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I’ve only commented on blogs 3 times in the last 7 years—- BUT I am so impressed that I subscribed and decided to comment before I even finished reading this post! You write so well and succinctly! You also obviously respond to your commenters with support and a heart full of encouragement. II REALLY look forward to following you—- AND LOSING 50 lbs!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!

– Trish 

This was a fantastic post! Very inspirational and motivational.
Very recently I started reading books like The Big Breakfast Diet and The Circadian Code, which both scientifically explain why the last meal should be eaten hours before bedtime and should not be carb-heavy.
Thank you for sharing your experience with your readers. I love your blog <3

– Mandy

Hi, I’m following girl, I was “shooketh” (😂 that was funny) on how easy you made me understand this. I’m on a mission now! Thanks!

– Mari 

Hello! I loved this article thank you for all the tips. They really help.

– Keisha 

Very informative article. It is truly an eye-opener for me.

– Brooks 

Best simple information plan I’ve read in a long time. Thanks. I’m on it.

– Bo

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I’ve also got a pretty impressive weight loss success story, work as a full-time blogger, get pretty nerdy when it comes to Pinterest, and nanny fur babies. I’m living in California and being baked by the Nor Cal sun of the valley. 

When I’m not blogging or whipping up traffic-generating pins, I’m catching some sun with my pups, lifting weights, rocking to some oldie, but goody Jamiroquai, or giggling at my own witty jokes. 

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