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I’m a wellness, weight loss, and lifestyle blogger on a transformation journey working on lifestyle goals. I help busy, goal-digging women like myself establish and stay on top of healthy lifestyles that align with their transformation and lifestyle goals by sharing tips, tools, products, resources, and lessons I’ve picked up along the way. Working on your lifestyle goals too? Let’s connect!

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On a transformation journey? Got lifestyle goals?

You’re in good company.  GeekyTricee.com is a lifestyle blog for women living the level up lifestyle, working on goals, and living through transformation journeys. The major areas of transformation addressed here is mind, body, food, and lifestyle. Explore each area below to learn more, get help with your goals, and find inspiration and motivation.

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Morning Routine Improving Productivity & Weight Loss

Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by Latrice I’ve been working on having a solid morning routine for some time now. Morning routines are important to me and when I’ve got one that’s well-constructed, my mindset is being worked on consistently, I’m following through on my self-care instead of neglecting…