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10 Vibe-Boosting Activities That Helped Me Manifest FAST!

I quickly found that being in a good mood, being organized, and appreciating what’s around me was a sure way to manifest fast the changes I wanted to see and the things I want to have.

Damn near a year was spent being mad and feeling trapped. In that year, I let go of self-care and dug in deep trying to force change. I went further into debt, spent money I didn’t have, and stayed frustrated about how stuck I felt.

When I eased up and started living life again, things started changing. I got a job in just a week of seriously looking (sent 1 batch of 10 resumes w/o cover letters) and I got my first call and freelance client from postcards I sent out three months prior. And she gave me two other clients! Money, money, money!

Below are 10 vibe-boosting activities I implemented or got back to doing to manifest good in my life and get moving again. These practices promote optimism, positivity, and happiness even on your toughest days.

1) Wake Up And Give Thanks

Before any of the thoughts about your plans, what you should be doing, what you didn’t do, and what you’ve got to do come flooding in, block them with thoughts of gratitude.

I’ve found that starting my day with gratitude helped me go from feeling trapped and being reactionary to being more appreciative, forward thinking, and relaxed.

Whatever we give most of our attention to, we attract. Being thankful helps you turn your attention to the good in your life so you can attract more good. 

Even when the shit is hitting the fan, give thanks to have a fan for shit to hit.

2) Spend Quiet Time In The Morning When Possible  

If you have time in the morning to spend alone with no phones, no laptops, no music, and no chatter from others, take it, take it, take it! Did I mention how you should take it?!

Taking quiet time to settle into my day with meditation, prayer, reading, journaling, a glass of water, and warm lemon water or tea helps me set the tone for my day. It helps me have more control throughout the day by being a routine practice for centering.

Quiet mornings, if even for just 5 to 10 minutes, help with manifesting desires because they help fine tune alignment first thing in the day and are great for realizing the power to control how the day goes.

3) Get in a Workout

Morning workouts are the bees knees if you ask me. They help me release stress, make me feel better throughout the day, and encourages me to stick to my diet. There’s an extra pep in my step.

These two videos – “Morning Exercise = Mental Health” and “Why Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link) – detail the benefits of exercise besides building muscle and weight loss. Exercise helps improve brain power, the ability to learn, and stress management.

Morning workouts also boost your moods, promote stress management, and help you stay positive throughout the day. These things help plenty with manifesting the good you desire to see.  

4) Get In The Mirror And Beat That Face! 

“Look good, smell good, feel good.” – Rev. Ike

You know how sometimes we feel we’re too busy or things are going too tough for us to take the time to look good, smell like flowers, and feel awesome? Is it just me?

When my life went south, I believed I wasn’t in a place to take the time to look good. Not that I left the house looking like a hot ass mess. I just stopped trying different hairstyles, wearing my cute clothes, and wearing my nice perfume. I was a body spray, bun, and comfort jeans girl for a while.

Taking the extra time to do more in the morning made me feel better and more kept. Feeling better helped me feel happier throughout the day. Feeling good brought more good to my life.

Taking good care of yourself on the outer influences how you’ll feel about yourself in the inner. It helps with manifesting because you’re showing that you’re deserving and ready to receive.

5) Listen to Mind Science, Prosperity Consciousness, Self-Development Videos and Books  

Even when I didn’t feel like it, I tried to listen to some type of self-improvement, law of attraction, or prosperity teaching. Especially in the morning while getting dressed.

Besides being encouraging, listening to these types of materials helped me notice limiting behaviors and thoughts that I wanted to change. And it helped me change them without hard work! There’s so much to learn about how to work with the mind, I geeked out.

Plus, your mind is being conditioned regardless. You might as well condition it with the things you want instead of what others out here in the streets want.

Feeding my mind daily helped me have more productive thoughts and better choices which leads to quicker manifestation. 


6) Keep your environment clean and organize  

Not only did this take my mind off of wanting and lack, but it also worked wonders on lifting my spirits.

I’m one of those people that used to let things go when I got too busy or just felt like shit. Clothes piled up, old mail and magazines hung around, and mail wasn’t getting opened at all. I would tell people it was just a busy week. Truth is when my place is a mess, I am too.

Cleaning up and organizing helped me take care of what I have and appreciate my environment. It also encouraged me to enjoy my space and alone time much more. Enjoying my space and alone time helped me buckle down and focus.

7) Bless those bills and everyone you owe!

Are you one of those people that don’t open bills and hide them because you can’t pay them? I was hella one of those people. I used to tuck away my bills and ignore my mounting debt. It got so bad that I stopped monitoring my account although I was earning something.

Right before I was called to interview at my new job, I hung up all the bills I was ignoring and got real familiar with how much debt I’m in. I stopped ignoring my money and my debt. I blessed my bills, gave thanks, and happily budgeted my little income. Then I got the call to interview. That was a trip.

I learned this technique from Rev. Ike. He points out that money can hear you and when you do things like curse paying your bills and ignore your finances, you’re essentially ignoring money. When I stopped ignoring my money and my debt, things started turning around. I manifested money not only with a new job, but also with new freelance clients. 

8) Create a Vision Board on Pinterest and Shop, Shop, Shop

People always point out the importance of vision boards considering the mind works in pictures. It helps to have images to visualize yourself having the things you desire. It’s helped me too.

But can I emphasize how awesome it feels to shop?! Is it just me? I love to shop. But because I didn’t have the money, I ignored all things I couldn’t afford and couldn’t afford to do including shop.

Now, I shop anytime I get the urge or have this feeling that things aren’t going my way. Anything I want, I “buy” by pinning it to my Pinterest and I claiming it. I’ve “purchased” everything from my dream home and my new Porsche to my favorite organic, high-end beauty products.

Shopping and pinning helped me better see what was coming as opposed to worrying about what I didn’t have. That was the power for me and helped me manifestt quicker. 

9) Eat Healthy, Drink Plenty of Water, End Your Day With Tea   

Healthy foods from the earth and of the earth elevate vibes. I truly do believe this. Giving my body man-made foods makes my skin feel icky. But when I eat clean foods and bless my plate, I feel waaaaaaaay better.

Feeling good is the key to manifesting what we want.

Healthy foods and plenty of water also helps with brain function, immunity, hormones, stress management, and proper sleep.

And the tea helps with soothing and chilling after the day. Having a well functioning body and a soothing end to your day helps with manifesting faster because it just makes you feel better.

10) Journal, Read Goals, Visualize, Meditate, and Chill in the Evenings

I learned that a person should never go to bed feeling negative because your subconscious is so powerful that the following day it will search for and attract more of the negativity you slept on.

So taking the time to write out any challenges, read goals, visualize having them, meditate, and chill puts the mind on to positivity and the subconscious on a task to create more of that good.

After giving this a serious try, I noticed more changes in how I worked through the day and what I was able to take. I wasn’t easily frustrated and the “bad” stuff didn’t ruffle my feathers like they used to. Next, I’ll be working on getting better with the road rage.


All 10 of these activities are ways I started actually practicing feeling good, being thankful, and being happy. Feeling good and being happy is how I changed my situation from jobless and struggling to employed and feeling pretty damn good.

These things helped me take my mind off of lack, limitation, and wanting what I didn’t have. They helped me stop crying and feeling trapped because they took my mind off the pain and helped guide me towards positive thinking and better living.

Hope these help you out also.  

Tried these out or got a few of your own? Let me know in the comments. Sharing is caring. 🙂


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