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Getting (re)started on your health & wellness goals: free download + printable


Whenever I get busy, or life gets bumpy, my self-care and healthy habits are the first I sacrifice for more time to do what I’ve deemed “more important.”

I’ll skip meal prep on the weekends if I’ve had a busy weekend. If I’ve got a tight deadline, I’ll skip my mindset work and morning routine. When there’s a lot of work, I don’t do my daily writing and reading exercises meant to strengthen me as an author.

Have you done that?

Let life tell you you’re too busy to take care of your health and wellness goals?

Get so busy that eating right, getting enough sleep, and working on your personal development are tasks you’re just too busy or stressed out to do?

Do you know what’s so crazy about that?

If you get enough sleep, eat right, and work on your personal development daily, all of that drama that you’re wrestling with turns out being more manageable and tends to work itself out sooner.

When you’re healthier, you manage stress better, improve your brain power, and get sick less.

And when you work on your personal development, you’re preparing your mindset, likely strengthening skills that’ll lesson the blow of hard times, and improve your awareness of the opportunities you want.

Seriously, I’ve witnessed it in my own life. (But I’ve been slipping lately and feeling it.)

Learning that valuable lesson, I started (again) planning my health and wellness goals by writing them down, working on my mindset by writing down why I want to achieve them, and then scheduling plans into daily habits.

Breaking down health and wellness goals into an action plan makes them easier to stick to when life gets busy or some drama goes down.

Goals without plans are wishes. When we take the time to process our goals into action plans and daily habits, we move from wishing we can have what we want to taking meaningful action to get it.

And of course sometimes there will be situations where circumstances really do shake up the schedule. But the goal is to get to a point where at least a healthy diet is maintained regardless.

The goal (well for me anyways) is to change the lifestyle where the new habits you want to establish become just as habitual as what you do daily now.

If you’re interested in working through the process I use to turn my health and wellness goals into a daily action plan of solid routine and sustainable habits, download my free Health and Wellness Goals Planner Worksheet.

Use it to plan your weight loss goals, personal development routine, and, or fitness goals. I’ve also included a 30-day morning and evening routine tracker + habit tracker. And it’s got a Challenge Tracker too.

Hope it’s helpful.


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