What does persistence look like?

Last Updated on November 7, 2019 by Latrice

It was unrecognizable in the mist of faulty consistency and discipline. When failing to create what I wanted to create and have the things I wanted to have, I figured persistence was something I lacked. Boy was I wrong.

Persistence, as defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, is “the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by others.”

Um yeah, I’m pretty damn persistent. Although I’ve failed at remaining disciplined and consistent enough to see the results I wanted to see by the time I wanted to see them, I’ve remained persistent by never letting my failures conquer me. I know exactly what I want. By keeping those images in my head, I’ve remained persistent despite.

Persistence can be hard to recognize when discipline and consistency is what makes shift happened. It takes mastering these two to make changes, but with persistence discipline and consistency are sure to see improvement. With each restart, the drive to be better disciplined and consistent grows stronger. Eventually discipline and consistency become second nature. It takes practice and that’s where persistence comes in.

Now I understand why there was a whole chapter dedicated to persistence in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s discussed as the ONLY trait all self-made successful people possessed. They were extremely persistent and didn’t allow any set backs or failures to stop them.

I’ve failed at sticking to my plans several times. I’ve questioned if I would even make it. But the desire to have what I want never left me so I kept trying. And I’m still not there, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t grown by this point. Remaining persistent has allowed me to strengthen the characteristics and skills I need, including discipline and consistency.

You might not have stuck to the plan this time, but if you stick to the desire, hold tight to the image of your dreams, and persistently give it a good try to do better, you’ll eventually reach your goals. If you’ve restarted and retried several times like I have, you are extremely persistent also. Be happy. You too share the only characteristic shared by all highly successful people – persistence.

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