How to create a self-care routine that’ll make healthy habits easy to stick to

I’ve got my self-care routine on lock.

I used to STRUGGLE to maintain a self-care routine. Then I gave these tips a try and it improved my discipline and consistency big time.

Below is what I did to finally put together a self-care routine of healthy habits that I’m actually sticking too and getting good results with.

Put these tips to work for you and seriously work them. These steps actually work to improve self-discipline and create a routine.

And this is coming from a woman that used to struggle to have the self-discipline to improve her self-discipline.

There’s hope!

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The power of a well-sequenced routine

What I mean by “well-sequenced routine” is a routine of habits that fit well together and trigger the following habit.

I picked this up after watching a few YouTube videos on establishing new habits (wish I remembered which videos) and it actually worked.

Each healthy habit in my self-care routine is triggered by the one before it.

I do everything in a particular order. The order I do my healthy habits in works to motivate me to do the next one.

This works well for follow through on those days when I really don’t feel like doing my routine. Once I get started on the routine, it’s easier for me to go on to the next healthy habit until my routine is complete.

Putting new habits into a well-sequenced routine makes establishing new habits easier to do because it almost automates them by triggering them with that first habit.

The power of a well-sequenced routine is how easy it can make establishing new habits by using them to trigger each other and ordering them in a way that flows well for you.

Now, let’s get into how you put together one of these well-sequenced self-care routines that’ll make healthy habits easier to stick to.

List the healthy habits you’ll like to do

The first step to creating a self-care routine that’ll make healthy habits easier to stick to is by listing out the healthy habits you’ll like to do.

What are the healthy habits you will like to do during your self-care routine to achieve your goals?

The healthy habits in my morning routine include drinking a glass of water, meditating, scripting, doing my morning walk, and a healthy meal.

Just make a list, but keep it realistic to what you’re able to actually do. I had to catch myself wanting to do all these habits I’ve seen other people do.

And some of them actually didn’t benefit me like I thought they would.

Judge what’ll work best for you instead of depending solely upon if it worked for someone else. Give the habit a trial run and ditch it if it’s too much.

Your routine. Make it work!

You’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t work as you work with your routine. But make that list and keep it true to you and your goals.

Create a list of the habits you’ll do in the order you will do them and pick when you will do this chunk of healthy habits

Once you’ve got your list of healthy habits you’ll like to establish, list them in the order you will do them in.

Keep in mind which habits will work well together and which habits will work well considering your flow in the morning.

For instance, I’ve listed my daily writing habit to go right after my daily reading habit because they both fit perfectly after my daily journaling and scripting habits. And they all involve me sitting at my desk.

List your habits in an order that feels natural to you and will help them remind you to do the next habit.

Which leads me to my next point: let new habits trigger each other.

Let one new habit trigger the next one

What I’ve found is when new habits are scheduled in a way that they remind me to do the next one, there’s really very little room to “forget” after a bit of practice.

And there’s less of a need to depend on motivation and willpower too. I start with that first habit of my self-care routine and the rest are triggered to get completed.

My habits are set up in a way where they motivate me and trigger me to do the next one without me having to do all the motivating and willpower-ing myself. It’s actually a pretty sweet setup.

To do this, respect the order in which you listed your healthy habits. If the first thing you do in the morning is meditate followed by yoga and a green smoothie, than stick to the sequence and do your meditation, yoga and then green smoothie.

After a while it’ll feel weird to miss one of them without doing the others.

For example, if you at least get in the meditation (even though you woke up not really feeling like following your routine), it’s highly likely you’ll just follow through and get the yoga in too. The yoga will then trigger the green smoothie. And before you know it, you’ve completed your healthy habits you didn’t feel like doing.

Add healthy habits to a habit tracker

List the habits of your self-care routine into a habit tracker and track them until you don’t need to track them anymore.

List these habits in the order that you’ll be completing them and review this list daily to update.

At first, I read my habit tracker every morning and checked off each new habit as I completed them. Now, that I’m more so in established-healthy-habit mode, I do the habits in my routine and then go back and check them off. (I like to still keep track)

Habit trackers do more than motivate you because you’re checking boxes. Habit trackers help you remember each habit and the sequence you’ve put them in until you don’t need to remember to do them because they’re established habits.

Review the habit tracker, and your progress, until you do these habits without needing to read which habit to do.

Then you can keep track of your habits just to see how far you have come and the progress you’re making.

Follow through on this routine one habit at a time

My self-care morning routine of healthy habits is as follows:

  • Meditation
  • Scripting
  • Reading 30 minutes
  • Writing 1,000+ words
  • Dress for workout
  • Workout
  • Shower and dress
  • Eat a healthy keto meal

I sometimes don’t feel like doing it, but once I get started I figure I might as well follow through and complete it.

It is the self-care routine that I follow through on one habit at a time. And I don’t trip about how many things I do in the morning because I take it one habit at a time.

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I’ve realized if I let my thoughts trip about how much I have to do instead of focusing on that one next step, I talk myself out of getting things done.

It helps to think of only the next step or that one habit.

Follow through on your self-care routine by focusing on one habit at a time. This will help you stay motivated to complete your routine.


To improve your discipline in establishing new healthy habits, create a sequence of habits that fit into a routine that works best for your flow and work well together.

After making a list of healthy habits you’d like to establish, list these habits in the order in which you will do them in. Keep in mind which habits will work well together, will trigger the next one, and work well with your flow.

When you batch together your healthy habits into a well-sequenced routine of habits that work well together and trigger one another, you automate healthy habits and improve your chances of sticking to them.

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How to plan your self-care routine


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