Personal Development Books

If you’re not into all the “woo, woo” stuff, then this book list is not for you. And just in case you don’t know what I mean by “woo, woo,” let me clarify. I mean books on the Universe, Source, and Inner Beings. Books on the Law of Attraction, manifesting stuff, and the power of positive thinking. That stuff works. 

But I’ve also got some more not-so-woo-woo material on mindset, ending self-sabotage, and achieving goals. 

Books About Using The Law Of Attraction

Learning about the Law of Attraction has been important to my personal development journey so I’ve always got to pass on the goodies. 

Of course I’ve got some Esther and Jerry Hicks on the list, but some other good reads I’ve found so far include Joe Vitale and Mike Dooley. 

There are books on the Law of Attraction for the total newbie listed here as well as books for those more advanced. 

Books About Manifesting Money

Did you know you can manifest money like you manifest a cup of coffee? Me neither. 

There are several books on manifesting money and other things in life. These are the ones I’ve stumbled upon so far that have been pretty helpful in making sense of how to practically use the Law of Attraction and manifest. 

Books About Will Power & Productivity

Learning about will power, being myself, improving productivity, and better day management… helps. You might find these books helpful too.