A step-by-step guide to planning and organizing for your transformation goals

So you’re ready to start organizing and planning your transformation goals. Great decision.  Planning and organizing can take a bit of time but is totally worth the time it takes to do it. You actually save time when you spend an hour or so scheduling and planning what you’ve got to do. Especially if you’re […]

Keto diet food list: for those looking to lose weight QUICK

Making adjustments to your keto diet food list can improve your weight loss results. The keto diet is a low carb diet with high fat and moderate protein. Although the diet has all types of ways of doing it, there is a particular way I’ve found works best for weight loss results.  This keto diet […]

10 powerful weight loss hacks for women tired of struggling

Instead of giving you weight loss tips on things like healthy eating and exercise, these hacks have got to do with your mindset. Our mindsets are usually, if not always, what is actually holding us back.  Your mindset determines what your boundaries and capabilities are. Struggling to lose weight is a boundary your mindset has […]

How to create a solid personal development plan for your transformation goals

create a personal development plan

Ooooo, the power of a good personal development plan!  Once I learned how to seriously put one of these together, I started being able to make changes that stuck and moved me closer to my goals. I got focused, started saving time, worked more efficiently towards my goals, and better supported myself on my goals. […]

10 sweet smelling winter candles for good vibes all winter long

A good smelling environment raises your vibes and helps make you feel good. Feeling good attracts more good.  I love keeping my space smelling awesome with candles especially during the fall and winter months when home is warm and cozy.  A good Christmas or winter candle can add to that warmth and good vibes. I […]

Build self-discipline to lose weight: 6 unusual methods

Not to talk down on myself, but my self-discipline to lose weight is horrible right now. You might be thinking the same about your self-discipline which is why you’re here. You’re in good company. I know the struggle. This is a safe space. I gained 55-lbs after losing 45-lbs with keto intermittent fasting due to […]

How to avoid holiday weight gain – 5 tips to keep you on track if you want to be

Sometimes Thanksgiving and Christmas are a little too close for me. Especially with New Years Eve being right after. I walk into Thanksgiving, party through my birthday (Christmas season baby in the house!), enjoy Christmas, and then roll my stuffed behind out of New Years Eve. People say it’s the renewal of the first of […]

15 Keto Thanksgiving Sides That’ll Help You Eat Clean This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving already? Yes, Thanksgiving already. Over the last few years, I’ve set the intention to cook a keto meal, but things haven’t worked out yet. Probably because I’m the only one that eats a ketogenic diet and although my family has made adjustments for the only vegan in our family for the last 30 years, […]

33 delectable keto pumpkin and fall recipes for all the fall feelz

Aw yes, fall.  Bring on the pumpkin treats, candle scents, and Starbucks coffee.  It’s time for comfort foods, fall treats with warm teas, and fall-flavored goodies.  Thankfully for us, enjoying the tastes of fall doesn’t have to derail our ketogenic diets.  There are keto-friendly versions of damn near all of our pre-keto faves and some […]