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3 weight loss mistakes that caused weight gain

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Last Updated on April 2, 2022 by Latrice

My latest weight loss journey update to date: I’ve gained weight. Lots of it.

I’ve worked through some things and I think I’ve overcome the shame of gaining weight after telling “the world” I’ve lost it. 

This was actually challenging for me. So challenging, I was willing to go broke and neglect my blog. I too got caught up by all the negative things usually said about folks that gain weight. 

I fought this weight gain every pound up the scale. I lost weight and regained weight. When I thought I had it figured out, I would relapse and be back at “day one.” 

Below I share what happened and share some weight loss and wellness journey wisdom you might find helpful if you’ve struggled to.

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The percentage of dieters who gained weight they’ve lost 

Got a clue? What do you think it is? Seventy-five percent? Eighty-percent? Try a whole ninety-nine percent! 

According to research, 99% of obese people that get on a diet to achieve their weight loss goals fail.* They never make it or spend decades trying to lose weight or gaining and losing the same 20 pounds. Never hitting their goal weights. 

So if you’ve been struggling with your weight loss goals like I and the other 99%, you are so not alone. This is what happens. This is a part of many of our weight loss journeys. 

* Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. Listen to this book for free on Audible when you sign up for a free trial. You can also read this book for free when you sign up for a Kindle Unlimited free trial.

How I lost 75 lbs 

After trying all types of diets, I stumbled upon Paleo about 10 years ago and started putting it to work. By that time, I was pretty much trying everything and had been vegan, vegetarian, and a raw foodist. But those diets made me sooooo hungry, moody, and hormonally off that I couldn’t stick with them. 

Paleo, when I first learned about it, was all about eating real foods. And in being amongst that crowd, I also learned the truth about things like sugar, the Standard American Diet, wheat, and the truth about animal fats and proteins. 

Through that education, and changing my diet and workout routine as I learned, I was able to lose 75 lbs. I lost 30 lbs on Paleo and then went to keto after learning about it and lost another 45 lbs. 

With keto, my appetite changed so much that I comfortably started eating 1 to 2 meals a day. I didn’t have to force myself to intermittent fast, it just happened. And I’m someone that used to be so hungry that I NEEDED to eat 6 times a day. 

I thought I found the golden ticket. I thought I had my solution and was never going to be overweight like I was again.

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I gained 55 lbs after major weight loss Gained weight after major weight loss transformation

MISTAKE #1: Slacking on my healthy habits and allowing it to snowball  

Then I started allowing bits and pieces of my old habits to slip in here and there. Going from 245 lbs to a little under 170 lbs made me feel like I could start “living” again (mistake: thinking I wasn’t “living” as a healthy eater). 

I started eating the same food my family would eat at parties and on trips. I started allowing myself to smoke weed with my brother when he’d come by. I started drinking again. Slacked off on my meal prep. Stuff like that. 

Eventually, my old ways were how I was living and the healthy lifestyle that helped me lose 75 lbs was what I was trying to get back to.  

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Gained weight after major weight loss transformation

MISTAKE #2: Allowing old ways of thinking to creep back in until they took over 

To lose 75 lbs, I had to do some work on my thinking. I learned how to think about food differently, think about myself differently, and become more aware of what made me happy. 

Once I started being “relaxed” on my plan at 170 lbs, I started allowing myself to think more in a way that made weight loss hard. Soothing myself with food. Allowing myself to eat off-plan when I wasn’t supposed to. And really just getting soft on myself. 

In retrospect, these thoughts were probably already there. When I lost 75 lbs, it was highly likely my fat thinking self that said, “Hey, you’re looking good girl! Go ahead and have that cookie.” 

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MISTAKE #3: Picked back up an unhealthy habit to manage my stress to the point where it was hard to quit 

Smoking marijuana. My goodness. When people argue this stuff isn’t addictive, it’s like hearing someone that doesn’t have a problem with alcohol say alcohol isn’t addictive. 

This stuff has been so hard to quit. I’ve tried quitting plenty of times. I’m good as I write this post now, thank goodness, but this is an ongoing process of daily work. I wouldn’t have picked it back up if I knew this would be a thing.  

Smoking is acceptable in my family. Some of my elders have been smoking way longer than when I found out they did in my teens. It’s a thing some of us even do when we get together for family gatherings.

I first started smoking in my teens, quit for college (because pot made me a HORRIBLE student), and then picked it back up afterward when I ignorantly believed I could coast through life with a little pot after work. No.

Smoking marijuana took so much out of my life and made it damn near impossible for me to eat healthily and pursue my body goals. It gave me major munchies and it killed my worker bee spirit. 

Rick James said crack is one hell of a drug, but I’ll have to argue marijuana is too. 

I’ve eaten so much that my skin would actually hurt around my stomach. I’d get sickly full and have to lay down because I was so bloated. It got really bad when I would wait to be home alone to order food from DoorDash and eat. 

I fought smoking marijuana all the way up the scale until I was 225 lbs. 

gained weight: 55 lbs gained after losing 75 lbs here's what happened pinterest pin

Getting back on my weight loss journey

Getting back to my healthy self has involved a lot of mindset work this time around. Before, I hopped right into the action of eating healthy and exercising. This time, I’ve been prioritizing aligning with my weight loss goals and having the right mindset. 

I’ve also decided to try something simpler and more in my budget which is the Carnivore diet. This diet y’all! I love it. I’m not counting calories, I eat until I am satisfied, and it’s been super satisfying. 

I never knew how good a steak on my backyard grill can taste. My goodness. 

This way of eating has really been good for my healing too and in helping me be on track during this time in my life. It’s affordable, the pain in my knees has gone away, my skin is clearing up, and I’ve got a ton of energy. 

I’ve also been doing a lot more planning and scheduling. This has helped me take a more holistic approach to weight loss by addressing not only exercise and diet, but also my mind, spirituality, stress management, and the alignment of my lifestyle. 

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What lessons you can learn from my experience 

I’ve learned it’s important to be easy on yourself and get help as soon as you think you need it.

Secondly, working on your mindset is extremely important. Even after losing weight, there can still be patterns of thought that can lead to old habits coming back.

And lastly, I think it’s important to establish a new identity that “protects” against what life can throw at you on your journey. 

I’m putting together an update for my latest weight loss journey and sharing the process. 

Have you also gained weight after losing it? What has been your experience? Comment below. Let’s chat! 

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I was sitting at the edge of my bed in tears. My weight had crept up to 235 lbs again and the hunt for something to wear got overwhelming. But it was about more than the outfit. I just didn’t feel good and I was tired of trying to lose weight and live healthier. What did I do to lose 75 lbs after trying “everything”? Find out here.

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  1. I stumbled across your journey on Pinterest awhile ago and it made a major impact on my journey to eat cleaner and you gave me tips for foods to eat and to look out for . I’m so happy you came back and spoke your truth. Because it’s real. And we can all relate to that. Yes we can. I have let my guard down more than a notch or two and have not been happy looking down my scale each morning I weigh myself. You got hooked on pot I got hooked on artificial sweeteners. We get hooked. On something or someone. Good bad or ugly. I hope to follow you through a new journey yours and mine and in the process hell ourselves make it right again w It’s a head game for sure.

    1. Thank you, Krista. Your comment is encouraging and it’s good to hear from you. It was hard for me to share this. And you’re right. We do get hooked and it’s a head game. But we are on the road to recovery and healthy living. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

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