3 simple ways to eat a cleaner diet

How many of you do this? You go to the store looking for a new hair care product and you immediately turn the bottle to read the ingredients? If it’s got any of the no-no ingredients, you put it back on the shelf and move on.

Many of us have become sticklers about what goes on our hair and scalps. I love it! We’ve realized what ingredients are damaging, we’re supporting the products that come correct, and manufacturers are forced to step up and deliver what we’re requesting with our dollars. That’s called consumer power.

But what about what goes into your body? Do you also turn bottles of juice to read the list of ingredients? Avoiding high fructose corn syrup like you avoid mineral oil? There are also chemicals, ingredients, and other additives in our foods that are just as, if not more damaging than the ingredients you avoid putting on your hair.

The first thing I do with a new food product is check the ingredients. People probably think I’m a bit extra because I’ll spend a good couple of minutes reading through ingredients and putting food back as soon as I find a no-no ingredient.

And I’m not talking about avoiding these ingredients for weight loss. Studies have found that these modern, heavily processed foods manipulate our ancient bodies into addiction, diseases, cancers, mental health challenges, and reproductive issues just to name a few. They’re toxic and should be avoided for many more reasons than to watch your figure.

So here are three simple rules to follow if you’re looking to avoid the damaging chemicals also in your food.

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Avoid any ingredient you cannot pronounce

Chances are if you can’t pronounce it or it has more than three syllables, you shouldn’t consume it. It also didn’t come from nature.

Food manufacturers use several ingredients to make their manufactured products more palatable to our bodies and taste buds.

They have to add taste, smell, “vitamins,” minerals, and color as well as maintain consistency and shelf life. All of that just to feed you something devoid of nutrients.

The longer the list of ingredients, the least likely you should eat it

Foods from nature are simple and straight to the point. A long list of weird looking ingredients is likely an indication something strange is going on.

These long lists are dead give-a-ways.

Think about it. What are all those things they have to add? Where did those ingredients come from and did they test them? It’s just too many questions.

Stick with ingredients you can recognize as foods

The easiest way to avoid all these nasty chemicals in your foods is to stick with real foods and real ingredients. Stuff of the earth and by the earth.

This isn’t always easy considering we live in a day and age where these foods are EVERYWHERE and easily accessible. You might find it particularly difficult to avoid processed foods if you have food addiction or binge eating disorder.

Remain patient with yourself and overtime sticking to foods with ingredients that consist of other foods will get easier.


Eating clean doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easy and does get even easier with practice.

Avoiding long lists of ingredients that don’t look like names of foods, but chemicals of a science lab is a great place to start.

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