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Intermittent fasting weight loss results July 2019: week 2 – Another 8-lbs lost!

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*Pats self on back*

I did it. I really stuck to this thing for 2 weeks straight and I’m juiced.

My self-discipline and consistency got so bad. Not even what it took me to lose 75-lbs could help me get hold of those bad boys.

Making these past 2 weeks of consistency and weight loss report posting celebratory.

So far, that’s 16-lbs lost in 2 weeks.

Still doubting that intermittent fasting on a keto diet works?

And I’m still not counting calories or macros. I’m simply watching my portions and keeping it keto for the most part. And sticking to my fasting schedule.

intermittent fasting weight loss update

This week’s update: Feeling really weak with workouts and more…

Since I’ve been working out harder at the gym (because I enjoy lifting weights), I’ve decided to not continue with the carnivore diet.

I was getting HUNGRY and actually spent one evening fasting with this weird stomach ache and unusually low energy. Like, I actually fell asleep kneeled on the side of the bed because I was weak. No bueno!

If you’ve read my last intermittent fasting weight loss update, you know I’ve suggested if your appetite increases with working out, then you should cut back and ease yourself into it instead.

This week, I’m sharing how to make working out work for you on keto intermittent fasting if you like working out and don’t want to cut back because of your appetite.

And I’m sharing my results, pics, routine, and what I eat in a day as well.

Check it…

Why do I share intermittent fasting weight loss weekly updates anyways?

Because I need to hold my fat a$$ accountable. lol

Just kidding… Sortah

It does help though to know I publish these reports and how obvious it’ll become when I stop posting that I’ve fallen off and am not sticking to it.

I’m practicing different techniques for improving self-discipline and consistency which is something I know so many of us struggle with, myself included.

These weekly weight loss reports is one of those techniques.

My hope is that in holding myself accountable and sharing my updates weekly, I can not only improve my own self-discipline and consistency but motivate and inspire others to improve theirs.

Starting Weight

SW 7/8/19: 214-lbs – I gained 44 pounds after losing 75-lbs. 

CW 7/19/19: 198-lbs – 16-lbs lost in 2 weeks

I was ashamed of gaining weight, but have decided to use this as a teaching and learning experience for us. 

I gained weight allowing myself to:

  • Eat whatever at parties and social events with the “just this time” mentality and then struggling to get back on track
  • Smoking marijuana regularly and then experiencing the munchies big time
  • Not addressing my mindset and alignment as part of my weight loss routine. 

What did I eat this week & fasting window

I ate one meal a day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, but by Tuesday I needed to eat more than once. I was so hungry.  

Working out harder at the gym definitely increased my appetite. 

Fatty scramble with ground beef & Italian chicken sausage

Meal 1 | 4 eggs, half an Italian chicken sausage, 1 ½ cup of ground beef with 3 tbsp of butter, 2 tbsp of avocado oil mayo and unmeasured shredded Kerry’s Gold Dubliner cheese (less than an ounce of cheese I’m sure) 

Meal 2 | ½ cup full-fat plain Greek yogurt, ¼ to a ½ cup of raw whole cashews, a ½ cup of black grapes, ½ tbsp of chia seeds 

The diet and eating schedule I’m following for weight loss and healing | Keto for the most part with room for grapes because ya girl was super hungry on ultra-low carbs. Those grapes saved the day. The carbs from the greek yogurt (15g per 1 cup serving) and raw cashews helped too. 

Still fasting between 4 pm and 9 am making it 17 hours of fasting and 7 hours for eating. 

Macros & calories | Still didn’t measure and officially plan, but since I’ll be taking my lifting seriously again, I’m going to start for next week. 

My appetite disappears mid-meal | Each time I do no-carb keto (carnivore, I guess), I start losing my appetite mid-meal by the second week. I’m trying to eat more food for my workouts this week, but can’t finish my meals.  

I’m not sure if this is because of the fatty protein combo of the meal with no carbs or if it’s because I’m actually full. I listen and quit eating. Actually, I start feeling nauseous. 

Ok, maybe it is the combo.

I can finish the greek yogurt though so… highly likely it’s the meal. 

Tip for figuring out what to eat if you want to workout harder while intermittent fasting on keto 

I share these tips from my experience and encourage you to test things out. I like to give different things a try and share my results and realizations. 

From personal experience, it has been easier to transition when I eased myself into working out instead of hopping in with an intense intermittent fasting on keto routine.

Listen to your body.

If you’ve been around the keto intermittent fasting block before like I have, adding carbs and watching my results have worked well. 

Keto-friendly carbs you can add more of include: 

  • Greek yogurt 
  • Raw whole milk (if you can handle dairy) 
  • Goat milk 
  • Raw nuts 
  • Grapes 
  • Watermelon 
  • Sweet, watery fruits 

Eliminating weight-loss hindering habits 

Working on my mindset daily and prioritizing feeling good above all else has seriously worked. 

I’ve been testing my thoughts for if they make me feel good or bad to think them. 

I’ve started paying more attention to what I do want, taking my focus off of my problems, doing more enjoying, and digging in deeper to live this life I am here to live. 

It’s the alignment-above-all-else approach to transformation I’m testing out. 

I’ve been sticking to my entire self-care routine like a boss. I love it. 

My daily routine for working on weight-loss hindering habits 

Meditation | I quiet my thoughts and allow myself to sit there and just feel good without the chatter. Any thought that comes, I release.  

Scripting | Scripting is the act of writing your story the way you want it to be. I write about living my healthy life and how good it makes me feel to live my healthy routine. I also write about how happy I am with my progress.

Creative Workshop | This is a practice I learned from Abraham-Hicks that involves sitting for 10 to 15 minutes a day to think about what is wanted. The way I do it is I take 15 minutes a few times a day to sit and mentally enjoy what I’m creating in my life, I take note of what is going good and I give myself props. 

I used to write affirmations, focus on my problems, and read my goals daily, but I learned this actually causes me to vibrate and attract more of what I’m looking to change. When we focus on our problems, even if we are doing all these mindset exercises, we are vibrating to create more of the same. 

Not sure if you’re into the Law of Attraction, manifestations, and mindset, but I’ve noticed evidence of these principles in my own life. 

Once I started being deliberate with them, I’ve started noticing changes in other areas of my life.   

Did I workout this week 

What workouts did I do? | Got back into my lifting routine which is 3 days a week working on my butt and legs and 2 days a week working on my upper body. Before each workout, I do 10 minutes of warm-up cardio and afterward, I do 20 minutes of HIIT training. No working out on the weekends. 

This week’s results 

Weight loss this week | 8-lbs lost this week 

Total weight loss so far | 16-lbs lost in 2 weeks 

Inches | Sorry, still no measurements were taken yet

Body pics | I’m noticing a bit of a smaller tummy on the side pic, but not with the front pic. 

I had to use a different scale this week. My mom needed her fancy scale back. 🙁 Tested my weight at the gym too and it was the same – 198.2

The overall scores of the week 

Effort | 10

Still going strong and sticking to it. 

Sticking to my prepared meals | 10

Did better this week than last week. 

Following my lifestyle plan | 10

Doing really good with my entire lifestyle plan and getting better at incorporating what I want to incorporate. My lifestyle plan includes self-care, personal development, and career. 

Results & feelings | 10

Happy with my results this week. Proud of myself for listening to my body and following through on my lifestyle routine. I’m also happy that my mindset alignment routine has positively affected other areas of my life. 

Weekly Intermittent Fasting on Keto Weight Loss Results

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