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Effortless No Calorie Counting Weight Loss Tips: How I Shed 13 Pounds Quickly!

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Yes. It is possible. You can lose weight, lots of it even, without counting one calorie or caring one bit about your portions.

I just did it for almost 2 weeks and dropped 13 pounds. Granted, it’s likely mostly water weight, but I did lose a notable amount of bloat and 3% body fat according to my scale.

My face is slimmer and the belly fat is going down.

I’ve also been able to comfortably intermittent fast, I have plenty of energy for my workouts in the morning, and I feel awesome.

All while eating until I am FULL without caring about calories or portions. I’ve just been letting my body tell me when to stop eating.

What has done the trick? Let’s get into it.

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My Weight Loss Results

Have to say, I am a fan of this way of eating. This is my 3rd or 4th time starting this routine and each time, the weight loss has been good.

I’ve struggled with consistency when I was smoking pot on a regular basis. But since quitting, sticking with the carnivore diet has been a breeze.

These are screenshots from my smart scale app Fitindex that goes with the Fitindex smart scale. I like this scale. It’s Bluetooth, easy to set up, and reads easily. It works great for being more affordable than the more popular FitTrack smart scale.

I lost a total of 13.4 pounds and 3.5% body fat according to my scale in 12 days. I’ve also noticed my face getting slimmer and having more energy for my workouts. I’ll definitely keep going with this routine, but it was ROUGH starting this time around.

Doing the Carnivore Diet approach to weight loss 

I have yet to hear someone talking about the Carnivore diet talk about counting calories and controlling portions. If there is any talk of calorie counting and portion control, it’s to not do any of it. You’re encouraged to eat as much animal fat and protein as your appetite can stand. 

One woman I like to follow on YouTube, Steak and Butter Gal, says she eats over 3,000 calories in a day. And she looks snatched after losing weight with the carnivore diet. She doesn’t count calories, but to tell her audience how much food she’s eating while still looking fit. 

Intrigued, I took on the challenge and threw out my keto calculations. I stocked up on beef (my favorite meat), butter, eggs, and sparkling water. I also got a lot of pork ribs on sale from Costco.

What is the Carnivore diet exactly? 

It’s simple, really. 

You eat only animal fats and proteins until satisfied, drink water, sparkling water, coffee, and tea when thirsty, and make sure you’re not afraid of eating too much. 

Some people season their carnivore foods with your typical herbal seasonings while some only do salt and pepper while some do nothing at all because herbs aren’t animal products. 

There are a few ways people eat a carnivore diet. Some eat a carnivore diet that includes dairy as part of the animal fats and protein menu. There is a carnivore diet version with only beef and water. Then there is ketovore that is animal-based with super low carb intake. 

What do I eat on the carnivore diet for quick weight loss? 

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been eating eggs, butter, beef and, or pork until I am full.  And if I get hungry later, I finish my plate or make a plate of beef and butter if the plate I had earlier is finished. 

During the first few days, I only had room for one meal a day, but after working out consistently, by the end of the week I was hungry enough to eat beef and butter as a second meal. 

You might be thinking this sounds boring, but for the results I’ve been getting, I can handle “boring.” Plus, it’s satisfying. Not only have I lost weight quickly, but I’ve also noticed having less knee pain post-workout. I used to get this sharp pain in my knees after sitting at my desk too long on workout days. Now, not at all.

Raw egg yolks, 3 tbsp of butter, ground beef
Steak, eggs, and butter. Mm mm mm!

What sucks about the carnivore diet

The adjustment phase. Lord, have mercy! 

This is my fourth or fifth time starting the carnivore diet and two times have been rough. Most times I’m eating just enough to avoid the runs and nausea while still being properly fed. And then there have been a couple of times where I’ve eaten too much fat and had a HORRIBLE night. 

Both times I was woken up in the middle of the night with the runs and nausea. It was rough. Did I give up? No. I lowered the amount of fat I had the next day and was just fine. 

There are things you can take like Ox bile supplements and drinking sparkling water to help with digestion as your body gets used to going without fiber and eating more fat. 

I’ve learned what fat works best for me. My stomach does best with fatty meats and adding up to 6 tbsp of butter a day to my meals. 

Going through this rough patch is a thing many experience while starting the carnivore diet. I’ve linked a few guides on what to do below. 

Combining Intermittent Fasting with the Carnivore Diet 

Since my appetite is in check with the carnivore diet, it’s been easy to fast until noon and then stop eating around 4 pm. I don’t have the space to eat after 4 pm. s

If you’re fresh to the carnivore diet, you’ll do better to start without intermittent fasting. Get yourself properly fed and nourished first and then let your body naturally fall into intermittent fasting. 

Will I keep going? 

I definitely will keep working with the carnivore diet. I like it. Besides the bumpy beginning, the diet is pretty easy to handle. 

I’m not counting calories, calculating macros, or watching my portions like what is required on the keto diet. And I’m eating plenty of food until I am full. 

It’s different. I’ve never been on a routine where I get to eat until my body tells me to stop and still lose more weight. 

Not even that one-big-salad-a-day diet I did years ago was this effective. It kept me bloated, I never felt full, and I lost much less weight. The carnivore diet, besides the couple of times I’ve had a rough night, has been easier on the tummy, kept me feeling fed, and losing weight fast. 

I think the carnivore diet is worth it. 

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