How to change your mindset for weight loss

Any problem that persists is because we focus on that problem. Weight loss is no exception and a lot of us are mentally attached to that problem. You can tell how mentally attached you are to your weight by how hard it is for you to stick to your routine and achieve your weight loss […]

I Quit!!!! The Challenge to Quit Waiting

  There hasn’t been a post around these parts for some time now. The reason? I’m afraid. I’m afraid of looking tacky and creating crappy content that’ll waste my time and does little to serve me, my goals, or my targeted audience. And that fear has kept me waiting. (It’s also why I’ve posted less […]

It’s Time to Let the Struggle Go

Struggle, rather we want to accept this or not, is a choice. The struggle is only as real as we make it. The struggle to survive, the struggle to open a business, the struggle to thrive, the struggle to just make it through the day… All struggles we have a choice to either participate in […]

What has improved productivity in January

Truth be told, I’m doing alright. I spent the first few weeks of January slacking off but did put my foot down by the third week. Scheduling my new habits in time slots instead of referring to a list My new daily habits were scheduled into my calendar and I’ve been really good about following […]

Tips for getting the most out of your list of goals

And maintaining a living goals list, I must add. Goal lists can be very beneficial to helping us materialize our ideas, achieve our desired transformations, become what we want to become, and get what we want to have. But for many of us, there’s one glaring issue. Getting the darn things to work. Goal lists […]