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Learn how to combine two powerful fat burning tools to achieve your weight loss transformation goals

keto + intermittent fasting = 🔥🔥🔥

I've used this powerful fat burning combination to lose a total of 75 lbs in 6 months after trying "everything"...

^^ My weight loss & Fit Journey ^^

Of course I haven't tried "everything," but it sure does feel like it!

I've been a vegetarian, a vegan, a raw foodist, and have tried all types of other diets, fasts, cleanses and detoxes to heal my body and release the extra weight.

But these diets usually increased appetite, increased cravings, and were extremely difficult to stick to because of how much hunger they caused and food they required. And if I did get any results, they didn't last and I'd gained the weight back and then some.

And have you ever been so hungry on a diet that it's actually hard to concentrate at work? I have.

Not to mention all the lugging around of food I endured.

Then keto and intermittent fasting changed the game for me.

This fat burning combination not only helped me achieve my weight loss transformation goals, but it also transformed my appetite without me needing to endure crazy, lingering hunger headaches and moodiness to do so.

I became fat adapted with keto and then extended the fat burning with intermittent fasting.

^^ Getting healthier! ^^

The weight seemed to come off overnight.

No, seriously. One morning I stood up, stretched my arms to the sky and my waist beads slid right off.

And I did it without struggling! New territory for sure.

What I've learned with keto is there's a better way to lose fat than struggling through cravings, lingering hunger headaches, moodiness, increased appetites, and toting around hella food.

^^ the journey continues with new goals...^^ join me!

You can train your body to need less food and burn its own body fat. You can actually get into caloric restriction and "slip" into intermittent fasting without forcing yourself to get there.

On keto, your body will get you there on its own. Then intermittent fasting becomes a piece of cake. Or, shall I say, a crispy pork rind? No?

Well, the point is with a keto diet getting your body to fat burning mode and with intermittent fasting extending that fat burning, intermittent fasting on keto gets pretty darn easy.

I share this method and my experience with the lifestyle of keto intermittent fasting because I KNOW I didn't struggle trying what didn't work for nothing.

If you've struggled with weight loss then intermittent fasting on keto is something you've got to give a SERIOUS go.

When I say "two powerful fat burning tools" that'll help you achieve your weight loss transformation goals, I DEFINITELY mean it!

The how to intermittent fast on keto for fat LOSS bundle will help you combine these two powerful fat burning tools and make them
work for you

Learn how to accurately combine (and work with) the keto diet and intermittent fasting to achieve your weight loss transformation goals

Here's what you'll get:

6 Instantly Downloadable Ebooks

main guide + meal plan

This guide will help you get started QUICKLY with intermittent fasting on keto & includes a keto meal plan for transitioning to intermittent fasting on keto. This guide also includes:


In this guide, you’ll learn how to prep your kitchen for intermittent fasting on keto success. This guide includes:


The Shopping Guide teaches you the keto shopping basics that’ll help you shop keto and high-quality anywhere you shop. It includes:


I’ve put together meals with macros with intermittent fasting schedules to give you an idea of how keto meals fit into intermittent fasting schedules. These meals you can follow to the letter, use for inspiration, or adjust them to fit your specific macro needs. This guide includes:


Simple meals work wonders for this routine and are easier to track what foods are working for you and which ones aren’t as well as macros. Includes: 

30-Day if on keto challenge

A 30-day challenge to help you implement the bundle and follow a intermittent fasting on keto for fat loss routine. Challenge includes: 

Bonuses + Value ($47 value)



Download printable journal + workbook for using visualization and scripting, meal and fitness planning, and weekly tracking to achieve your weight loss goals.


These checklists provide helpful lifestyle habits daily, weekly, and monthly that’ll help you stay on track and stay prepared for your intermittent fasting on keto weight loss routine. 


Learn how to stick to your keto diet practically anywhere you go out to eat as well as how to work in your social life with your intermittent fasting routine. 


$37 ($87 value)

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latrice roe - GeekyTricee

I’ve gotten more than my fair share of diets before finally losing 75 lbs in 6 months. 

I feel like I spent years torturing myself with diets that don’t work so I can create guides to share with others what will. 

I am all too familiar with the weight loss struggle. 

I’ve been a vegetarian, a vegan, and a raw foodist. I’ve done juice fasts, master cleanses, liver cleanses, and fat flushes among some other things. 

Like many others, conventional diets left me hungry, moody, frustrated, and with little results that didn’t last or no results at all. 

Then I found the paleo community, ancestral health, and the ketogenic diet 7 years ago. Implementing what I was learning, I not only lost weight, but I also regulated my period and rid myself of eczema. 

I create guides to share my knowledge, insights, lessons learned, and experience with healthy eating and achieving transformation goals. I help other women beat the struggle.


What is the How to Intermittent Fast on Keto for Fat Loss bundle exactly?

The guide is designed to help you get started quickly on a keto diet with intermittent fasting for fat loss routine. Although there are meal plans and intermittent fasting schedules, this guide is to help you create your own keto meal combinations for intermittent fasting and to schedule your own intermittent fasting method. I show you how to choose a method that’ll work for you and how to make that method work in your lifestyle. I also help you shop for keto, prepare your kitchen for your routine and meal combinations. This guide is meant to help you create a customized keto intermittent fasting routine just for you. 

What type of foods does this diet consist of?

The diet consist of real, keto-friendly foods of animal proteins, animal fats, vegetables, and low-carb fruits. There are no special keto flours, keto packaged foods, or powdered supplements in this guide. 

Is there a meal plan? What does it consist of?

There is a meal plan for transitioning to intermittent fasting, a 30-day full intermittent fasting meal plan, and there are also 4 sample meals with full intermittent fasting schedules you can follow for an entire month if you wish. The meals in this guide consist of simple keto meal combinations of animal proteins, animal fats, and low-carb vegetables. 

What type of people is the How to Intermittent Fast for Fat Loss bundle designed for?

It is designed for women looking to implement a keto intermittent fasting for fat loss routine. It is especially helpful to those that are new to the keto diet and, or intermittent fasting and are looking to get started quick with the keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle. This diet also helps those that have experience with keto intermittent fasting, but have struggled to make it work and are looking for guidance to improve their routine. 

Do I have to exercise? What if I am unable to exercise?

Exercise is not required to get results with keto intermittent fasting although I did include a week-long fitness plan. I actually recommend that if you’re new to keto and intermittent fasting that you take it easy with the exercise and give your body time to adjust to the routine first. If you are unable to exercise at all, keto intermittent fasting can still work for you. 

Do I have to buy any special foods, organic foods, or supplements?

You do not have to buy any special foods, organic foods or supplements in this guide. Although I do recommend that you purchase organic, grass-fed/grass-finished, and pasture-raised animals for their higher nutrients, I also show you how to get the most out of your animal proteins and animal fats if you don’t purchase organic animal proteins and fats. Keto intermittent fasting works regardless of if you purchase organic or not. 

Can I implement the guide as a vegan, vegetarian, or raw foodist?

This guide will not work for vegans, vegetarians, or raw foodists. This routine relies heavily on nutrient dense animal proteins and fats and does not work with alternative plant protein sources like beans or vegan protein powders. These foods are also meant to be cooked. 

Will this routine work for me if I’m nursing or breastfeeding?

According to research, mom and baby do fine with keto intermittent fasting. Breastfeeding mothers have found that they lose weight with keto intermittent fasting and although they might experience less milk production, that milk produced is higher in fat content so baby does fine on less milk. Also, babies are born into a state of ketosis and remain in that state while breastfeeding so moms that follow a keto diet and produce ketones aren’t causing harm to their children. Makes sure you eat enough calories, proteins, fats, and low-carb vegetables for your nutritional needs. But most importantly, speak with your doctor about keto intermittent fasting first and ask what they think in regards to your specific needs. It is important to consult with your physician. 

Is my credit card secure?

Yes! Payment is taken using SendOwl which guarantees secure connection and protection. 

How do I get started with the How to Intermittent Fasting on Keto for Fat Loss bundle?

Click the bright teal button below, make your payment, and the product will be available for download. Payments can be made with Paypal, credit card, and debit card. 

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Eating keto real foods for fat loss

extending that fat burning with intermittent fasting


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NOTE: Due to the digital nature of this product and instant-download access, once the product is downloaded to any of your devices, there is no refunds or exchanges on the product. 

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