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How to lose weight quickly: 4 Expert Tips to Quick Weight Loss

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The quest to lose weight quickly often seems like an unhealthy one of radical and damaging measures. 

Dropping calories super low, ignoring your strong hunger to skip meals, doing toxic amounts of exercise, drinking laxative teas that promise to slim us overnight… All things that might work, but kick your ass and potentially ruin your health on the way. 

Welp, girl. There’s a better way. A WAY BETTER way that ACTUALLY WORKS. Not only will working these 4 tips get the weight moving quickly, but they’ll help you return your body to the habits that kept our human bodies healthy and slim for tens of thousands of years. 

Let’s get into it!

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How to lose weight quickly in a natural and healthy way 

The first thing to do is understand how weight loss actually works in the human body. It is not about calories in vs. calories out. Weight loss is hormonal. Eat foods that support healthy hormonal functions and reduce the presence of fat-storing hormones, you’ll lose weight faster. 

Eat these animal fats and proteins to lose weight quickly

This “safe, easy, and sustainable” tip from Dr. Ken Berry involves eating an animal-based diet of beef, bacon, butter, eggs, liver, and sardines, in any combination, whenever you’re hungry until you’re full. 

Eating this way keeps your insulin lower than other foods and out of the bloodstream for longer periods of time. When insulin is present, our bodies store fat. When insulin leaves, we burn fat. These foods regulate your appetite, cut cravings, and can aid in healing a damaged relationship with food. Calorie counting and portion control are discouraged and doing so can slow progress. You eat. 

What I’ve experienced eating this way is a transformed appetite, quick weight loss, and effortless intermittent fasting. On keto, I needed to eat 2 to 3 times a day. With this way of eating, I’ve needed to eat 1 to 2 times a day. This has made my intermittent fasting windows longer and much easier to go through. I don’t have to force myself to stick to a schedule. And I’ve lost 1 to 2 pounds a day during the first 7 to 14 days of eating this way. 

Losing that type of weight fast WHILE EATING AS MUCH AS MY BELLY CAN TAKE?! 

I love it. Best weight loss advice ever.   

Carbs: Understand you’ve lost control of your relationship with them 

I love this tip from Dr. Cywes The #CarbAddictionDoc, where he challenges us to see our relationship with carbs way differently than we tend to. According to Dr. Cywes, if you’re obese, you’ve lost control of your relationship with carbohydrates. Asking you to manage that relationship by eating carbs in moderation is like asking a heroin addict to do heroin in moderation. Or an alcoholic to drink in moderation. 

The carbohydrates will take over. Your appetite won’t be regulated to support quick weight loss. And you’ll suffer from cravings unnecessarily.  

What I’ve come to understand about carbohydrates on my journey is how much of it is manufactured, bred, and raised to be addictive and consumed in a way that makes a profit. Even fruit has been changed to be much sweeter than our human bodies evolutionarily know how to deal with. This is why including lots of fruit as part of a diet can lead to increased cravings and appetite as well as stalled weight loss and weight gain. 

Without carbs, we humans need less food. (Our bodies produce carbohydrates on their own, fyi.) Needing less food means industries make less money. In order to make more money, companies manufacture foods that cause us to need more food. 

Personally, I’d rather opt out of all that and ditch the carbs. Since doing so, my appetite has transformed from having me eat 6 times a day to COMFORTABLY eating 1 to 2 times a day. 

When I stick with it, I’m good. 

Set yourself up for automatic weight loss 

This tip from Dr. Jason Fung has worked well for quick weight loss by getting the day organized and setting up a lifestyle that supports the habits of intermittent fasting and healthy eating. With the lifestyle in alignment, losing weight quickly is easier to do and requires less willpower. 

This is how you lose weight automatically according to Dr. Fung: 

  • Make it a habit 
    • Weight loss is not about willpower, it’s about habit 
    • Cue, craving, response, the reward is how habits are formed 
    • To break habits, start with the cue that triggers the habit – address the prompts that lead to unhealthy habits 
    • Remove the cues by laying down rules to knock out the cue 
    • Address the craving by replacing it with a healthier option 
  • Schedule something instead of eating – fasting 
  • Find your fasting community 
  • Reward yourself, but not with food 
  • Schedule your rewards 
  • Spoil your appetite – eat your meal and get satiated  

Give your body time to burn fat 

When we’re eating, we’re not metabolizing body fat because insulin rises when we’re eating. When we’re not eating, insulin falls and our body starts metabolizing body fat and using calories. If you want to lose weight quickly, give your body time to use calories and burn fat by intermittent fasting. 

This DOES NOT mean starving, undereating, or going without food for periods of time you’re struggling to get through. Doing that is how you ruin your metabolism, mess up your hormonal health, stall weight loss, speed up aging, brittle your nails, thin your hair, and trigger binge eating and unhealthy food choices. 

Instead, eat nutrient-dense satiating foods (animal fats and proteins) and allow your body to tell you when to fast and when to eat. Make sure to eat enough food when you’re hungry. Don’t worry about eating if you’re not. Like, you don’t have to force yourself to eat at a certain time if you’re not hungry at that time. This will give your body time to burn fat when it’s ready to burn fat as opposed to you forcing it when you want it to burn fat.

Learning to work with my body this way has made weight loss so much easier. I used to STRUGGLE with cravings and a wild appetite. Genuinely being hungry enough to eat 6 times a day and would catch an attitude if I missed too many meals. 

I used to be a VERY hungry woman and this made weight loss a VERY hard goal to achieve. 

What changed was implementing these tips. 

What say you? Have you heard of these tips? What do you think of them? Doable or crazy talk?

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