My Morning Routine Boosting Weight Loss & Productivity

I’ve been working on having a solid morning routine for some time now. Morning routines are important to me and when I’ve got one that’s well-constructed, my mindset is being worked on consistently, I’m following through on my self-care instead of neglecting it, and I’m taking care of the healthy habits that lead to overall […]

10 Popular Plus Size Workouts and Workout Routines You’ll Want to Do

workouts and workout routines for plus size women

On the hunt for some plus-size friendly workouts and workout routines, I gathered 10 popular plus size workouts women are loving to add to my routines. Whether you’re working out to maintain your healthy, curvy figure, get toned, or lose weight, these home and gym exercises and workout routines can help you with that. My […]

How to start a weight loss journey for THE BEST results

This guide includes the best of the best I’ve learned so far about weight loss since getting started. It also includes wisdom from the weight gain I experienced after losing weight. Something that happens to over 98% of obese dieters.  You see, I’ve learned a weight loss routine is going to involve way more than […]

Easy keto air fryer recipes best for weight loss

easy keto air fryer recipes best for weight loss

Not every keto air fryer recipe is safe for weight loss. Not to burst your bubble, but “keto” doesn’t always mean it’ll help you on your weight loss journey. Matter of fact, some keto recipes can actually cause weight gain, increase cravings, increase appetite, and can slow weight loss to a creep. Nothing wrong with […]

Don’t go broke: Healthy eating on a budget for weight loss

how to eat healthy on a budget to lose weight

Healthy eating on a budget for weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. What I’ve learned to do is keep it simple and work the hell out of money-saving apps and memberships that offer worthy discounts. It’s also been way more affordable, and effective, to eat super simple meals of meat, fat, and vegetables. Sometimes […]

Quit Sugar: Best foods to eat (to avoid going nuts)

Sugar-Detox food list and meal ideas

These are real, whole foods that make it easier to sugar detox, stop eating highly processed foods, cut back on carbs, and start eating a low carb or keto diet for weight loss. They help because these foods still give enough carbs to handle the sugar withdrawals, but are low enough to still comfortably get […]

3 weight loss mistakes that caused weight gain

featured image of weight loss transformation update

My latest weight loss journey update to date: I’ve gained weight. Lots of it. I’ve worked through some things and I think I’ve overcome the shame of gaining weight after telling “the world” I’ve lost it.  This was actually challenging for me. So challenging, I was willing to go broke and neglect my blog. I […]

2021 Body Goals Vision Board: Feminine, simple

Got the idea to put together a body goals vision board after listening to one of those motivational videos featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger discussing what he did to motivate himself. In this particular video, he shared how he’d put up magazine cut outs and photos of his favorite body builders and physiques. So I decided to […]