How to Transform Your Life Using a Planner

“Transform your life” sounds like such a huge task doesn’t it? But with some good old decision making, goal setting, and planning, transforming your life can be broken down into a very doable project, or few. And you can keep track of your transformation goals in a planner. Below I detail how to transform your […]

What has improved productivity in January

Truth be told, I’m doing alright. I spent the first few weeks of January slacking off but did put my foot down by the third week. Scheduling my new habits in time slots instead of referring to a list My new daily habits were scheduled into my calendar and I’ve been really good about following […]

Tips for getting the most out of your list of goals

And maintaining a living goals list, I must add. Goal lists can be very beneficial to helping us materialize our ideas, achieve our desired transformations, become what we want to become, and get what we want to have. But for many of us, there’s one glaring issue. Getting the darn things to work. Goal lists […]

How to Write a Highly Effective Goals List

If you’re like me, you’ve probably written lots of goals and wish lists with hopes of making some real things happen. Your list was long, but you remained hopeful and got motivated anyways. Then a few weeks to a month go by and the steam you started with is damn near non-existent. You give up […]

Write Out Your Transformation Goals for 2018

Really, you need to write out all of your goals, but creating a special list of changes you’d like to see and transformations you’d like to experience in 2018 is equally beneficial. Transformation goals are goals specific to personal improvements you will like to see in your life. They can be goals pertaining to your […]