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Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Week 1 Results: 4-lbs down and 1 inch off waist

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Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Latrice

Not exactly week 1, but I’m calling it week 1 because it’s the first week I’m challenging myself to do 30 days straight, no cheating.

Realized I haven’t gone more than a couple of weeks clean in months. (That’s part of why I’ve gained 20 pounds, I’m sure.)

intermittent fasting weightloss week 1 results

I also feel really good and energized with the clean diet. And not hungry enough to eat outside of my fasting window, so I know things are moving in the right direction.

Each week, I’m going to give updates of what I did, what I ate, what worked, what didn’t work, and what I’ll do the following week. I think I’ll also do a weekly live broadcast as well and link it.

Sharing to hopefully help, inspire, and motivate others. It’ll also help hold me accountable as I practice being more disciplined.

I’ve tried LOTS of diets, but paleo has been a lifestyle.

Challenges last week

On Sunday, I went on a Tinder date at the Cheesecake Factory and had a glass of wine, some crab cakes, and some fried, wrapped Chinese food inspired finger food thingy.

That triggered a craving for cheesecake, of course. And I brought me some. After my date left. lol

That trigger is why following the dating tips in Friday’s post are crucial for me. They’re especially helpful to those that are prone to strong cravings and have a hard time eating just one.

I’m definitely not the “few bites” and “just one” type of girl. I get a craving and give in, I go all in until I’m REALLY full. Which is what happened with the cheesecake. Some of it I had to toss out because I was sooooo full.

I do give myself a pat on the back, however, for not allowing that day to turn into a week. It stopped on that day. That’s an accomplishment.

Here are some tips for getting back on track as fast (and as realistically) as possible:

  • Ate breakfast in the morning instead of at noon when my fasting window is over
    • This allows focus on ridding the body of sugar (cravings) instead of fasting. It’s easier to fast when the cravings aren’t kicking my ass. I also ate sweet fruit (bananas and grapes), fatty meats, eggs, and cheeses. By Thursday, I was back to fasting comfortably until noon.
    • If you have a slip up that kick starts your strong cravings, start getting back on track with sweet fruits, cheese (if it isn’t a problem for you), eggs, and sausages or bacon. The sweet fruits and cheese tricks your body into thinking it’s getting what it’s craving. The sausage or bacon makes sure you’re eating fat and protein too. Knocks those cravings out in a few days.
  • Ate sweet potatoes in my scrambled eggs for my second meal
    • Sweet potatoes are a fave. They’re enough sweetness and starch to handle cravings, but still a real, nutrient dense food. Love em’!
    • 1/4 cup of cooked sweet potato was usually enough; if you’re prone to going overboard, limit your sweet potato serving to what you can tolerate – I’m sharing this from experience and since we’re both human (I’m assuming), and if you have a tendency to go overboard like I do, I think this might work for you also
    • Ripe plantain is also really good – limit this as well
    • Note, however, that you’d want to give yourself a “deadline” for when you’ll remove these starchy, sweetish foods if you’re on a ketogenic diet or doing a paleo for weight loss protocol. It doesn’t have to be a hard date either. It could be when you finish your supply of sweet potatoes or plantain.
  • Test if you had too much sweet or starchy real foods
    • Persistent cravings – cravings that don’t seem to lesson with time
    • Wanting to nibble – wanting to continue to pick off the leftovers, grazing after the meal

What went well during week 1

Gaining control over cravings MUCH sooner. Tapering off of sugar with real foods instead of going cold turkey into keto helped a lot.

For the last few months or so, it’s taken weeks to a month (at my longest) for me to gain control. I’ll eat cleanish during the week, but the weekends? Forget it.

I was even back to getting Jack-N-The-Box breakfast after a night out and eating it while I watched TV. Pigging out at 3 am and then falling asleep on all that food.

Tapering off by eating fruits, cheeses, and sweet potatoes allowed me to get right back on real foods the following day. Record timing, I must say.

Getting back on it quickly has helped with keeping my weekends on point as well.

Another benefit has been having freedom from food.

Having less cravings and being able to go 20 hours without food is truly a blessing.

There’s truly more freedom in this discipline. This feeling of being in control is the other side I forgot about when I was high on sugar and craving.

Noticing the new mindset is growing roots.

Instead of only tackling the food and exercise aspects of weight loss, I’ve also been working on how I think about healthy living and managing my weight.

Sticking to my personal development plan has helped A LOT. With daily practice, I’m noticing the thoughts that don’t help me and the thoughts that do. I’m learning to focus on what I do want instead of what I don’t.

Let me tell you, it works big time.

No working out and no measuring – took it easy

This past week, I didn’t workout at the gym, but did go on walks during my lunch break.

I also didn’t measure any macros or consider my caloric intake. The only things I measured was how much butter and avocado mayo I used and how many eggs I ate.

I didn’t measure vegetables, ground beef (but did eyeball about half a cup), nor sweet potato. But I did finish my supply of sweet potatoes and fruit by Wednesday. By Thursday, I was back to eating no sweet potatoes or fruit for breakfast.

Oh, and I didn’t eat after 4 pm.

For my first week of 30 days clean, I kept it as easy as possible. The only two focuses was eating clean and allowing the cheesecake, wine, and fried foods to leave my system.

Since I ended this week feeling good, I’m going back to the workout and ketogenic, paleo approach.

I’ve been on a predominately paleo diet for so long (5 years now), I’ve found that I don’t usually need more than a week of clean eating to feel in control again. It’s those pesky psychological triggers that usually get me.

Finding that easing in and taking as long as I need, however, helps with those triggers as well. There’s like less bodily things (cravings) going on to focus on the mindset.

I’ve put my weight loss routine into a full bundle of meal plans, intermittent fasting schedules, lifestyle prep guides, and food lists. Checkout the How to Intermittent Fast on Keto for Weight Loss bundle.

Want more tips?

If you’re looking for more information on weight loss and healthy living, I’ve put together resources full of action steps, tips, and tools:

2019 Keto Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Weekly Weight Loss Update

  • Week 1 | 8-lbs lost
  • Week 2 | 8-lbs lost – 16-lbs total lost in 2 weeks

Need some more weight loss tips? I’ve got you!

Feeling what I’ve put down here? Inspired and motivated? Great! Spread the love and save a pin to your Intermittent Fasting, Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss, or Weight Loss boards on Pinterest. :)

intermittent fasting weight loss results

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9 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey! I’m 55 and have soft of let myself go due to several deaths in my life as well
    as othe r stressful situations. I’ve decided it’s time to put me first and make some changes! It’s 2am and my tummy is
    growling but I know I can do this! I don’t sleep much and I’m sure that’s one reason I’m packing on the pounds.
    You’re an inspiration! Here’s to my new Best Life!

  2. How can I intermittent fasting on a 12 hour shift, my shift is from 7p-7a , I usually go to sleep about 10 in the morning can you please help me with a good schedule for my meals.

    1. If you could eat at work, you could break your fast at work and fast between 8 am and 12 am so you can do most of a 16-hour fasting schedule while you’re sleeping. Have your first meal at work at 12 am and then a second meal at 7 am. So your schedule could look like having a 16-hour fasting schedule from 8 am – 12 am and an 8-hour eating window from 12 am to 8 am.

      1. I’m curious if you noticed any skin flare ups during a fast? I just started doing 24 hr fasts 2x weekly, and my skin is breaking our horribly. Is a 24 hr fast too much?

        1. A 24 hour fast isn’t too much. Some go 72 hours and beyond. I haven’t had any breakouts from fasting. Are you eating a new food?

  3. I just started IF and it seems pretty easy for me. BUT, I have one problem……..I get bored (and want to eat) while watching night time TV. My husband retires to the bedroom to watch his TV programs around 8PM. I’m left in the living room alone & bored with nervous energy to start piggin’ out. Please give me some suggestions that could prevent me from eating in the evening, Pamm

    1. Hi Pamm… You’ll have to adjust to IF and let it naturally decrease your appetite. Give not watching TV in the evenings a try or doing anything else that triggers eating in the evening. Our brains tend to expect certain behaviors in response to others so a good way to get rid of the habit you don’t want is to deal with the trigger. Try doing an activity that makes it hard to eat at the same time like some yoga or an evening walk. Pick up a hobby to do in the evening that keeps your mind and hands occupied. Sipping herbal teas in the evenings can also help.

  4. I am an hour and a half into my very first attempt at intermittent fasting. Sounds like it works fantastically for you and I am looking forward to some scrambles when noon comes and I’m off my first 12-hour kick. (I’m starting out at a 12/12 plan for a few days to ease into this – cheater way, I know!). Thanks for sharing this!

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