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Write Out Your Transformation Goals for 2018

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Really, you need to write out all of your goals, but creating a special list of changes you’d like to see and transformations you’d like to experience in 2018 is equally beneficial.

Transformation goals are goals specific to personal improvements you will like to see in your life. They can be goals pertaining to your wardrobe, your social circle, the foods you eat, your health, your hair routine, your beauty routine, wanting to wear more makeup, and so forth.

What makes them different than other goals is their focus on personal development as opposed to the obtainment of objects, a specific amount of money, or travel. Transformation goals can definitely help with those goals also but are more so all about your transformation.

Using transformation goals to specify what personal development and growth you’d like to see in 2018 helps you solidify your plans, improve success through writing, and gives you a list your mind can work with to make your transformation easier.

Where to start

Please, please, please do not get held up on making sure your list is perfect or has what you “really” want on it. Just make a list of all the things you’ll like to work on transforming and improving about yourself in the next coming year.

Examples include wardrobe, makeup, hair, health, skin, fitness, nails, fashion, teeth, and social.

My 2018 transformation goals list includes goals pertaining to my health, updating my wardrobe, learning more about working with the mind, doing my makeup, and updating my hairstyles.

How does writing out your transformation goals help

As with any goal list, writing out your transformation goals is like a mind hack to get your mind onboard with your transformation. When we just think about changes we like to see, without putting them onto paper, they risk being forgotten or beaten by the mind’s desire to fall into old habits. This is why our goals to change usually go unaccomplished.

Another way writing your transformation goals down helps is by making them easier to start planning into your daily routine. Writing your transformation goals down gets them to a secured place where they can be further expanded upon.

So let’s say your goal is to lose 45 pounds by July 2018. Well now that you’ve written it out, you can start thinking about what you might need to be doing on a daily basis to achieve that goal.

How does writing out your transformation goals improve success

People use the term “woo woo” when they mention Law of Attraction and talks of “the Universe,” but it’s all honestly just a way to work better with your mind. Cold part is, regardless of if you want to work with the stuff or not, your mind is always being handled anyways. When I realized this, I decided I will be the one to work with my mind. Thank you very much.

Writing down your transformation goals, or any goals for that matter, is like the “now I see it everywhere” effect of the mind. How do I explain this? Ok, so you know when you see a car for the first time and now it seems like everybody and they momma is driving that car now? It’s not that people rushed out and bought the car because you saw it, it’s that now your mind has a vision of that car and is picking it out from the crowd to show you more of what it saw.  

When you write out your goals and work with that list on a regular basis (daily works wonders), your mind begins to find things in your daily life and mental rolodex that support that goal. Your mind begins to weaken your excuses, remind you of what you should be doing, and make you aware of different things around you that can help that you might not have seen before. It’s almost like having an internal goal reminder without having to remember to remind yourself. Neat huh?

This improves success by getting your mind on board as opposed to evolutionarily fighting the changes you’re trying to make. Our primitive minds don’t like scary things like change making transformations, especially in weight loss, hard for people to accomplish. When we begin transformations by conditioning our minds with new thoughts and ideas that support change, our mind becomes our greatest ally instead of our greatest resistor to change.

How does writing out your transformation goals make your transformation easier

So I kind of touched on this topic in the section before. It helps your mind create an internal reminder system without having to struggle to remind yourself. Your mind becomes your partner in change instead of the biggest hurdle to your transformation.

I’ve experienced the difference big time between transforming without working with my mind and transforming by first working on my mind. And it’s a difference you don’t notice until you’ve actually tried working with your mind.

Storytime: The difference I noticed between working with the mind and not working with the mind

April of 2016, I decided to “jump” off the 9-5 cliff and into the “free fall” of creative entrepreneurship. I had this goal to make my blog a full-time income from scratch in 6 months. Surely, I thought, I can do it because I’ve seen about 100 blog post on doing the same thing. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about money so had the time to pour myself into it.

Well, I invested in ecourses, bundles, workbooks, workshops, ebooks, and gathered any freebies that promised to help make my dream happen. I even brought some planners and colorful pins to help keep me motivated and on task.

Six months later and I was out of money, didn’t make but $10 as a blogger, and actually spent 6 months making plans I rarely, if ever, executed. Eventually, I had to get myself a part-time job and fell into a bit of a depression and struggle with binge eating. And after about a year, I gained weight, was feeling depressed and trapped and became angry with myself.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so stuck and found it that difficult to move forward even when I had the time and support to do so. There was a lot of crying, anger, frustration, and feelings of failure and regret hanging over me by the end of 2016.

That’s when I decided to dive deeper into personal development and mind science. I already dabbled in it, but hadn’t put forth the effort to really make working with it a part of my everyday life.

January of 2017 started with a list of goals. Not New Year’s Resolutions, but affirmative goals of what I wanted to see in my 2017, improve upon and learn. One of the most important things on that list was learning my truths and getting the support I need to move forward.

To shorten the story a bit, by summer 2017 I was emotionally in a better place and by September I found a job to financially support me while I continue to pursue my dreams. And by now, the end of the year, I picked back up on my goal and feel much stronger about my plans. I’m also linked up and coming across the information I need to achieve my goals.

Working with my mind on a daily basis has definitely made this much less of a struggle and more of an enjoyable focused pursuit of my passion. Now, I’m having fun and my mind is helping me stay on task. It’s really a big change.

Conclusion & Your Homework

You might have struggled with your goals as well. And have done what I did where you went all out to do the right things, but ultimately was stopped by nothing else but you own mind and limiting thoughts.

Starting your transformation by starting with a written out list of your goals helps put your mind on board with the changes you’ll like to see. Working with your list regularly is how you solidify your plans, expand on them, improve success, and set up an internal reminder.

On Wednesday, I’ll show you how to write a transformation goals list that will be highly effective on your transformation journey. But for today’s homework, braindump what transformations you’ll like to experience in 2018. Write them all out and don’t worry about language, grammar or any formatting. Just write. And if you’re catching this post on a later date, still write out a list. It is never too late. 


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