Drinking black coffee for weight loss? Intermittent fasting?

Last Updated on June 29, 2021 by Latrice

Are you drinking black coffee as part of your weight loss or intermittent fasting plan too?

Someone once said to me, “I know how important your hot bean water is in the morning.” 

After processing the initial shock of having one of my favorite beverages disrespected by such a description, I held my head up high and answered…

“You damn right…” 

I LOVE coffee. Black coffee. My favorites are good, strong, dark roasts that put hair on your chest as my grandma used to say. It’s that kick-back coffee. My mom calls it “mud.” lol 

Plus drinking black coffee for weight loss as part of my intermittent fasting plan has been working wonderfully for appetite control.

But after starting my wellness journey, I started questioning my relationship with coffee.

If you LOVE coffee like I do, but wonder if you too should cut back on this “hot bean water” treat for your health, today’s curated goodie from the KenDBerryMD channel is for you too. 

And did you know much of the negative stuff we hear about coffee was actually part of a marketing tactic to replace coffee with this drink this guy came up with? 

Me neither. Dr. Berry drops bombs. 

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Coffee myths Dr. Berry shares   

  • Drinking coffee is bad for pregnant women. 
  • Coffee causes dehydration. 
  • Coffee causes heart disease, cancer, stroke, deteriorates bone health, and causes other health issues.  

Dr. Berry finishes the video by saying it is safe to drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day. He adds a 4th cup, but seems a bit shaky on that. haha

I drink 4 cups a day and have been fine for the most part.  

Good-Quality Coffee

Good-quality coffee is ethically sourced and grown by growers that care about the environment and actual quality of the coffee. is pretty good about getting these types of products, and their coffees are no exception. 

The one I currently have on my grocery list is Thrive Market’s Organic Vanilla Nut Coffee. It’s grown in Peru by farmers that give a damn about how they treat the land.

I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes if you don’t order and try it before me. 

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