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Build self-discipline to lose weight: 6 unusual methods

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Not to talk down on myself, but my self-discipline to lose weight is horrible right now. You might be thinking the same about your self-discipline which is why you’re here. You’re in good company. I know the struggle. This is a safe space.

I gained 55-lbs after losing 45-lbs with keto intermittent fasting due to my weakening self-discipline. Yes, I thought I had it figured out and believed I was going to keep heading down the scale. Boy, did life have something else in mind for me.

Below I’m sharing 6 things I’ve been doing to feel more self-disciplined so I can have more self-discipline to lose weight. 

self-discipline for weight loss how to be more discipline for losing weight

Turn my goals into action plans and routines that I schedule and track 

I used to try to improve my self-discipline by having my goals where I can see them every day. But, instead of improving self-discipline, my list started to kill my vibe. Stuff was still going undone. The list started getting on my nerves.

Then with a few goals and productivity courses, I got the hint and changed my goals into action plans. But even having action plans wasn’t the secret sauce. The sauce, the juju, the magic (serious stuff) was when I actually scheduled those plans and put daily actions into a scheduled routine. 

Actually scheduling action plans and routines into a planner really do work to improve self-discipline. I’ve been kicking butt and getting better. I know, right? Shocking how those experts are actually right.

Because I’ve been practicing self-discipline in all areas of my life, my self-discipline to lose weight has seen improvement.

There’s a free step-by-step guide in my Quick Weight Loss and Keto Intermittent Fasting bundle that can help you get your lifestyle in alignment with your weight loss goals.

Challenge myself to practice getting better at that routine and schedule, not perfect 

Releasing the need to be perfect at my routine and schedule has improved my self-discipline because I get to feel self-disciplined when I do get things done even if it’s not all the things. Instead of feeling like I’m lacking self-discipline because some things don’t get done, I get to feel more self-disciplined with what I get done. 

This has improved self-discipline like a charm. I’m getting sharper with keeping my schedule, feeling way better about myself, and noticing how I’m more likely to do what I’ve got to do even when I don’t feel like it. Like, sometimes just checking off the box on my habit tracker is the only motivation I have. Something I would not have thought of when getting all the things done was my goal. 

Try practicing your healthy lifestyle and giving yourself kudos for what you do get done. Challenge yourself to be better next time. 

Practice with the “little stuff” 

“Little stuff” being my daily and weekly self-care tasks that really take little to no effort to follow through on unless I’m being lazy. Having even these “little” things on my habit tracker and in my planner to check off is another way I get to feel more self-disciplined. 

Taking more opportunities to feel self-disciplined and accomplished has really led to improved self-discipline and more things to feel accomplished about in my day. Do not sleep on how important it is to feel self-disciplined before you are more self-disciplined. 

Read and implement books on self-discipline 

Here’s a list of books I’ve read that have helped with self-discipline. Use these tactics where you see fit. Not everything listed is everyone’s cup of tea. 

You can read or listen to a couple of these books for free when you sign up for a Kindle Unlimited and, or Audible free trial.

  • How to Own Your Own Mind | Kindle | Audible | Paperback
  • Self-Discipline Blueprint of a Successful Dieter: The Simple Diet Secret of Being Self-Disciplined and Building Relentless Willpower to Exercise, Resist Any Temptations, and Look Your Best in 10 Days | Kindle | Audible | Paperback
  • Stop Self-Sabotage: Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower, and Get Out of Your Own Way | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover
  • Chasing Cupcakes: How One Broke, Fat Girl Transformed Her Life (and How You Can, Too) | Kindle | Audible | Hardcover
  • Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person | Kindle | Audible | Paperback
  • The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It | Kindle | Audible | Paperback

Listen to binaural beats 2 times a day 

Binaural beats are described by Psychology Today as: 

“…an auditory phenomenon in which two tones of slightly different frequencies are played in separate ears simultaneously, usually via headphones. When exposed to both tones at once, the human brain perceives the creation of a new, third tone, whose frequency is equivalent to the difference between the two tones being played.”

These tones can alter mood, focus, sleep, perception, and appearance. Well, some people swear there are binaural beats that have given them lighter eyes and longer hair. Most testify these beats have improved things like self-esteem, confidence, and drive. 

In my experience, I’ve had two troubling toenails clear up completely, have mustered up enough confidence to get back to publishing weight loss content even though I’ve gained HELLA weight, and I’m feeling better about myself overall. 

Visualize my healthy lifestyle daily for 30 minutes in the mornings 

For 30 minutes a day, I visualize what my ideal, disciplined healthy lifestyle looks like from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. Not only do I see myself living out my healthy day, but I also feel myself accomplishing my health and wellness goals for the day. 

Updating your self-image is crucial to making changes and achieving transformation goals. Trying to achieve goals outside of your self-image causes self-sabotage and weak self-discipline.

Read or listen to Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Malts for more on how to update your self-image and why it is important to do so. You can listen to it on YouTube, read it on Kindle, or listen on Audible.

More reading on habits, planning, and routines:

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  1. I found your blog via a keto link on Pinterest last night, and just looked you up to see what’s been happening lately. Your blog is beautiful, you’re putting out great content, and you’re obviously trying REALLY hard all around. It’s such a crappy time in the world. Keep on keeping on, and be sure you’re being kind to yourself too, okay?

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