Don’t go broke: Healthy eating on a budget for weight loss

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how to eat healthy on a budget to lose weight

Last Updated on January 5, 2022 by Latrice

Healthy eating on a budget for weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated. What I’ve learned to do is keep it simple and work the hell out of money-saving apps and memberships that offer worthy discounts.

It’s also been way more affordable, and effective, to eat super simple meals of meat, fat, and vegetables. Sometimes I’ll just eat meat and follow a more carnivore way of eating.

As someone on a tight budget that needs to eat as healthy as possible for as cheap as possible, this has worked the best. And not only for my budget but also on my weight.

When I’m being good and sticking with it.

Here’s what I’ve done to keep my groceries affordable for me.

How to not go broke eating healthy

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Download Ibotta for free. Get cashback. Not points. Cash money.

Shop for deals on Ibotta before you go shopping for groceries. Ibotta is free to download, free to use, and has cashback deals on all types of items at many stores.

Cashback. Not points. Cash.

After making my grocery list, I check if Ibotta has cashback deals on the items on my list at the stores I shop at. Sometimes the cashback determines where I buy what.

I’ve even gotten cashback from Micheals and Ulta. Ibotta can be used in many places online and in stores.

Save on shipping and same-day delivery at Walmart with Walmart+

Walmart + had me at free shipping and free same-day delivery from my local Walmart. The membership also comes with contact-free in-store shopping.

This is where you scan your items with your phone, go to self-checkout with a QR code to finish payment, get an exit pass and an e-receipt then head out.

Walmart + currently offers a 15-day free trial to get started and try this snazzy, contact-less new way of shopping.

And with Ibotta, you could earn cashback on your shopping trips both online and off.

Invest in a membership with for as low as $5 a month makes organic, healthy groceries pretty affordable. Especially considering that they’ll beat the price of an item you find cheaper than on their website.

You can also shop their website by your diet and your values. I filter for keto foods and animal foods raised humanely and sustainably. 

You can also earn up to 35% cashback on with the Ibotta app.

The cheapest, quickest working diet for weight loss

Surprisingly it has been eating a primarily carnivore diet.

I’m naturally eating less on it and I purchase beef and butter a majority of the time. Sometimes I’ll mix things up with chicken, pork, eggs, or a salad on a Saturday.

This way of eating has not only been good on my budget and weight when I’m on it, but it’s also cleared my eczema, taken care of my dandruff problem, doesn’t bloat my tummy like vegetables do, and keeps my skin pretty clear.

I’ve even been asked if I’m pregnant because of how I started glowing. lol

(More things I stopped eating for major weight loss.)

A tight budget doesn’t have to make healthy eating hard to do. Give these tips a try and spend less coin on healthy groceries.

Happy healthy eating and cashback gathering!

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