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31 easy keto breakfast recipes you can make ahead that aren’t eggs

If you’ve been on a keto diet for some time, you’re probably pretty familiar with having eggs for breakfast. 

Maybe even a bit sick of them by now. 

Or you’re new to the keto diet and wonder what the hell else do people eat for breakfast on this diet besides eggs. 

Or you’re in my camp and have a bit of a bumpy relationship with eggs where they’re your favorite, but it’s time to ease up on them for your skin’s sake. 

Whatever the case, you’re on the hunt for some keto breakfast recipes and meal ideas that aren’t eggs. I’ve got you.

Plus some quick instructions on for keto meal planning and prep.

make ahead keto breakfast recipes that are not eggs

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How to meal plan and meal prep on keto for intermittent fasting

It’s a simple process that takes a bit of balancing, but once you’ve done it a few times it’ll get easier to know which foods work best together for your needs. 

Step 1: Determine what are your macros and caloric needs using a keto calculator. I use

Step 2: Plan your meals using an online tool that allows you to easily see your macros. I like using because it allows you to set macros for keto and know if you’re eating primal. Pick a keto recipe below (or few) and plug in the ingredients. Free guide here.

Step 3: Create your list and shop. If you buy organic, you can save money by shopping at They offer 25% off and a 30-day free trial membership to start. I personally like using them for my more “fancy” keto needs, but they’ve also got savings on plenty of everyday keto goods.

Step 4: Weigh your meat portions before you cook them for more accuracy on how much protein you’re getting. Measure vegetables and fats. Here are some scales to check out that people are loving:

Step 5: Portion your servings and store in meal prep containers. Here are some that are BPA free:

And if you’re not quite ready to do your own keto meal planning, or simply don’t have the time, Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit will send you one of her “Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans” starting at as little as $8/month. I like how her keto meal ideas switch things up including keto breakfasts without eggs.

free download health and wellness cheatsheets

31 easy keto breakfast recipes you can make ahead that aren’t eggs

1. Coconut Low Carb Porridge (keto, instant pot) | Low Carb Yum  

25g fat | 17g carbs | 3g protein | 303 cals

2. Cauliflower Chocolate Protein Smoothie | The Flavours of Kitchen 

34g fat | 14g carbs | 8g protein | 358 cals 

3. Slow Cooker Low Carb Granola | Recipes from a Pantry

18g fat | 8g carbs | 6g protein | 214 cals 

4. Avocado Burger | Low Carb – No Carb 

38g fat | 17g carbs | 15g protein | 480 cals 

5. 3-minute keto creamy hot cereal | Beauty and the Foodie 

27g fat | 12g carbs | 10g protein | 360 cals 

6. Cinnamon keto granola | Keto Connect 

17g fat | 11g carbs | 6g protein | 175 cals

7. Pork Rind Puppy Chow | Maria Mind Body Health 

47g fat | 7g carbs | 11g protein | 478 cals 

8. Keto cabbage with bacon | Keto Size Me 

11g fat | 2g carbs | 4g protein | 126 cals 

9. Low carb keto everything bagels | Peace Love and Low Carb 

35.5g fat | 10g carbs | 27.8g protein | 449 cals 

10. Clean eating peanut butter fat bombs recipes | The Gracious Pantry 

10g fat | 1g carbs | 1g protein | 103 cals 

11. Keto overnight ‘oats’ | Meal Prep on Fleek 

22g fat | 7g carbs | 13g protein | 278 cals 

12. Low carb “yogurt” {keto-friendly} | Hey Keto Mama 

13g fat | 2g carbs | 2g protein | 145 cals 

13. Keto banana nut muffins | Hey Keto Mama 

22g fat | 7g carbs | 7g protein | 248 cals 

14. Maple chicken breakfast sausage | Peace Love and Low Carb 

11g fat | 1.4g carbs | 21g protein | 187 cals 

15. Low carb cinnamon crunch cereal | All Day I Dream About Food 

24.5g fat | 6.5g carbs | 4.6g protein | 257 cals 

16. Keto chocolate chip energy ball | Grass Fed Girl 

18.4g fat | 8.3g carbs | 6.2g protein | 249 cals 

17. Flourless crispy flaxseed waffles | Healthful Pursuit 

69g fat | 2g carbs | 15g protein | 653 cals 

18. Thin mint cereal | Maria Mind Body Health 

18.8g fat | 15.1g carbs | 12g protein | 277 cals 

Recipes without macros listed

19. Mashed Cauliflower Breakfast Bowls | Grass Fed Salsa 

20. Cinnamon bun fat bomb bars | Ditch the Wheat 

21. Oil-free blueberry streusel scones | Healthful Pursuit 

22. Paleo Granola | Paleo Cupboard 

23. Strawberry nut bars | Holistically Engineered 

24. Butternut breakfast meatballs | Real Simple Good 

25. No nuts! Keto granola dust | Healthful Pursuit 

26. AIP breakfast stack | Comfort Bites 

27. Egg free grain free blueberry coffee cake | Grass Fed Girl 

28. Cinnamon toast crunch pork rind cereal | Maria Mind Body Health 

29. One Pan Chicken Apple + Squash Skillet | Real Simple Good

30. Potato-free hash browns | Healthful Pursuit 

31. Low-Carb No Egg Breakfast Bake with Sausage and Peppers | Kalyn’s Kitchen 

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keto breakfast recipes with no eggs to make ahead

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