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Intermittent fasting weight loss results for July 2019: week 1, 8-lbs lost

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This is the first week I am officially restarting my weight loss transformation and getting back on track. No shame here.

Well, there was, but then I realized I’m human and I can’t live my life worried about what y’all thank. Lol

The weight loss plan I am following is the same one I laid out in my keto intermittent fasting bundle, but I’m leaning more towards eating carnivore for this month.

I actually like the carnivore diet for how affordable it is, how simple it has been, and how easy it has been for me to lose a lot of weight quickly and get my appetite and cravings under control.

In my weekly weight loss updates, I’m including the benefits of the diet I’m on, what my starting weight is, my weight loss and measurement results, body pics, what I ate for the week, eliminating poor habits, my workout and tips, and my overall score.

Use these weekly updates as motivation, inspiration, and for their real-time weight loss tips and insights.

Let’s get into it!

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Benefits I’ve experienced on the carnivore diet so far

Quick weight loss | Through giving the carnivore diet a try here and there, I’ve actually lost over 10 pounds each time I’ve done it. One week I lost a total of 14 pounds. Yea, a lot of that was water weight, but keto didn’t get rid of water weight like that and I did keto to lose 45-lbs in 4 months. 

Appetite and cravings control | It takes about 3 days from a binge and being off plan for my cravings and appetite to get back on track with the carnivore diet. And very noticeably so. 

Maybe this is because I’ve been eating a primarily real foods diet for the last 8 years so getting in check after a binge doesn’t take as long. 

But I have definitely noticed the difference between keto and carnivore with how soon my appetite allows me to intermittent fast with ease and my cravings go away. 

Noticeable weight loss within the first 2 weeks | The first thing I’ve noticed the last couple of times I took the carnivore diet on a test drive was how quickly my collar bone started showing again and how fast my face slimmed down.

Not sure if this is just water puffiness (is that a thing?) or what, but I LOVE it. 

The carnivore diet has gotten my face slimmer super quick. 

More affordable and hella convenient | I have been eating primarily ground beef, eggs, butter, and lamb while on the carnivore diet. These things are super simple to meal prep and really cheap to buy.

I even have a few coins left over to invest in the quality of the food. Since I’m not spending money on vegetables, I’ve got more money for the quality of my food. 

WARNING about the carnivore diet

I do have to warn you, however, that hopping right into the carnivore diet from the standard American diet can be a doozy.

A “doozy” being dealing with sugar detox symptoms on top of transitioning to no carbs. Making it much harder to stick to.

My advice is to transition instead by:

  • Week 1: Eliminating all highly processed foods including sugary drinks. Eat real foods including portion-controlled rice, oats, quinoa, or beans – this makes elimination less painful typically
  • Week 2: Eliminate rice, oats, beans, quinoa, and all grains. Eat real foods including animal protein, healthy animal fats, dark greens, sweet potatoes, raw nuts, plantain, and all fruits.
  • Week 3: Eliminate starchy vegetables and roots like sweet potatoes, potatoes and plantain, and fruits like bananas and apples. Eat animal proteins and fats and keto-friendly vegetables and fruits.
  • Week 4: Eliminate all vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Eat animal proteins and fats.

I’ve put together this free bundle that includes a plan for transitioning out of the Standard American Diet and into keto intermittent fasting.

You can check it out by clicking on the banner below if you’re interested.

Starting Weight 

SW 7/8/19: 214-lbs – I gained 44 pounds after losing 75-lbs. 

I was ashamed of this, but have decided to use this as a teaching and learning experience for us. 

I gained weight allowing myself to:

  • Eat whatever at parties and social events with the “just this time” mentality and then struggling to get back on track
  • Smoking marijuana regularly and then experiencing the munchies big time
  • Not addressing my mindset and alignment as part of my weight loss routine. 

What did I eat this week & fasting window

Might look gross, but was tasty lol
  • Breakfast at 9 am: 1 1/2 cup of ground beef, 4 eggs, 3 tbsp of butter
  • Lunch at 2 pm: 1 lamb steak, 1 tbsp butter, watermelon

The diet and eating schedule I’m following for weight loss and healing | As I mentioned above, I am eating a mostly carnivore diet. But since I am transitioning from dirty eating, I’ve allowed myself to have watermelon each day. 

And I’m fasting between 4 pm and 9 am.

Macros & calories | I did not officially meal plan with macros and calories but I did make sure to portion control my meals.  

Meals prepped | Cooked my ground beef at the beginning of the week as well as my lamb and then portioned off into meal prep containers. Super simple and quick meal prep.  

How many gals of water did I finish | I’m getting better with this with each day. The way I drink more water is by keeping a Starbucks reusable cup that they sell with the straw on my desk and filling it up when it gets empty. I keep a gallon of purified water right by my desk to keep my cup full until the gallon is done. This “hack” has worked wonders. 

Tips on what to eat & choosing a fasting window

If you’re fresh off the Standard American Diet, transition with all real foods instead if you notice it’s too hard to go all in on a carnivore or keto diet.

I included a transition plan in my free quick weight loss and intermittent fasting on keto bundle.

Foods that I’ve noticed that are great for weight loss include:

  • Animal proteins
  • Healthy animal fats
  • Dark leafy greens (if you’re eating vegetables)
  • Low-carb fruits like berries

Intermittent Fasting

For intermittent fasting make sure to choose a window that works best for you and you can handle.

When first starting

For intermittent fasting make sure to choose a window that works best for you and you can handle.

The main daily fasting schedules are 12/12, 16/8, 20/4 and OMAD. The least intense fasting window will be the 12/12 and the most intense is OMAD which stands for one meal a day. 

Choose a fasting window you can manage depending on your appetite. Go for a shorter window and work yourself up to one that is more intense if you need to. 

I had to work myself up to the length of time I fast and started at 16 hours. 

I’ve included meal ideas and fasting schedules in the Intermittent Fasting on Keto for Fat Loss bundle.

How did I do on eliminating poor habits 

Did I eat clean all week | I did pretty damn good all week. What changed? I quit smoking marijuana. *facepalm* I really had to work on my mindset with this one because for a while I was telling myself I could manage the munchies and laziness in a way that’ll keep my weight loss routine intact. That was laughable as I spent damn near two years with this internal conflict. 

If you’re trying to lose weight while smoking weed and struggle to stick to your clean eating routine, it’s highly likely the weed. Ijs

And you might actually “know” this, but you keep telling yourself you can manage as I did. Unless you really need it, let it go.

Temptations, challenges, how did I work through them | One challenge was the first few days of not having marijuana. I had to distract myself and do some moving around. It worked. Eating clean is easy for me without marijuana so sticking to my diet and workout routine was actually really easy this week without it. 

Tips for overcoming poor habits

List the habits you do want and schedule them. Create your routine. List your new habits in a habit tracker. Start living that schedule with your new habits.

What I do now is follow a Law Of Attraction inspired method of feeling good, prioritizing feeling good above all else, and judging if my thoughts feel good to me or bad to me.

I’m new to this method and will keep you posted on how it does.

Here are a few Abraham-Hicks videos on Law of Attraction and habits.

Did I workout this week? 

Am I working out? | I usually advise people to not workout while they’re transitioning to low or no carb eating because the sugar withdrawal symptoms coupled with transitioning can be a lot to deal with on top of increasing your appetite with working out. Making it really hard to stick to your routine.

But as I’ve stated earlier, I think my body is a little more adjusted were getting back on track is easier to do. Working out did not make it hard to stick to the carnivore diet. My appetite wasn’t crazy and I did fine. 

What workouts did I do this week if I did workout? | Very little weight lifting for this first week back at the gym. Did 20 minutes of HIIT cardio on the elliptical and then 20 minutes of incline speed walking on the treadmill and then 20 minutes doing step-ups and squats with light weights.  

Tips for working out when fresh on an intermittent fasting routine

When you’re fresh to intermittent fasting, give yourself time to adjust so you’re not dealing with increased appetite from transitioning on top of an increased appetite from working out. Test how you feel.

If your appetite increases or you feel like it’s unmanageable and you’ve just got to eat out of your eating window, cut back on the working out or hold off on it altogether for now.

If you workout and your appetite is still something you can handle, then workout. But pay attention to how you feel. 

This week’s results 

Weight loss | 8-lbs lost

  • 214-lbs on Friday 7/5
  • 206-lbs on Friday 7/12

Inches lost | No measurements taken this week 

Body pics | No before and after pics taken this week (this first week was mostly about transitioning), but I did include pics of me from before this recent “fall off” so you can see. 

I’m looking at these pics like “ooh, girl. What happened?” The munchies, binge eating, and a few parties. That’s what happened. And I ain’t too proud to say.

I am legit laughing at these pics. (Apologies for how dark they are.)

You know how you find an old pic of yourself and see how much smaller you were and remember how at the time of the pic you wish you were smaller? And now you bigger?

Yup, that’s where I’m at. lol

The overall scores of the week 

Effort | 10

Proud of myself for doing well.

Sticking to my prepared meals | 9

I had a half a cup of dried mixed nuts on Friday evening that was off plan. Nothing crazy, but still off plan. 

Following my lifestyle plan | 9

Followed my morning routine pretty well, but did have a couple of nights where I didn’t stick to my evening routine. And there was Friday where I ate those nuts that are off plan. 

Results & feelings | 10

I’m happy with my overall results and feelings this week though. I’ve done great during week 1. And my mood and feelings have been great.

I’ve been managing them really well with my routines and noticing some great results throughout the day with how I handle situations differently. 

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You’ll also be added to receive weekly tips on weight loss, mindset, lifestyle, healthy eating and more.  

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