My Morning Routine Boosting Weight Loss & Productivity

I’ve been working on having a solid morning routine for some time now. Morning routines are important to me and when I’ve got one that’s well-constructed, my mindset is being worked on consistently, I’m following through on my self-care instead of neglecting it, and I’m taking care of the healthy habits that lead to overall […]

How to start a weight loss journey for THE BEST results

This guide includes the best of the best I’ve learned so far about weight loss since getting started. It also includes wisdom from the weight gain I experienced after losing weight. Something that happens to over 98% of obese dieters.  You see, I’ve learned a weight loss routine is going to involve way more than […]

My early morning routine for transformation

These are 11 things I do before 9 am to achieve my glow up transformation goals. Eleven things? Yes, eleven things.  I wake up at 3 am to begin my day. Waking up early to have an easy workout at the gym before my day starts has been something I’ve done since high school. I […]

5 ways to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight on a budget

Living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight doesn’t have to break the bank.  Yes, there are several special gadgets, coaching services, supplements, books, and special foods that can cost you a pretty penny. Maybe someday you’ll get into all that.  But as of today, you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight on […]