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My Home Gym Setup: Exercise equipment that’ll build your curves at home

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Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Latrice

In California, as I am writing this, we are on lockdown and a home gym is essential to keeping up with our fitness goals. To put together our home gym, we chose equipment that can be used for many different exercises as well as an ab machine.

I might be adding a squat bar and some more weights, but so far our gym is functioning awesomely. I love it. Below I share the affordable equipment we’ve found to give you some ideas for exercise equipment that can be purchased on a budget. And equipment that works for butt and leg workouts. 

home gym setup exercise equipment

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. Full disclosure.

Just a note: when I say “budget,” I mean equipment that costs less than $1000. You might think that spending $800+ on a Bowflex is nowhere near “budget,” but it is to my mom and me considering how expensive exercise equipment can be.

Plus, there are SO MANY exercises that can get done on a piece like a Bowflex. We felt it was worth the investment.

Home gym exercise equipment ideas for small spaces

1. Bowflex | While this is an expensive piece, it is worth the investment considering all the workouts you can get in with it.

2. Soges Adjustable Dumbbells Pair | These have been working well for me, but the dumbbells, when screwed together, are not as long as your traditional barbell so it can be weird to squat with it in this setting. Great for the price though. 

3. Champion Sports Plyo Box | Good for legs and glutes, this is a piece of equipment I used to use frequently at the gym. Worth the purchase if you’re working on these areas this year. Good for HIIT training too. 

4. Ader Plyometric Platform Jump Box | Another awesome step I’ve been using for HIIT, glutes, and legs training. These steps provide a  great workout and on some days it is the only workout I need. 

5. Booty 3 Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt Set | These bands work and I put mine to work 3 days a week on what I call my booty days. 

6. Merax Folding Electric Motorized Running Treadmill |  This is an affordable treadmill that acts like an affordable treadmill and what I mean by that is it is definitely not your gym’s treadmill. It is small, the belts took time to get used to and tighten correctly so they don’t slip, and there’s no pausing it. But! Since my mom and I have learned to work it, it has worked like a charm. We run on it now. Fast. Not suitable for tall people though. My brother is 6’4 and could barely get a full stride in. 

7. MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat | Helps keep the treadmill from tearing up your floors. 

8. SNODE Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine | It’s good for the price. Doesn’t really have the type of resistance that it says it does, but does give you enough of a workout to work with if you’re on a budget.  

9. XtremepowerUS Deluxe Abdominal Crunch Coaster Fitness | Great for abs and provides an ab workout that gets you sweaty too. 

10. Fragraim Ankle Weights | Great for booty, hip and leg workouts. 

11. Iron Bull Strength Premium Ankle Strap (Single) | Oh yes. The handy dandy ankle strap. Mine has been on my team for a while now. I couldn’t find the Contraband ankle strap I have, but I did find one that has the same features that makes it work so well. Two loops and a strong velcro strap. I now use my ankle strap with the Bowflex to do glutes, legs, hips, and inner-leg workouts. 

12. ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat | Exercise mats for floor exercises, softer ground, and protecting the floor from getting damaged by the equipment. 

Happy home gym building! 

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