June’s Blogging Goals and Action Plan

June is the first month I’m working strategically to do my own thing and turn this blog into a business. I’ve learned to turn a blog into a business, it takes a much different strategy than blogging for a hobby or “just cause.” It takes a well thought out strategy to make the business successful […]

The “Before”

I’m conducting an experiment. For the next year (whew, freaks me out to dedicate myself to a year) I’m going to pray, meditate, journal and read every morning. Rather I want to or not and regardless of where I’m at. My theory: focusing on doing this daily will help me materialize my vision without forcing […]

How my first year in the thirties went

Not a major milestone but whoah, I turned thirty-one on December 23rd. Thought I’d be married, celebrating my second anniversary, and planning for my second child by this age. Harty har har. Jokes. I still get the same “why you single” questions I used to get in my twenties. It was cute and a bit […]