Journals + Workbooks

I love a good journal or workbook. They can really get your through some interesting times, house your thoughts on a subject in one place, and help you work on putting together a plan among other things. The journals and workbooks in this collection will help you with various topics from manifesting, journaling reading, tracking healthy habits, learning self-love, learning self compassion and other lifestyle, transformation, self-development topics. More journals and workbooks will be added with more discovery.

555 Challnege

The Law of Attraction Writing Exercise Journal & Workbook for Women: To Manifest Your Desires with the 55x5 Manifestation Technique

Let That Sh*t Go

A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsh*t Behind and Creating a Happy Life (Zen as F*ck Journals)

Reading Journal

Book Journal for Book Lovers & Readers. Review and Track Your Reading

Training for a Healthy Life

A Daily Food and Fitness Journal

The Mindfulness Workbook for Depression

Effective Mindfulness Strategies to Cultivate Positivity from the Inside Out

The Self-Love Workbook

A Life-Changing Guide to Boost Self-Esteem, Recognize Your Worth and Find Genuine Happiness

Style Your Mind

A Workbook and Lifestyle Guide For Women Who Want to Design Their Thoughts, Empower Themselves, and Build a Beautiful Life

Self-love Workbook for Women

Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are

The Self Compassion Workbook

Practical Exercises to Approach Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions with Kindness

28 Days of Loving Yourself - A Self Love Workbook

Fun, Practical, Inspiring

The Co-Creation Handbook

A Shamanic Guide to Manifesting a Better World and a More Joyful Life

Rebel Writer's Workbook

A Practical Guide to Focus Your Intentions, Set Result-Oriented Goals, and Manifest the Creative Life of Your Dreams


Books, planners, journals and workbooks for updating your mindset, getting your mind in alignment with your goals, and improving focus.


Beauty, fitness, wellness, health, and self-care products for living healthy, happy, and well. Also included some good health & wellness reads.


Learn where to save on quality keto foods, buy animal fats and proteins raised humanely and with the environment in mind, and purchase quality supplements.


Leveling up your lifestyle with good reading, beauty, planning and organizing, home goods, and wellness-boosting finds.