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My Morning Routine For Transformation: Boost Productivity And Growth

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These are 11 things I do before 9 am to achieve my glow-up transformation goals.

Eleven things?

Yes, eleven things. 

I wake up at 3 am to begin my day. Waking up early to have an easy workout at the gym before my day starts has been something I’ve done since high school. I come from a family of early risers. 

My grandma used to get up super early to workout. Parents get up early to workout. Brother is up early for the gym. My mom used to get me up early in high school to workout. 

I’m for sure a morning person that has been doing this up early thing for a very long time. 

I wanted a morning routine that helped me take a holistic approach to allow my well being, glow up, and balance without me needing to focus on individual problems to fix them.

(I’ve learned that focusing on problems to fix them is doing things the hard way. Becoming aligned with well being and taking attention off of problems is the easy way.) 

Below I share what my morning routine looks like. 

But first, a few pointers on getting up early.

How to get your butt up early?

Getting up earlier has many benefits including having a kick-ass morning routine that strengthens and prepares you for your day as well as automates your transformation goals. 

Here are habits you can implement to ease your way into waking up earlier and transforming into a morning person. 

Go to bed early enough to get 7 to 8 hours. 

Turn off electronics (including lighting) at least 30 minutes to an hour before bed. 

Read or journal by candlelight. (Journaling by candlelight works really well in bringing on sleepiness  in my experience.) 

Get outside during the day. 

Stop drinking caffeinated drinks after 2 to 3 pm. 

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke weed (or anything for that matter) before bed.

Train yourself by going to bed at a set time 7 days a week until you naturally start feeling tired at that time. 

Have an evening routine where you unplug and unwind.  

Now, on to my “hardcore” morning routine… 


Hitting the gym at least 5 days a week in the morning is important to my routine. 

It’s much easier to get in a workout when the day has just begun, I don’t have a day worth of stuff to use to talk me out of it, and it sets the tone for how healthy I’m going to be that day. 

Working out regularly has also helped me keep a more positive mood during the day, think sharper, and I just feel better when I workout earlier. 

Plus, I’ve heard on several occasions that working out earlier in the day is better for sleep and working out improves how your mind works. 

Make my bed, tidy up, make coffee  

I LOVE the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Right when I come home from the gym, I put down my bag and start a pot of coffee. 

Then I make my bed, clean up around my bedroom, and clean up anything else I didn’t tidy up the night before. 

Having a clean room I come back to after my shower makes me feel even better and raises my vibrations. 

I also like how a clean, organized environment puts me in a high vibe for the rest of my morning routine.

Shower, face routine, lotion, put on comfy clothes

I’m working on the habit of having a three-step morning and evening face routine instead of just washing my face in the shower and then putting body lotion on my face. I’ve decided to do more for my face. 

So after I shower, I stand at my sink and do my morning face routine. 

Afterward, I put on lotion and comfy clothes (instead of what I’m going to wear for the day) so I’m still nice and comfy and relaxed during my mindset, allowing, and alignment morning exercises. 

Smelling good, feeling good, and being comfy puts me in a great mood for meditation. 


Meditation has been a great practice for allowing in well being, receiving new thoughts, and learning how to detach myself from my thoughts. 

As someone working on transforming my mindset and becoming aware of limiting beliefs, detaching from my thoughts has helped me see them separately from myself. Seeing them separately helps me realize I don’t have to believe them, act on them, or let them make me feel bad. 

Meditation helps me have more control, choose what thoughts work for me, and release the ones that don’t. 

I didn’t really understand I could do that until I started meditating regularly. 

Give it a try if you haven’t already. A serious try. 


My visualization practice is simple and quick lasting just 5 minutes on many days. 

On some days I think about what I want and feel what having it would feel like. 

And on some days I just focus on feeling excited, happy, pleased, satisfied or any positive emotion without first focusing on something to feel positive about. 

I learned this visualization technique from Mike Dooley’s Manifesting Change: It Could Be Easier. 

It’s supposed to work really quick in bringing you things to be excited about including solutions. 

I think so far it’s helped me feel more positive about my own skills and results. 


Scripting is how I give thanks for what I want to materialize and feel excited about it as if I already have it. It’s a helpful exercise of allowing well being.  

I used to write about having stuff, but now I write about having great, productive, fun, and focused days. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with writing to manifest material things. Many people successfully script cars and houses into their lives. 

I personally didn’t see results doing that (more on this in a later post), but do get great results when I write about having a good day. My days turn out to be more productive and focused when I write about having those types of days.  

List of positive aspects 

I learned about this process from the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and it does work in helping me see more good things in my life. It’s helped me see what’s working, what I’m doing right, and how I am improving. 

I used to be the type of person that let relatively little things bother me. Little things like the internet glitching when I had no time for that or my computer being weird used to make me feel like I couldn’t have anything good although there’s MANY THINGS going wonderfully in my life. Dramatic, I know. 

Listing positive aspects helped me realize how ridiculous that type of thinking is and all the awesome things going on that I can focus on instead. 

Helps a lot with having a focused, positive, and aligned day. I’m also getting great results manifesting great days. It’s been awesome to say the least.

30 minutes of reading 

As a writer and fan of reading, I’m big on reading daily. 

I read personal development, Law of Attraction, and mindset books in the mornings during the week. On the weekends, I mostly read magazines and blog posts. 

Reading, to me, keeps the mind sharp. 

30 minutes of writing 

I’m a writer with a daily writing practice that took me for like ever to stick to. 

Writing is also helpful for processing thoughts, getting out problems that are bothersome, slowing down the mind, and working through plans. 

Prepare and eat breakfast 

Usually it’s about 8 am or a little after 8 am by the time I have my first meal of the day. 

Since I meal prep on most weeks, I only have to heat up my meat on the stove and add butter. And if I don’t meal prep, I’ll cook some meat or eggs.

Keeps me feeling fed for at least 6 hours. 

Go over the day’s plans 

The last things I do as part of my morning routine is go over my plans for the day while eating breakfast. 

I plan my days the night before by choosing my top 3 things I have to get done and then scheduling them into time slots. 

The morning I have to do them, I look over my schedule to further prepare myself by opening up any docs or programs I need to use and grabbing any notes I need. 

The value of my morning routine

My morning routine supports my overall well being by helping me start my work day feeling good, thinking in a healthy way, and focused on what’s helpful for me to focus on. 

Because I feel so damn good, I’m able to keep myself energized and open for manifestations which usually translates into great ideas, concentration, opportunities, focus and flow.

I used to have those types of days that got lost in feeling frustrated and unfocused. My goals were moving so slowly. Having a morning routine on lock has made the difference.

If you’re struggling to maintain a morning routine, start small. Start with one to two habits and add more as you get better at having a morning routine. 

What’s your morning routine look like? What do you think about morning routines? Comment below. 

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