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Quick Weight Loss For Newbies: My 5-Day, 6-Pound Journey

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Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Latrice

And I lost enough bloat to notice. 🙂

What I did was get back to the basics and implement practices that worked best.

I removed things I knew I shouldn’t be eating, cleaned up my lifestyle with a new routine, and started nourishing my mind every morning like I nourish my body.

Below I detail what I did to lose 6 pounds in 5 days.

Got back on a routine

A good routine helps me stick to healthy habits like my daily self-care practices, fasting schedule, and turning off electronics an hour before bed.

I also meal prep, grocery shop, wash clothes, and do other chores on a routine so I can remember to prioritize them.

When I stick to my routine, and let my productive and healthy habits trigger each other, I’m more likely to stick to my weight loss routine.

I’m more likely to stick to my personal development routine.

I’m more likely to stick to my blogging routine.

I think you get it.

Routines are the bomb! (Am I showing my age?)

They’re a cool hack to establishing habits YOU WANT to have.

To create my new routine and actually start working it, I made a list of daily habits I’ll like to practice and in the order I will like to practice them in.

Each morning, I get up and look at that list and work my way down, checking off each habit as I complete it.

This is motivating and it helps. Big time.

How to create your own checklist routine of healthy habits that’ll trigger each other

  1. Make a list of habits you will like to practice without worrying about the order in which you will do them. Just list them. Here’s what’s in my list:
    1. Meditation (20 mins)
    2. Writing a list of positive aspects, things I appreciate, things I’m thankful for (until the page is full)
    3. Studying a chapter of a personal development book I’ve finished reading (20 to 30 mins)
    4. Read a personal development book I haven’t finished reading yet (30 mins)
    5. Write 1,000 words (1 hour or if I reach 2,000 words)
    6. Workout (45 mins)
    7. Shower, dress, makeup (1 to 2 hours)
    8. Eat breakfast (30 mins)
  2. Once you complete your list, think about how you can fit these activities into a steady flow of activities. Think about what habits can trigger the next habit. For instance, studying a chapter triggers the following habit to read 30 minutes.
  3. Create a new list of your healthy habits in the order you will do them in. This is your new routine! 🙂
  4. Add to a habit tracker and start each day with that bad boy and work your way down the list.

Started practicing complete abstinence from highly processed foods and quit drinking alcohol

I’ve been eating a primarily paleo diet for the last 6 years and doing keto on and off for the last 2 years or so. Maybe even longer.

The reason why I’m not at my desired weight is because I’m not on these healthy routines long enough to get my desired results.

I’ve cheated. I’ve binged. I’ve hid my garbage so I don’t get asked “aren’t you on a diet?”

And most of all, I’ve had to admit to myself that I do have an unhealthy relationship with food. I am experiencing addiction and my binge eating is likely an eating disorder.

So in doing my research, I’ve come to the conclusion that practicing complete abstinence will be best for my health and wellbeing.

Came across this jewel of an audible book called Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person by Glenn Livingston Ph.D.

If you’ve got a problem with falling off your diet often and feeling addicted to food, check out this book and listen to it often.

It has helped me learn to separate from that part of me that wants to eat off routine. Check it out. Seriously.

Oh, and I quit drinking alcohol including the so-called keto-friendly drinks that are supposed to be safe on keto.

Listen… ANY alcoholic drink triggers me to eat fried food and it doesn’t help at all that I’ve been fasted for a few hour usually.

So I quit.

If you know alcohol triggers you too or that your progress isn’t as good as it could be, the alcohol can be your problem.

Ditch it, girlfriend.

Made my meals really, really simple

Stupid simple. Like eggs-and-a-couple-of-sausages simple.

Eating simple meal combinations of meat, fat, and veggies have always worked for me and kept me on my routine.

They’re easier to plan, easier to prep, easier to shop for, and much cheaper than when I used to try special recipes and keto swaps.

I don’t buy special keto snacks, keto or paleo friendly flours, or any of those extras. I just buy the basics: meat, eggs, a few fats, and maybe some veggies.

People say it’s expensive to eat healthy. I think it’s expensive when you’ve got a lot of the swapping going on like keto and paleo versions of highly processed foods.

But a simple menu of simple combinations keeps my grocery bills super affordable and my meal plans easy to follow. I’ve got money to spend on higher quality groceries too.

Simple meal combinations are also easier to track and adjust month by month.

I keep better track of my macros with simple combinations instead of trying to guess if I had too much protein or carbs from a recipes.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, give simple meal combinations a try. Pick a protein, a fat, a veggie, and explore your options.

I think you’ll come to appreciate the simple combinations although they’re not as exciting as all the fancy recipes.

Recipes are fine, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they can get in the way of making a healthy eating routine manageable.

No eating after 4pm

Plenty of intermittent fasting gurus will say it’s good to eat at night again and I’ve tried that. I grew up hearing it was bad for weight loss to eat right before bed, but I have it a try anyways.

I often times woke up feeling heavy and feeling some discomfort so I went back to what I know.

Not eating before bed. I actually give myself a few hours to digest food before I go to bed.

That means, instead of skipping breakfast like a lot of people suggest for intermittent fasting, I skip dinner instead.

I eat breakfast after my workout and then have lunch around 2pm and sometimes as late as 3 pm.

That gives me about 18 hours of fasting a day with a majority of it done in my sleep.

The last time I gave this fasting schedule a try, I seemed to shrink in my sleep.

If you’re experiencing discomfort and, or slowed results by eating late in the day, it’s totally ok to eat breakfast and skip dinner instead.

Trying Carnivore Intermittent Fasting

Don’t call me crazy but I’m trying to see something here.

How will this Carnivore diet do with intermittent fasting and how will it do with my body?

I’m hella curious, girl. I’ve seen people get some pretty cool results and given that I’ve lost 6 pounds in 5 days, I think I might be getting some cool results too.

Going at this for the next 90 days.

So far, I can say I haven’t lost this much water weight in such a short period of time on keto.

For instance, the other times I’ve started keto, I’ve lost about a pound or two in the first week.

But on the carnivore diet and doing intermittent fasting, I’ve lost 6 pounds in 5 days. Quick.

What’s extra cool is that I can NOTICE ALREADY. And my mom saw me after about a week and could notice too.

I was like, “damn, alright now carnivore diet. Come thru!”

The carnivore diet is when you eat nothing but meat and fat and drink water.

I’ve seen some explain it as eating all animal products including full-fat dairy.

Here’s a quick definition here:

The carnivore diet – also known as the all meat diet or the carnivorous diet – entails eating almost nothing but meat for every meal, every day. That means a lot of protein, a lot of fat, and almost zero carbs…

The carnivore diet is based on the theory that our ancestors ate mostly meat because it wasn’t energy efficient to gather a lot of fruit or vegetables. As a result, our bodies have evolved to run optimally on a meat-centric diet. So the theory goes.

– The Carnivore Diet: How to Survive the First Month

My meals have also included eggs so not sure if I’m being 100% but so far, so good.

Here’s what a meal has looked like:

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tbsp of Avocado Oil Mayonnaise whisked into the eggs before frying
  • 1 tbsp of butter to fry my eggs
  • 3 pork breakfast sausage links
  • A scoop of Primal Kitchen collagen blended in coffee with a tbsp of butter

Nothing fancy. Simple. Oh so good.


I made sure to stay hydrated for sure.

The goal is to drink half a gallon a day.

For some reason it’s easier to finish a gallon when I drink from a cup with a lid and straw. And I make sure to keep it full.

Water has helped with my cravings too during this first week.

When I think I’m hungry, I drink water and it’s been working.

Moral of the story: hydrate.


How did I lose 6 pounds in 5 days:

  1. Put myself back on a routine of healthy habits
  2. Stopped eating highly processed foods and quit drinking alcohol including keto-friendly alcoholic mixes
  3. Made meal combinations simple – protein and a fat – no fancy recipes or keto-friendly packaged foods and snacks
  4. No eating after 4 pm
  5. Trying Carnivore Intermittent fasting
  6. Drink 1/2 gallon of water a day

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