You've got weight loss goals keto Intermittent Fasting can handle

Improve self-discipline, get consistent, and set yourself up for keto intermittent fasting weight loss success

Learn how to make keto intermittent fasting actually work in your life and on your goals

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I made this bundle with you in mind.

Achieve your weight loss goals with the Keto Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss bundle

Get to your goal weight by learning:

What's inside the bundle

Main Guide

Prep: You + Your Kitchen

Shopping guide

Meals in IF Schedules

keto recipes for
weight loss

28-Day transition plan

My keto intermittent fasting journey

Hi, I'm Latricia!

I’ve tried all types of diets before keto intermittent fasting. And really, combining the two was an accident. I was not expecting these benefits. 

Keto did for my appetite what no other diet has ever done: naturally decreased it. I went from needing to eat 3 to 6 times a day to COMFORTABLY eating one to two times a day. And even forgot to eat! That was crazy for me considering how I used to watch the clock for my next meal.

The weight started falling off so quick that one morning I woke up with my waist beads sliding right off my hips. I couldn’t believe it. I ended up losing a total of 45 pounds in 4 months without much effort while growing muscle and maintaining my gym gains.   

This bundle of guides includes not only what I implemented to achieve my weight loss goals, but also what I learned to optimize weight loss, be disciplined enough to see results, and be on track while doing keto intermittent fasting. 

bonuses = extra support

Restaurant + Fast food Guide

Daily, weekly, monthly checklists


weight loss transformation journal

Keto Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss


No. Keto intermittent fasting works best when it is a lifestyle change instead of just another diet you shove into your life and hope it works this time. This bundle helps keto intermittent fasting work as a lifestyle, not a diet.

This routine consist of real, keto-friendly foods of animal proteins, animal fats, vegetables, and low-carb fruits. There are no special keto flours, keto packaged foods, or powdered supplements in this guide. 

This guide will not work for vegans, vegetarians, or raw foodists. This routine relies heavily on nutrient-dense animal proteins and fats and does not work with alternative plant protein sources like beans or vegan protein powders. These foods are also meant to be cooked. 

Exercise is not required to get results with keto intermittent fasting. I give you tips on what exercises work best, but you don’t have to exercise to get results. Exercise helps, but isn’t required here. You can do this routine regardless.

You do not have to buy any special foods, organic foods or supplements to follow these guides successfully.  

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Digital format as a .zip file that’ll contain the bundle files in pdf.

Not accepting returns on this product. All purchases are final. 

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