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Improve a Lack-and-Limitations Closet to Help Heal a Bad Relationship With Money

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Last weekend I got the idea to finally let go of the outdated, clean out my closet and organize it. There was plenty in there. Plenty. But I was having a hard time finding something to wear. Things were too old, in the way, or out of season. It was definitely time.

I’ve also been getting into examining my money mindset and what different areas of my home said about my money mindset. I’ve noticed I keep a lot of stuff just in case I don’t have money. Most of the clothes in my closet I’ve held on to because I’m afraid of not being able to purchase what I need. This says I’m worried about making money, believe more in lack and limitation than prosperity and abundance, and find it hard to trust my needs will be met.

This type of mindset makes it hard to have a healthier more prosperous relationship with money. Thinking money is hard to make and quick to leave will make money hard to make and quick to leave. Believing I don’t have the money to buy new things has made it hard to have money to buy new things.

Cleaning out my closet was a big step in letting go of that fear and attention to lack and limitations.

Here are a few pointers on how I cleaned out my closet and updated it, made it way easier to find something to wear and how I now use my closet to create a healthier more prosperous relationship with money.

How I cleaned out and updated my closet

First of all, this was way harder than I anticipated. I really did step up to my closet thinking I was going to be easily tossing things over my shoulder into the “don’t want” pile. Wrong. I stood there staring at most of my clothes as I contemplated between the “maybe” and “donate it” pile.

Then I sorta remembered what I heard some personal style guru say on YouTube. If you haven’t wore it in a very long time, don’t remember the last time you wore it, or you know damn well you won’t wear it again, toss it. That made tossing old things into the “donate it” pile easier. Kinda.

I updated my closet by keeping the pieces that I could still get away with wearing. Checking Pinterest for what’s in this fall and winter helped a lot. Apparently big sweaters, loose tops, tight, skinny jeans, and green army jackets are still in. So I kept mine. That allowed me to still keep a couple of my favorites, pull out what I do have that’s up to date, and also get rid of things that were hard for me to give up.

Make it easier to find something to wear

This trick has truly made a huge difference in how long it takes me to get dressed. It has also made looking up-to-date much easier.

I now hang my clothes by combining my jackets, tops and jeans or pants. I’m pretty much planning my outfits for the week. There’s still room for me to easily change my mind because there are five to seven hung combinations to choose from with extras in view.

I’m spending less time making decisions about things like clothes during my busy morning routine. Making things move more smoothly and more time for me to review my goals and visualize before work.

Using my cleaner closet to help create a healthier more prosperous relationship with money

Letting go of clothes I held on to just in case I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes has been a huge act of faith for me. I have been saving clothes for years. I still had stuff I brought over 8 years and 70 pounds ago.

The true reason I kept these things was fear of lack of money. Paying attention to lack and limitation in any way draws more lack and limitations to life. Hard to make and keep money thinking that way.

Having a healthy, prosperous relationship with money begins with believing it’ll come when it is needed, is an obedient servant, is abundant, and isn’t hard to keep. Cleaning out my closet has helped me identify my limited beliefs about money and learn to have prosperous ones.

Do you have lack-and-limitation spaces?

Ever think that maybe, just maybe, the reason why money is hard for you to find and, or keep is because you’re holding on to things “just in case”?

If you think this might be your deal, give yourself a little test. Go to your closet and look at what you have. Ask yourself if you would wear it if you had to right now. In this weather on this day. If the answer is no for a number of things in your closet, you could be holding on just in case. Donate what you no longer need and begin to believe you will have the resources to have what you need.


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