planning, and re-planning as work. Implementing these four strategies not only improved my numbers, but they also helped me get focused enough to quit thinking I needed more research and a “better” plan. […] Read more…

  • June’s Blogging Goals and Action Plan

    June is the first month I’m working strategically to do my own thing and turn this blog into a business. I’ve learned to turn a blog into a business, it takes a much different strategy than blogging for a hobby or “just cause.” It takes a well thought out strategy to make the business successful […] Read more…