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Learning to stick with it

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Last Updated on November 7, 2019 by Latrice

I used to be a serial blog murderer. Well, I’ve allow my own blogs to whither away into pitiful existences of old posts and inactivity. It’s a sad sight, but being the woman that I am, I couldn’t allow a few dead blogs stop me from starting another. And another. And another. I kept trying. Searching for answers that’ll transform me from a half-assed blog starter to a fully committed blogger and influencer. That’s my heart’s desire. I know this because no matter how often I move on, I come right back to the same idea.

This inability to quit has also been a part of my weight loss and health journey. I’ve started diets and quit diets before reaching my goals. When I quit, or fall off the wagon, I don’t give up. I head back to the drawing board to find another method that’ll work for me. I don’t accept defeat and internalize it. I search for the solutions that’ll fit me.

Through this method, I eventually found a lifestyle that works so well for me that “quitting” has been diminished into the occasional, yet rare and much shorter “break” from my new normal. I feel so out of whack with that break that I’m quicker to get back to my healthy routine. It’s finally been set in my head that my health goals and healthy lifestyle is my set point.

This is the point I struggle with getting to when it comes to blogging. Pumping out content regularly has to be my new normal that I can’t, and won’t, go without. It’s proven to be tough for sure, but I’ve been researching what methods I must implement in my life to reach my goals. How can I make this my new normal?

Form the habits that coincide with the goals. Although I found a diet and routine that worked wonders for me, it took changing my habits and mindset as well as practicing strict discipline and consistency to truly make it work.

So that is the plan this time around. Finding my commitment juice by working on my mindset, setting some new habits, and practicing strict discipline. Maybe it’ll work. No. You know what? I’m setting my expectations here that IT WILL WORK! We’ll see how this goes as I share my thoughts regularly here on my blog.

Try the same method for getting healthy. If you know you really want to be a healthier person, don’t give up and believe a healthy weight and body just isn’t your thing because you’ve “failed” a few times. It is your thing if you’ve desired to have it. Keep at it. Do your research. Find a routine that makes it easier for you to stick to. I’ll also share the foods, routines, and mindsets I used to finally stick to my new lifestyle. We can do this!

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