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10 ways to immediately improve your intermittent fasting weight loss results

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I lost 45 pounds intermittent fasting after trying “everything.” Try to tell me intermittent fasting doesn’t work! 

If you’re struggling with intermittent fasting, there are likely things you’re doing that can be hindering your weight loss results. 

So I’m laying out 10 things you can do to improve your results and get you on your happy, healthy way. 

#1 Stop eating too many carbs 

Carbs can be cool and all, but if you’re eating too many for your tolerance level, you can be making your fasting window hard. 

Do you find yourself struggling to make it through your fasting window? Thinking about food a lot and having thoughts of wishing you can eat? Yea, it’s highly likely the carbs! 

Carbs can raise your blood sugar and then dip it. That dip is what makes you hungry because your body is looking to have that blood sugar raised. And the carb cravings can actually make you think about food so not only do you have the physical feelings of carb cravings, but you also have the strong thoughts. 

To fix this, cut back on the carbs by cutting out highly processed carbs. If you’re already eating a real food diet, cut out sweet fruits, starchy fruits and vegetables, beans, rice, and eating too many nuts and too much nut butter. PORTIONS ARE YOUR FRIEND. 

#2 Pick an intermittent fasting schedule you can stick to 

Listen, I used to be that person too. 

That person that’ll choose the roughest, toughest, most restrictive diet I can to get rid of the pounds quick. But you know what usually happened? 

I. Failed. Miserably. 

If you find yourself trying the longest intermittent fasting schedule in hopes that you’ll lose more weight sooner, but find it hella hard to stick to it, cut that out. 

Your best bet is to go for an intermittent fasting schedule you can handle for where you’re at right now. 

Then you can gradually increase your intermittent fasting schedule as you get more adapted to the lifestyle. 

You’ll still lose weight with a shorter intermittent fasting window and you’ll increase your chances of sticking with the routine and doing this routine the healthy way. 

#3 Remove as many temptations from your surroundings as possible and align your lifestyle 

Why even struggle with keeping temptations around when you can cut those bad boys out? 

And I’m not just talking about foods you swore you wouldn’t eat during your weight loss transformation. 

I’m also talking about social events, habits like sitting in front of the TV and eating, and driving past that burger joint where you usually get the double, double on Friday nights. 

This is a whole lifestyle hunty. If you really want to make intermittent fasting work on your weight loss transformation goals, you’re going to have to shape a lifestyle that aligns. 

Cut out habits that trigger eating outside of your fasting window. Switch things up by getting a hobby or doing things that keep you too occupied to eat. 

Work on identifying triggers and temptations that make intermittent fasting hard for you. 

#4 Maintain a STRICT intermittent fasting schedule 

If you find yourself ending your fast at 4 pm on Monday, 2 pm on Tuesday, and then 6 pm on Wednesday, how do you expect to get used to this? 

When you have a wishy-washy intermittent fasting schedule, your body doesn’t get the chance to get into a rhythm that can support your efforts. 

Set a timer and schedule accordingly to stay on track. This will help! 

#5 Extend your fasting window when your weight loss stalls 

This is for those that have been intermittent fasting and have given their body time to get into the routine.

This is also for those that have been sticking to their routines and doing everything right to the best of their abilities.  

If you notice your results have started stalling, try a more intense intermittent fasting schedule. Going for longer periods of time can be just what you need and has helped several others get their weight moving too. Including me! 

Give a longer fasting window a try if you’ve been eating clean, sticking to your intermittent fasting schedule, and losing weight. 

#6 Drink plenty of water 

I don’t know about you, but water always drops my pounds when I drink enough of it. “Enough” being a gallon a day. 

Yea, that’s a lot of water but it sure does work! 

Staying hydrated not only helps with your overall health, but it also keeps you from mixing up being thirsty with being hungry. 

Did you know that we can feel hungry when we actually need water?! Trippy right? 

Well, make sure you drink up! 

#7 Try not eating at night and go to bed on an empty-ish stomach 

My grandma taught me this when I was a little chubby child. Going to bed full was a no-no in her house. 

And when I implemented this practice as part of my intermittent fasting routine, I seemed to drop weight overnight. 

No seriously. One morning I woke up, stretched, and my waist beads slid right off. That tripped me out. 

There’s also studies and books written on the benefits of respecting the circadian rhythm and going to bed on an empty stomach. 

One benefit is allowing the body to use energy on renewal instead of digesting food. 

Another is improved weight loss results. 

Give it a try for yourself. 

#8 Cut back on your calories 

Oh, did you think calories didn’t matter because you weren’t eating for 16 hours of the day? 

Haha, me too until my little bubble got busted when I stepped on the scale after a week of “starving” myself for 16 hours a day and losing nothing but a few measly ounces.

I mean, “yay,” but “boo.” That was whack. 

When I started paying attention to my calories and eating at a healthy caloric deficit, my results improved. 

Calculate your caloric needs and then add a 20% to 25% deficit. 

Eat enough to be comfortable, but don’t overdo it and eat crap because you’re intermittent fasting. 

#9 Toss in a full 24 or 48-hour fast 

If you’ve seriously been intermittent fasting and notice your results have stalled, try going for a 24 hour or 48-hour fast to shake things up a bit. 

I’ve heard out here in these internet streets that extending your fasting window can improve results and when I go for a full 24, I do see improvements. 

This is also for those that have been eating clean and sticking to their routines. 

It can still help you, but having your food and schedule on lock is the most important. 

#10 Try combining your intermittent fasting routine with a keto diet 

Keto is seriously the bee’s knees and no, no one is paying me to say this. Haha 

Before keto, I used to have to eat 6 times a day because I was genuinely a very hungry woman. 

After keto, I started forgetting to eat. The first time I forgot to eat, I called my mom and we both flipped out over it.

That was definitely something to phone home about, ok.  

What keto does is get your body adapted to being a fat burner. This takes care of your appetite and cravings.

Intermittent fasting then extends that fat burning. 

If you struggle with cravings and an out-of-whack appetite, give a clean keto diet a try. 

You might be surprised by how much your appetite is transformed and how easy intermittent fasting gets. 


Intermittent fasting can work wonders for weight loss goals. This is why it’s become so popular. It actually works! 

If you’re struggling with intermittent fasting for your weight loss, give one (or all) of these 10 ways a try to improve your results. 

These are methods I’ve used to improve my own results and I’ve seen others get great results with also. 

How’s your intermittent fasting weight loss results going? Have you made any of these mistakes or tried any of these ways? Let us know in the comments what’s up. 

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