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How to change your mindset for weight loss

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Last Updated on May 16, 2022 by Latrice

Any problem that persists is because we focus on that problem. Weight loss is no exception and a lot of us are mentally attached to that problem.

You can tell how mentally attached you are to your weight by how hard it is for you to stick to your routine and achieve your weight loss transformation goals.

This attachment shows up in self-sabotage and struggling to be disciplined and consistent enough to achieve weight loss transformation goals.

Changing your focus

According to this book I’ve read called Dollars Flow to Me Easily by Richard Dotts, we have the problems we have because we’ve been focusing on those problems, worrying about them, and feeling crappy about them.

We’ve attached ourselves to them by worrying about them and focusing on them.

When we stop worrying about our problems and start focusing on feeling better, our problems get solved.

Some might call this “woo woo” but I’ve witnessed it several times in my own life. When I’ve focused on problems and things I didn’t like, and felt negative, things got worse or I got a lot of the same I was trying to change.

But when I felt better and focused on things I did like, things got better relatively quickly.

I would go into details in later posts.

Here’s how to apply changing your focus to mentally release weight. My theory is that through this process, self-sabotaging behaviors and backsliding will decrease with daily practice.

How to lose your mental weight

1) Challenge yourself to think less about the weight you need to lose if it upsets you to do so

If it frustrates you, change the subject. If it makes you feel sad, change the subject. If it makes you angry, change the subject. Unless you feel good thinking about it, don’t think about it.

How? By any means necessary. If you start feeling down about how hard it is for you to be disciplined or get started, think about ANYTHING that feels better. It doesn’t even have to be about weight loss.

2) Meditate once a day. The best time is in the morning but anytime works. Practice quieting thoughts and feeling good. How would you feel if you weren’t worried about all the things you worry about?

According to Dotts, feeling good is what brings the goods and comes to us when we do not think about what makes us upset. I’ve tried it. It works.

When we feel good, we attract more of the thoughts that make us feel good. We then get into more of the behaviors that make us feel good and make more decisions that make us feel good.

The more we make a deliberate effort to practice feeling good, the more we do things that make us feel good and the more we don’t do things that don’t make us feel good.

3) Prioritize being in a good place emotionally

We’ve come to believe that in order to solve our problems, we have to focus on them, jump into figuring out how to solve them and feel crappy about them.

But what I have been learning, and living, is that all that focus, struggling, and crappy feelings actually makes problems worse or keeps things the same even if we take actions to change.

Instead, challenge yourself to be in a good place emotionally regardless. If you slip up, acknowledge your humanness, acknowledge your growth, and move on.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Observe objectively.

4) Build your healthy lifestyle and live all up in it from a good place

Determine your transformation goals, decide what habits you’ll establish to achieve those goals, schedule those habits, live, and track.

Get into living your healthy lifestyle, focusing on getting better at living that lifestyle, and tracking your progress.

As you live your healthy lifestyle, prioritize being in a good place.

I’ve created worksheets for health and wellness goal planning, routine building, and habit tracking. You can check them out at the banner below.

5) Tell yourself the truth about what physically makes you feel good and choose to do those things NOW

I’m currently learning to value how good I feel when I eat clean, workout consistently, and follow my routine over how it feels if I give in.

And I use that to remind myself to make better decisions during my “now” moments. Not tomorrow, not later on today, not next Monday, but now.

Telling yourself the truth about what makes you feel good and doing those things now stops you from procrastinating on making good decisions that align with what you want.

I learned to be more aware of the decisions I make now from Elizabeth Benton’s Chasing Cupcakes. It’s a pretty good read I definitely suggest checking out.

You can listen to this title (+1 more) for free on Audible when you sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial. You can also read this title for free when you sign up for a Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial. Kindle Unlimited has unlimited listening and unlimited reads. Many books I read for free with my membership. 

The theory

If this focus thing works on weight loss like it works on money, these steps should improve our mindsets and align us with achieving our weight loss goals.

Discipline, consistency, and weight loss results will improve when we stop focusing on our weight problems and instead focus on feeling good and living a healthy lifestyle from a good place that aligns with our goals.

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  1. I needed just this little piece of hope. I have been struggling with my weight loss for the past two years. I know for me it’s emotional and I know I need to break free. This article gave me so much hope and enlightenment. I have already downloaded the book on audible and my journey starts NOW. All the best to you. Thank you for this slice of heaven. Best wishes. Thank you muchly,
    Ps wish me luck. I got this 💪🏼

    1. Yay! Go head, Kari! That’s good to hear! Thank you and best wishes to you as well! All the best on your journey.

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