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Tips for keeping a health and wellness planner

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I love scheduling stuff. There’s something about having a calendar of to-do’s, planned projects, checks, and cute doodles that makes me geek out.

I have a schedule for work, a schedule for my passion project, so I figured, how cool will it be to have a schedule for the health and wellness “stuff” too?

Health and wellness “stuff” being my daily, weekly, and monthly self-care routines and daily practices. This can be workouts, weekly meal plans, checkboxes for if I ate clean for the day and if I had enough water, and even my nature walks.

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The benefits I’ve experienced keeping a health and wellness planner

Laying out all my healthy activities into a schedule has been helpful to say the least. I get to see how I’m doing and it helps me keep in mind new things I want to try daily that I could easily forget if I didn’t review them regularly.

Before buying a designated planner for health and wellness “stuff,” I was keeping a wall calendar I where I marked off workouts and if I ate clean for the day.

This was helpful, but it didn’t allow me to get as detailed about my health and wellness plans as I wanted to. I also couldn’t keep all my plans in one place. Being able to keep everything in one place has been beneficial in implementing new habits.

I find that keeping a designated planner for self-care also helps me stay hyped and motivated about my plans. Days are getting marked off, boxes are getting checked for that “gold star” effect, and I’m even keeping better track of what I plan to eat. A health and wellness planner was definitely a good move.

Another benefit is making sure I remember to take care of me and my needs on top of running a blog and working full-time.

If I get too involved in my blog and job, I easily neglect my personal development and daily health and wellness practices.

What I’ve found is if I skip these practices, the work I skipped these practices for is actually poorer. Meaning, if I don’t make time to take care of my health, wellness, and personal development, the quality of my work and results suffer.

Over the years, I’ve learned my goals, work, and results benefit big time when I make sure to take good care of myself FIRST.

Keeping a health and wellness planner helps me stay on top of what improves my overall performance.

What health and wellness stuff do I keep in my health and wellness planner

Even though taking good care of myself is important for my overall performance, I’m still having fun with this.

I put every and anything health, wellness, and personal development related that I want to give a try daily, into my health and wellness planner.

I have check boxes for new habits I’m implementing. I plan and schedule my workouts, my meal prep days, my meal planning days, my grocery shopping days, and I schedule outdoor activities (I LOVE getting sun). Oh, and I also like scheduling my hair-wash days.

My planner includes self-care, health, and wellness activities.

Here’s what I typically keep in my health and wellness planner:

  • “Mind – right” exercises – personal development:
    • Gratitude
    • Meditation
    • Journaling
    • Reflection
    • Visualization
    • Reading affirmations
    • Reading a personal development book
  • Workouts and gym days:
    • HIIT Cardio days
    • Weight lifting days – legs and butt days, chest and biceps days, back and triceps days, etc
    • Sauna and steam room day
    • Nature walks
  • Meal planning:
  • Grocery shopping:
    • This HAS to be done when I’ve got the most time to get it done so this most definitely gets planned
    • Plus if I’ve got to shop during my work week, it throws off my plans a bit during the week
  • Check boxes for daily accomplishments:
    • Somewhat like a habit tracker for each day
    • “Ate clean” checkbox
    • “1 gal of water” checkbox
    • “Completed fasting window” checkbox
    • “Completed workout” checkbox
    • “Warm lemon water” checkbox
  • Any other personal-care activities:
    • Deep conditioning days
    • Hair wash days
    • Clean up and organizing my environment – wash car, clean house, organize office, throw out old mail from the week, wash clothes, wash bedding (because I’ll get too busy to “remember” despite the accumulating mess), throw out magazines I’m done with
    • Face masks and exfoliating
    • Nails and pedicure days – planned to fit around other activities

Need tips for creating your own meal plan? Check out my post “How to create your own keto diet meal plan in 3 simple steps”. This post outlines how I create my own meal plans.

Have the meal planning and grocery list done for you. Check out the $5 Meal Plan where you’ll receive a meal plan and shopping list each and every week for only $5 a month. Start out with their 14-day trial to give it a try for free. Visit the $5 Meal Plan site for details and to sign up. Not sure if they offer low-carb, keto-friendly, or paleo-friendly meal plans, however.

And I’ve got to also suggest these super dope meal prep containers. These meal prep containers have been such a huge game changer for me. Yea, you can buy regular ol’ Tupperware, but these hold up so much better. Plus these are BPA free and stackable. Enther Meal Prep containers come in 1 compartment, 2 compartments, and 3 compartments. I own the 1 compartment containers and they’ve held up great over the last 6 months.

Cute mind tricks I use to stick to a health and wellness planner

Even though I love using planners and scheduling stuff, I’ve still struggled with using a planner meant just for my self-care.

What I do with my self-care planner is keep it looking cute, cute. I’m talking washi tape, a colorful assortment of fine liner pins, planner stickers, and cute post it notes and tabs.

Keeping my planner cute makes it more than a planner at that point. It becomes a crafty project I want to add to every day. It encourages me to want to see it filled in and current.

The second way I encourage myself to stick to my planner is including a vision board for each week. I take images from my vision board on Pinterest and the luxury magazines I’m subscribed to and add to my mini vision board once a week. It’s part of the planning process.

The vision board reminds me of my goals and how crucial self-care is to reaching them.

Remembering this is a fun, personal challenge

When I first started keeping a health, wellness, and personal development planner, I was somewhat worried that it’ll turn into another reason to beat myself up.

Like, if I skipped days or missed an activity, would I use that as a reason to talk negatively about myself?

To take all that weight out of my health and wellness planner, I’m remembering this is a fun personal challenge.

I am having a good time learning what I can get done and an even better time stretching myself. I love getting healthy, learning new habits, and improving with each day.

No sweat if I miss something. There’s always tomorrow to do better and the goal is to do better.

Keeping a health planner doesn’t have to be another burden. It can be a fun challenge.

Will I keep a health and wellness planner “forever”?

I think I will keep one, but the activities I have to “keep a close eye on” will change.

For instance, when a habit becomes a habit, I don’t think I’ll need a checkbox. Showering and brushing my teeth don’t need a checkbox, get my drift? Soon drinking a gallon of water a day and eating clean for the day won’t need a checkbox either.

Keeping a health and wellness planner will be how I implement new health, wellness and personal development practices I want to give a try. I’ll also use it to track effectiveness and my results.

I can definitely see myself making a health and wellness planner a part of my routine long-term.

How to create your own keto diet meal plan in 3 simple steps

Do you keep a health and wellness planner?

I personally don’t mind the extra time it takes to plan and track these things, but how do you feel about it?

How do you keep track of your health and wellness goals and daily practices for self-care and personal development? Do you track them in a planner or thinking about tracking them?

Does keeping a health and wellness planner seem like too much work?

If you keep one, how’s it going?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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