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5 simple self-motivation daily practices that’ll lesson the blow of hard days

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[UPDATED 12/16/18]

Self-motivation is a must on this transformation journey. Especially for those days things get challenging and insist on testing you. >:-|

There are several ways to practice self-motivation. These are the main five I use daily to keep calm, get shit done even on rough days, and stay motivated.

self-motivation daily practices


Self-Motivation Practice 1: Spend a few extra moments in bed

The practice can begin as soon as you open your eyes. I’ve actually found it easier to motivate myself when I’m fresh out of a slumber.

Right when I wake up, I practice self-motivation by giving thanks for my accomplishments and all the good things I’m experiencing. I spend a few extra moments to be quiet and give thanks, show appreciation, give myself kudos, and shower myself in love and loving thoughts.

Spending a few extra moments to be happy with what is going right and what I do have has been a valuable practice.

It has helped me have more appreciative thoughts, instead of criticizing thoughts, throughout the day which has actually brought more things for me to appreciate into my experience.

Another way this practice has helped me stay motivated on bad days is by making the bad days when I don’t feel motivated last a lot less time. It has become easier or me to think myself out of a funk and back into good feelings. My bad days used to last weeks. And when I was really unaware, bad vibes will last months.

My last bad day lasted 12 hours.

Get into this practice and see what happens. I’m a believer for reals!

Self-Motivation Practice 2: View your vision board and goals

This is my favorite daily practice because it makes it easier to practice visualization.

And there’s something about seeing images of what I’m creating that keeps me pumped and focused. Reading my goals regularly, along with viewing those images, helps my mind associate the goal with an image.

I find that it’s easiest to stay self-motivated with images because it helps my mind link the goals with the images. It also makes visualizing much simpler.

Self-Motivation Practice 3: Read and, or listen to inspiring quotes and affirmations

Like your body needs healthy nutrients to function properly, your mind needs good thoughts and ideas to help you do your best.

I’ve turned my car into a mobile classroom and while I’m at work, I listen to inspiring, personal development and law of attraction content all day. Not only do I get to learn, but I also pick up on different things to try.

Listening to and reading quotes, affirmations and other material helps big time.

Self-Motivation Practice 4: Remember to remember your “why”

The big picture gets hard to remember when I’m tired, feeling stressed, want to cut loose, or get frustrated with my results.

That’s why for those days, I’ve made it a point to get back in touch with my “why” and the big picture on a daily basis.

Sitting with my “why” and focusing on visualizing my big picture has been a powerful motivator.

Self-Motivation Practice 5: Take good care of your body

The better I take care of my body, the better I handle stress and stay motivated on those tough days.

Taking good care of my body also improved my self-discipline. Improving self-disciplined improved my self-motivation.

Being disciplined enough to stick with it, work when I don’t want to, and find solutions is straight up self-motivation.


These are all pretty basic, but still, work wonders. Especially on those days when things are really challenging and I feel like giving up.

Gratitude, visualization, remembering your “why,” feeding your mind good stuff, and taking good care of your body are all great tools for having self-motivation.

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