3 weight loss mistakes that caused weight gain

featured image of weight loss transformation update

My latest weight loss journey update to date: I’ve gained weight. Lots of it. I’ve worked through some things and I think I’ve overcome the shame of gaining weight after telling “the world” I’ve lost it.  This was actually challenging for me. So challenging, I was willing to go broke and neglect my blog. I […]

Struggle to lose weight: Why does our willpower suck?

If you’ve found yourself on this post, I’m sure we’ve got similar stories when it comes to the struggle to lose weight. We’ve been on several diets and have tried “everything” to lose weight. But can’t seem to stick to anything long enough to finally achieve our desired weight.  We have joined gyms, meal prepped, […]

How to change your mindset for weight loss

Any problem that persists is because we focus on that problem. Weight loss is no exception and a lot of us are mentally attached to that problem. You can tell how mentally attached you are to your weight by how hard it is for you to stick to your routine and achieve your weight loss […]