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What I get done in a weekend for optimal slay during the week and tips

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Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Latrice

I’m getting pretty darn good at my weekend routine. My weekend routine is about getting as prepared as possible for the following week. If I can do it ahead of time, I’m going to get it done on the weekend.

For me, that’s cleaning, washing, and organizing, editing and scheduling blog posts, as well as grocery shopping and doing meal prep.

This practice has helped me juggle starting a business, writing a blog, living healthy, taking online courses, doing my mindfulness work faithfully, and even having the time to incorporate daily habits like reading and writing for an hour.

I get all of that done in a day as a pro because I use my weekends to get whatever I can get done ahead of time, done.

This makes my week super successful and leaves me satisfied with my productivity and accomplishments.

Below are a few tips and activities for setting yourself up for a less stressful, smoother running, more successful week.

Don’t “Waste” Your Weekend Just Chillin’

If you’ve got a side hustle, I’m sure the weekend is like your “yaaay!” time to dig into your hustle. But if you’re new-ish to this, you can still fall into treating your weekend like free-time to cut loose with.

I used to get to Sunday and regret not getting more done. See, I had a terrible habit with losing hours scrolling social media. It seemed as if I zombied out and it took over an hour to find out what I was doing.

Yo, when researchers say Facebook and other social media platforms are addictive, they really are. If you find yourself losing hours on these things, seriously cut back. It’s not just you. They ARE addictive.

Anywho… what I did to get out of the habit of chillin’ super tough on the weekends is I started making myself aware of the benefits and associating pain with not getting things done.

For instance, if I was scrambling during the week because I didn’t get it done during the weekend, or if I had to deal with a dirty, unorganized room, I didn’t ignore it. I reminded myself of how much smoother and how much better I’d feel if I cleaned up on the weekend.

Soon enough, during my weekends I was remembering how awesome it made me feel during the week if I got stuff done.

But Trice? Aren’t weekends meant to chill?

In case you are feeling a little apprehensive about sacrificing your free-to-do-whatever weekends, let me give you a bit of motivation I used on myself.

I too felt some type of way about putting in all this work during the weekend. And then ending the weekend with room to only do a little cutting loose.

It’s a sacrifice, but well worth the sacrifice and then some. Then, it’s nice to remember if your goal is to quit your day job, this is only temporary and gets you to that goal faster.

Plus removing the hassle of having to do more than necessary during the week has truly changed the game for me. And will likely to the same for you. 

So what do I get done with my weekends?

Whatever I can get done ahead of time.

Grocery shopping, cooking, meal prep, laundry, nails, hair, cleaning, organizing, editing and scheduling content, adding to my vision board, and reading blogs.

What I love about weekends is I don’t have to get up the next morning two nights out of the weekend. I can stay up as late as I need to so there’s even more room to get stuff done.

Getting as prepared as possible for the week by getting this stuff done during the weekend is how I get even more stuff done during the week.

How has all this helped?

To reiterate, getting stuff done during the weekend creates more time and allows me to be way more productive during the week.

Before I tightened up my weekend routine, I had to deal with having an unorganized space. I lost time in the mornings packing meals. And some days things weren’t cleaned so I had to worry about getting them clean the night before work. Huge hassle.

Having a clean space, meals packed, clean clothes available, freshly washed hair, new nails, and an organized workspace raises my vibes and really makes my weeks so much better.

I’m also sticking to my plans now, planning my days, weeks, and months more routinely, and keeping up with my mindfulness exercises.


If you’ve been playing with the idea of getting more stuff done during your weekend, it’s time to seriously put your weekends to work.

Since tightening up my weekend routine, I’ve had more success during my week with keeping my plans and establishing new habits like reading for an hour a day and writing for an hour a day.

One of the major tricks to having a super successful week has been getting as much done ahead of time as possible.

It is well worth the sacrifice.

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