How to lose 100+ pounds with a simple and satisfying diet

Weight loss really isn’t as complicated as we’ve all made it seem.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it can be simple. And it’s actually the simplest when you’ve got more weight to lose.

Below, I share how to lose 100+ pounds with a diet that’ll be simple and satisfying.

And highly effective if you stick to it and let it work its magic.

Cut out all highly processed foods

Cut out all the CRAP (carbonated drinks, refined sugars, artificial foods, processed foods).

This simple, first step here can knock off 10 pounds in a week if you let it by cutting out all the foods that cause water retention, blood sugar dips and spikes, increased appetite, and cravings. These foods can also be addictive.

Plus these foods cause weight gain even if they’re eaten in moderation because of how much sugar they have, how much they trigger overeating, and how hard they can make caloric restriction.

Cutting out all highly processed foods makes this weight loss thing so much simpler.

Focus on eating all real foods at first

So what is there to eat now?


Before even going into caloric restriction, cutting back on carbs, intermittent fasting, or going full-blown keto, let your body detox from the Standard American Diet first with some good ol’ fashioned real foods.

If you don’t and jump right into something intense, you could struggle with sugar withdrawals and intense detox symptoms you really don’t have to struggle through to lose weight. You can transition and still lose weight.

Plus you increase your chances of sticking to it when you do since you’ll be in less pain. (From my experience)

Focus on eating meat, vegetables, fruits, root vegetables, raw nuts, and healthy fats.

my successful weight loss transformation
My weight loss transformation from 245-lbs

Eat 3 meals a day with a goal to lower how often you eat in a day

Eating less frequently in a day helps with weight loss which is why intermittent fasting is such a hit.

It works.

To begin eating less frequently in a day, start with sticking to eating 3 meals of real foods a day.

If you already only eat twice a day on the standard American diet, you might find that without the highly processed foods, your cravings and appetite will increase. This is sugar withdrawals.

To help, plan out 3 meals of real foods a day and practice sticking to those 3 meals a day in order to work through the cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Eating 3 healthy meals a day of real foods will help your body regulate blood sugar and appetite and get rid of cravings.

Once detoxed and comfortable on 3 meals, cut back on carbs to speed up weight loss

Once you’ve detoxed from highly processed foods and are comfortably eating 3 meals of real foods a day, you can begin cutting back on carbs to speed up weight loss.

You first focus on removing highly processed foods and eating 3 meals a day in order to make cutting back on carbs an easier routine to endure than if you hopped right into it and suffered the withdrawal symptoms AND cutting back on carbs.

That’s stacking struggle on top of struggle and is easily avoided with transitioning.

To begin cutting back on carbs, remove all types of potatoes from your diet, cut out high sugar fruits like bananas and apples, quit eating beans, cut out starchy vegetables like carrots, and limit raw nuts.

Instead, eat meat, low-carb vegetables, and healthy animal fats.

Start implementing intermittent fasting to intensify weight loss

What I’ve experienced is a natural “slip” into intermittent fasting once I detoxed from the standard American diet and lowered carbs.

My appetite decreased so much that I started needing to eat less food. I went from needing to eat 6 times a day as a very hungry woman to needing to only eat once or twice a day. The appetite transformation is real.

I started intermittent fasting without forcing it to happen and I believe that when our bodies are getting the right foods, and there is fat on it to be burned, our appetites will decrease to burn the fat it’s stored.

To start intermittent fasting, cut out breakfast or dinner, but most of all listen to your body. If you don’t need to eat dinner, but have gotten into a habit of eating dinner although you’re not really hungry, cut it out.

Same with breakfast, if you don’t need it, don’t eat it. (that rhymed)

Pump up that fat burning even more by cutting back on dietary fat

Going through these steps, you’ll transition from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner.

You can tell you are a sugar burner if you experience symptoms like hunger headaches, moodiness, and the jitters if you go too long without eating. This is because sugar is an energy source that is burned quickly.

When you become a fat burner, you can go longer without eating because fat is a more sustainable energy source that takes longer to “burn.”

And what I’ve found is when I became a fat burner, I experienced more fat loss when I cut back on how much fat I was eating.

I learned that fat can either be burned from the plate or off the body when you become a fat burner.

To cut back on fat, and still eat enough calories, make sure to eat enough protein and don’t add extra fat to meals.

What makes all this simple and satisfying

It removes what causes weight gain, increased appetite and cravings and implements practices that cause weight loss like low carbs and eating less frequently.

Weight loss can be a really simple process of becoming a fat burner and then extending that fat burning with implementing fasting.

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  • Kim

    Hi and Thank You for motivating me to back on my (modified) keto plan. I was doing well then had a slip when I ventured out 3 days ago. Drive-thru junkie is what I am. Not much of a soda drinker but I am a carb craver. I do well at home but trying to change a 3 yr habit of junk food dining is difficult when I’m out.

    My goal is to hit 190 lbs. I’m a 63 yo. Female, 5’7″ and 245 lbs.

    • Latrice

      You’re welcome Kim. Good luck on your weight loss transformation. I do know what you mean when it comes to struggling with getting over habits that don’t align with weight loss. It’s a challenge, but it definitely can be done. I’ve seen mature women do really well on a carnivore diet as well.

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