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Case Study: Working with mind science vs. not

It was December 30, 2016 when I realized I had been doing things the hard way. The year had been a rough one.

I “left” my job in April without a cent in savings but a nice chunk of collected PTO and unemployment to hold me over for at least 6 months. The day I left was the happiest I had been in years. Work was a toxic place of unappreciation, terrible gossip, and people hated each other enough to actually sabotage the flow of business. After three years of hard work put in, 2016 started out as an ugly year and by April, I was out dat bitch.

Made goals, failed goals

With all this newly freed up time, I made myself a few goals: create a livable income as a writer within six months, build my online business with digital products and services within three months, and lose about 40 pounds by July. The research was conducted, a plan was made, and I got started.

However, by the end of 2016, I was dead broke, on food stamps, had no business, had no clients, had gained weight, was regrouping from addiction, and was mentally in a really dark and angry place.

Wondering what happened to the year and why none of my goals were met. And why did I come out worse but started out with the intentions to do better?

What was especially defeating was all the “hard” work I thought I was putting in. I took online courses, invested what I did have in group coaching, did workout and eat healthy… when I could, and even sent out postcards (once) and set up a website with emails to do business.

But the fruit didn’t come, the struggling didn’t pay off, and I was DRAINED.

The power of mind science

In December I got reconnected to mind science, prosperity consciousness, the power of thought, and the Law of Attraction. I became particularly interested, of course, in learning why people don’t reach their goals and why I had failed at reaching my own despite all the busy work and “effort” I was putting in. And what the hell did it really take?

What I learned was we usually don’t reach our goals because we forget, or are never taught, to make sure we’re thinking in a way that aids in reaching our goals. Our minds can either work with us or work against us when we’re trying to achieve new goals. Especially those that stretch us beyond our comfort zones.

In working against us, the mind doesn’t mean any harm and is actually trying to keep us safe. Primitively, our minds favor towards habits, familiarity, and noticing hesitation to stay safe.

When we’re trying to reach new goals, the mind can work against our efforts by holding tight to our habits and habitual thinking, shying away from things that are unfamiliar, and giving us a thousand reasons to hesitate.

Given that our goals usually require new habits, new thinking, becoming familiar with what’s currently unfamiliar to us, and movement regardless of hesitation (fear, doubt, worry), our minds can snuff out our efforts. Leaving us frustrated and unsuccessful. 

We end up wondering why we can’t get ourselves to do the things we say we want to do.

We get the mind to work with us by learning how to work with our minds.

When our minds or on board with what it’ll take to achieve our goals, they make the achievement of those goals MUCH EASIER. Ideas flow and things click. What you couldn’t see before becomes easy to see. And that little voice that usually convinces you to eat the extra cookie will instead remind you of your health goals and keep you on track. Properly working with the mind is how successful people reach success and achieve their goals.

How my life changed using mind science

So I put in the work.

I prioritized working on my mind and beliefs overtaking action. Making sure I always made time and took time to work on my mind and learn how to work with my mind. Even if that meant getting something done later. Eventually, I found a routine that worked best for me and ran with it.

I noticed a difference within the first month.

My mood improved. I stopped feeling trapped, powerless, angry, hopeless, and frustrated. The power and control I have started to become more apparent to me.

The information I needed to hear fell into my lap. Including this 4-hour discussion, I had with my wise uncle about having a job to fund my passions.

By September 2017, I was employed full-time again and able to pay my bills. I got a job at a tech company in a city where it is said to be really hard to get a tech job. A tech job at a great company is what I asked for and I got it.

And I’m sure if I would have been consistent about doing that mind work, I would have reached more of my goals. Definitely valuing all those emotional shifts I experienced in 2017 for sure.

The benefits of working with the mind

Working with my mind has definitely proven more beneficial to achieving my goals. Reading my affirmations and goals daily, visualizing, and listening daily to prosperity consciousness, mind science and the law of attraction material has helped me overcome many of the hurdles that were in my way. Including the ones I didn’t know of. It’s not a quick fix, but definitely a practice that continues to improve my life and align my beliefs and thoughts with my goals every day.

Working with my mind is how I work smarter instead of harder to reach goals I’ve failed at before. Contrary to conventional knowledge, working harder isn’t always the answer if you’ve failed at achieving your goals. Especially if you’re someone that has attempted to reach those same goals several times like I have.


I’m curious to see what other changes I experience doing this work more consistently in 2018. I’ll definitely be sharing my experience, process, lessons learned, and results right here. You’re definitely welcomed to join the challenge to prioritize working with your mind. Every week I’ll be sharing a few posts that’ll detail practical steps for how to apply this work to your routine. It’ll be fun.

Happy New Years!

Tips for getting the most out of your list of goals

And maintaining a living goals list, I must add.

Goal lists can be very beneficial to helping us materialize our ideas, achieve our desired transformations, become what we want to become, and get what we want to have.

But for many of us, there’s one glaring issue. Getting the darn things to work. Goal lists are created for a reason. Well several, but one of the main ones is its power to keep our minds on track.

However, if you don’t know how to use one for all it’s worth, this benefit won’t happen. And things won’t get done. If they do, it’ll likely require a whole heap of struggle that really doesn’t need to happen.

Below are tips for getting your list to finally work for you. I’ve used them. They do work. And I used to make lots of goal lists that went nowhere.

Write your goals in present tense

For our minds to actually start helping us achieve our goals, it needs to know what we want and that the time for action is now.

The first way to do this is to write them in present tense. Using language that indicates “some day” type of action gives our minds wiggle room to give us reasons to slack off.

Valid reasons at that. Have you ever listened to your thinking tell you why it’s ok to slack off and procrastinate? Excuses… Excuse me. The reasons get so convincing we believe them and commence to slacking off.

Work at beating this by writing goals in the now. Instead of writing, “I am losing 30 pounds by June” write “I am so happy to be at my desired weight of [insert your current weight – 30 pounds].” Instead of writing “I am getting out of debt this year” write “I am financially healthy.”

Write your goals in positive affirmative statements

Notice anything in those last two examples? They both removed the focus on what we don’t want (extra 30 pounds, debt) to focusing on what we do want (a goal weight, financial health).

Bringing me to my next tip. Write in positive affirmative statements. Focus of any kind, on what we do want or what we don’t, draws those things to us. It’s not ‘woo woo’ that’s mind science. Like the car analogy I used in this post. Our minds pick up more of what we focus on.

Write goals that pay attention to what you do want instead of focus on removing what you don’t. For instance, if your goal is to hang out with better people, don’t make it a goal to stop hanging out with your current crew. Make it a goal to meet and mingle with people that better align with your new values.

Read them regularly and get a mental picture

I like to read mine day and night if even it’s just a quick skim through. Reading my goals and keeping in touch helps me remember why I’m making the sacrifices I’m making. They keep me thankful in times when I want to get in my feels about what I’m missing out on.

Making sure to read goals regularly does less for helping you remember what you want, and more for helping your mind think in ways that’ll better serve in achieving goals. Because I’m sure we’re pretty aware of what we want. I know I am.

The tricky part is getting the aligning mindset. The mindset and thoughts that’ll help you get out of bed for the gym before work and meal prep for hours on Sunday. The thoughts that’ll help you work on your projects after work instead of watching TV.

Reading goals regularly also helps you develop a mental picture of what you want. Having a mental picture of what you want is a powerful tool for achieving goals.

We actually visualizing all the time. The problem is we keep repeating the same of what we’ve been seeing instead of imagining what we want. We’re stuck on keeping it real, holding tight to trauma and tragic pasts, and being rightfully angry. Keeping us getting the same results.

Which is fine, however, if you’re ready to move on, those old pictures will have to stop being highlights. They don’t have to be totally forgotten. It’ll take a gang of work to do that. But they can be overshadowed into footnotes so you can head in the direction you’re ready to head in.

If you’ve made the decision you will like to have more and feel better, start picturing yourself this way. If you know there is better, imagine better. If even you don’t believe it, imagine it. Play with it. Get lost in it. Imagine yourself already having what’s on your goal list. The cherry on top is doing this imagination, visualization exercise with a gang of gratitude.

For example, I often times imagine myself happily gardening in the backyard of my Berkeley home. I see myself feeling the sun and taking a deep breath as I am suddenly overcome with gratitude because I’m finally gardening in my beautiful backyard. Gives me the tingles even as I write about it.

Reading goals regularly and imagining them as already here are like having cheat codes in my opinion. Especially if you read your goals right before falling asleep and get excited about them then. I’ve woken up with fresh bomb ass ideas doing this.

Don’t be afraid to rewrite, clarify, and get more detailed

Your goal lists don’t have to be final with your first draft. It’s ok to keep imagining them and getting more detailed about them. It is ok to add to them.

I believe this happens anyways as we take more time to think about and imagine what we want. We begin to flesh out our ideas, get more excited about them, and maybe even add elements to them that further stretch us.

Maybe you’ll develop a final list, maybe not. And if you don’t want to touch your list at all, that’ll also fine as well for sure. The point here is to do what feels best in order to keep your list of goals live and functioning optimally.

I’ll probably finally create an official master list (I have a few now) and keep writing my goals out when I feel like dreaming and getting excited. Confession… I do this at work when I need to take my eyes off the computer. I write my goals, ideas and intentions and get excited about them.

Put it where you’ll see it

When you do get that final list, or one you know you won’t feel like changing for a while, put it up like a personal work of art. It is your manifesto. Your declaration that things are changing and your life is moving how you want it. Own it.

Not saying you’ve got to put it where others will see it too. But put it in the bathroom as reading material. (Remove it when you’ve got guest.) Tuck it into a magazine or book you know you read regularly. Print a copy for the bedroom, a copy for your car, and a copy for your locker or drawer at work. Put it wherever you’ll run into it regularly.

Keeping it in site will greatly improve the likelihood of getting what you want, improving your focus, and moving you in a better serving direction daily. It’ll begin to help you make decisions and see things that better serve you and the achievement of your goals.

Cross off what you get and be thankful, even for what’s on the way

This is a cool way of reminding yourself this stuff works. So far, I’ve crossed off a job at a tech company, a new iphone, a lowered car note, and my nails done. I got all this only within months of reading my list of goals more often.

And I give thanks. I give gratitude for what comes to me, own it as what I accomplished, and I give gratitude for what’s on the way. I especially love to be thankful for becoming aware of my power to achieve my goals and draw good to me. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Conclusion & Homework

Get the most out of your list of goals by making it a functioning document in your life. Read it, use it, get excited about it. Keep it live. If you’ve got a gang of dusty, forgotten lists lying in your wake, give these tips a try and just see what happens.

Homework, matter of fact, is to give these tips a try for at least two weeks straight. If you’re easily forgetful like I can be, set reminders that’ll notify you on your phone or computer.

Write out your list in present tense, positive affirmations, read them regularly and visualize, rewrite if needed, and put them where you’ll see them. Then set reminders to read them at least right before bed.


How to Write a Highly Effective Goals List

If you’re like me, you’ve probably written lots of goals and wish lists with hopes of making some real things happen. Your list was long, but you remained hopeful and got motivated anyways. Then a few weeks to a month go by and the steam you started with is damn near non-existent. You give up on your list and life goes on until you feel compelled to make another list.

It’s an ugly cycle many of us go through. We want to achieve our goals, but life and its many excuses get in our way or we are confronted with challenges we allow to end our progress.

Achieving goals starts with developing the mindset of the person you want to become that has the things you want to have. Then you’ll develop the dedication, persistence, discipline and consistency pretty quickly and easily.  

What usually makes achieving new goals hard or something we don’t do

We fail at making our minds our partners in change. Usually we jump right into action without considering how we are still the same person that got us to the point we want to change. Eventually the old us breaks down our efforts and we fall back into old habits.

Ever hear how you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it?

Without work, our minds become our greatest resistors to change. It’s just doing what it’s evolutionarily meant to do. Keep you safe from harm and remember the familiar. But when pursuing goals that require you to grow, being what your mind considers safe and familiar are likely the last things you need.

Stop writing your precious goals in future tense

Stop using terms like “will be,” “going to,” “becoming,” “about to” and any words that indicate these things are not yours already and are happening at a later date. Own them and own them NOW!

To your mind, “going to” isn’t good enough for it to help you do what you’ve got to do right now. It doesn’t recognize time like you and I so it won’t anticipate that change needs to happen NOW to get to the “going to” part.

Telling your mind things “will be” or should happen “some day” allows it to be loose and easily swayed from your efforts.

Write your goals as “I am” affirmations

Take ownership of what you want to be, do, and have by using “I am” affirmations.

Turning your goals into “I am” affirmations improves the chances of your mind working with you instead of against you. When your mind is working with you, it becomes easier to resist the urge to back slide and you become better receptive to the opportunities and tools that’ll help.

You’re basically working your mind to start becoming the person you want to become that’ll get you the things and accomplishments you want to have. Going at it without this work is where struggle and resistance usually knocks us upside the head and kills our desires.

Case Study: Amber Rose

Have you read Amber Rose’s book “How to Be a Bad Bitch”? It’s pretty good overall, but especially good in showing how mental ownership makes goals happen. And in some pretty “out of our control” types of ways.

In the book, Amber Rose shares how she always believed where she grew up was not where she was going to stay. She knew that she wanted more out of life. A lot more. She didn’t know how she was leaving or when, she just knew she wasn’t staying and what she wanted.

Knowing she wasn’t staying, and that she was destined to have a larger life, helped her prepare for what she wanted. She avoided getting pregnant as a teen like her friends did, she worked out regularly to keep her body tight, didn’t allow losses to discourage her, and she knew how to take opportunities as they came.

People usually belittle her accomplishments to “just” being some lucky stripper. But when you peep her journey, she was preparing for the opportunities way before her first dance in a strip club. Way before her appearance in a music video. And waaaay before running into Kanye.

Conclusion & Homework

Writing your goals as if they are already yours is how you get your mind on board with your transformation. Getting your mind on board is how you weaken and beat the struggle and resistance usually accompanied by trying to achieve new goals. Your mind starts to become who it is you need to be to have what it is you want to have.

Homework tonight is to take that list of goals you wrote with my last post and turn them into “I am” affirmative goals. Take ownership of what you want by writing as if you already have them and are them.

If you want to have more eloquent speech, instead of writing “I want to have more eloquent speech” say “I am an eloquent speaker.”

If you want to lose 30 pounds by March of 2018, instead of saying, “I will lose 30 pounds by March 2018” say “I am healthy and I weigh a healthy weight.” And don’t worry, your mind won’t keep you at your current weight. If you associate health and a healthy weight with losing 30 pounds, your mind will get the point.

Have you ever tried using “I am” affirmative goals after failing at writing goals the “usual” way? If you have, let me know and what your results have been like so far. For myself, I am noticing a huge difference that is helping me get stuff done. Including these blog posts. 🙂


Write Out Your Transformation Goals for 2018

Really, you need to write out all of your goals, but creating a special list of changes you’d like to see and transformations you’d like to experience in 2018 is equally beneficial.

Transformation goals are goals specific to personal improvements you will like to see in your life. They can be goals pertaining to your wardrobe, your social circle, the foods you eat, your health, your hair routine, your beauty routine, wanting to wear more makeup, and so forth.

What makes them different than other goals is their focus on personal development as opposed to the obtainment of objects, a specific amount of money, or travel. Transformation goals can definitely help with those goals also but are more so all about your transformation.

Using transformation goals to specify what personal development and growth you’d like to see in 2018 helps you solidify your plans, improve success through writing, and gives you a list your mind can work with to make your transformation easier.

Where to start

Please, please, please do not get held up on making sure your list is perfect or has what you “really” want on it. Just make a list of all the things you’ll like to work on transforming and improving about yourself in the next coming year.

Examples include wardrobe, makeup, hair, health, skin, fitness, nails, fashion, teeth, and social.

My 2018 transformation goals list includes goals pertaining to my health, updating my wardrobe, learning more about working with the mind, doing my makeup, and updating my hairstyles.

How does writing out your transformation goals help

As with any goal list, writing out your transformation goals is like a mind hack to get your mind onboard with your transformation. When we just think about changes we like to see, without putting them onto paper, they risk being forgotten or beaten by the mind’s desire to fall into old habits. This is why our goals to change usually go unaccomplished.

Another way writing your transformation goals down helps is by making them easier to start planning into your daily routine. Writing your transformation goals down gets them to a secured place where they can be further expanded upon.

So let’s say your goal is to lose 45 pounds by July 2018. Well now that you’ve written it out, you can start thinking about what you might need to be doing on a daily basis to achieve that goal.

How does writing out your transformation goals improve success

People use the term “woo woo” when they mention Law of Attraction and talks of “the Universe,” but it’s all honestly just a way to work better with your mind. Cold part is, regardless of if you want to work with the stuff or not, your mind is always being handled anyways. When I realized this, I decided I will be the one to work with my mind. Thank you very much.

Writing down your transformation goals, or any goals for that matter, is like the “now I see it everywhere” effect of the mind. How do I explain this? Ok, so you know when you see a car for the first time and now it seems like everybody and they momma is driving that car now? It’s not that people rushed out and bought the car because you saw it, it’s that now your mind has a vision of that car and is picking it out from the crowd to show you more of what it saw.  

When you write out your goals and work with that list on a regular basis (daily works wonders), your mind begins to find things in your daily life and mental rolodex that support that goal. Your mind begins to weaken your excuses, remind you of what you should be doing, and make you aware of different things around you that can help that you might not have seen before. It’s almost like having an internal goal reminder without having to remember to remind yourself. Neat huh?

This improves success by getting your mind on board as opposed to evolutionarily fighting the changes you’re trying to make. Our primitive minds don’t like scary things like change making transformations, especially in weight loss, hard for people to accomplish. When we begin transformations by conditioning our minds with new thoughts and ideas that support change, our mind becomes our greatest ally instead of our greatest resistor to change.

How does writing out your transformation goals make your transformation easier

So I kind of touched on this topic in the section before. It helps your mind create an internal reminder system without having to struggle to remind yourself. Your mind becomes your partner in change instead of the biggest hurdle to your transformation.

I’ve experienced the difference big time between transforming without working with my mind and transforming by first working on my mind. And it’s a difference you don’t notice until you’ve actually tried working with your mind.

Storytime: The difference I noticed between working with the mind and not working with the mind

April of 2016, I decided to “jump” off the 9-5 cliff and into the “free fall” of creative entrepreneurship. I had this goal to make my blog a full-time income from scratch in 6 months. Surely, I thought, I can do it because I’ve seen about 100 blog post on doing the same thing. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about money so had the time to pour myself into it.

Well, I invested in ecourses, bundles, workbooks, workshops, ebooks, and gathered any freebies that promised to help make my dream happen. I even brought some planners and colorful pins to help keep me motivated and on task.

Six months later and I was out of money, didn’t make but $10 as a blogger, and actually spent 6 months making plans I rarely, if ever, executed. Eventually, I had to get myself a part-time job and fell into a bit of a depression and struggle with binge eating. And after about a year, I gained weight, was feeling depressed and trapped and became angry with myself.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so stuck and found it that difficult to move forward even when I had the time and support to do so. There was a lot of crying, anger, frustration, and feelings of failure and regret hanging over me by the end of 2016.

That’s when I decided to dive deeper into personal development and mind science. I already dabbled in it, but hadn’t put forth the effort to really make working with it a part of my everyday life.

January of 2017 started with a list of goals. Not New Year’s Resolutions, but affirmative goals of what I wanted to see in my 2017, improve upon and learn. One of the most important things on that list was learning my truths and getting the support I need to move forward.

To shorten the story a bit, by summer 2017 I was emotionally in a better place and by September I found a job to financially support me while I continue to pursue my dreams. And by now, the end of the year, I picked back up on my goal and feel much stronger about my plans. I’m also linked up and coming across the information I need to achieve my goals.

Working with my mind on a daily basis has definitely made this much less of a struggle and more of an enjoyable focused pursuit of my passion. Now, I’m having fun and my mind is helping me stay on task. It’s really a big change.

Conclusion & Your Homework

You might have struggled with your goals as well. And have done what I did where you went all out to do the right things, but ultimately was stopped by nothing else but you own mind and limiting thoughts.

Starting your transformation by starting with a written out list of your goals helps put your mind on board with the changes you’ll like to see. Working with your list regularly is how you solidify your plans, expand on them, improve success, and set up an internal reminder.

On Wednesday, I’ll show you how to write a transformation goals list that will be highly effective on your transformation journey. But for today’s homework, braindump what transformations you’ll like to experience in 2018. Write them all out and don’t worry about language, grammar or any formatting. Just write. And if you’re catching this post on a later date, still write out a list. It is never too late. 


Magnetize Your Mind For Money: Rev. Ike’s 10 Commandments of Money

When I first stumbled upon Rev. Ike, I had to binge watch his YouTube channel and all videos posted of his sermons and interviews. They are really that good, engaging and some of them had me cracking up. His messages are about working with mind science, prosperity consciousness, having the right thinking, and being a deliberate creator.

Applying his 10 Commandments of Money to my own life actually helped me find a tech job within a couple of weeks of looking. Mind you I’m in a city where it’s considered “hard” to find a good job let along one at a tech company. I was hired for a different position than the one I interviewed for because the owner of the company really enjoyed my interview. That was after a year and a few months of looking for a new job and barely earning a living at a part-time job I really didn’t like. Now, I like my job, I’m way more secure, and I’m healing my relationship with money.

Rev. Ike says his 10 Commandments of Money “represent 10 attitudes about money which will magnetize your mind for money. Because it is your mind which is a magnet. Your mind draws to you whatever you believe in. If you believe in the goodness of money, it will magnetize your mind to draw more money into your experience. If you believe that money is scarce and hard to get, that’s exactly the way it will be.”

Check out Rev. Ike’s 10 Commandments of Money below and affirmations for magnetizing your mind for money.

1st Commandment: Thou shalt not think that money is evil.

Instead you should affirm:

money is totally good, my desire for money is totally good and right. I want and use money only for good purposes. Thank God for money!

2nd Commandment: Thou shalt not speak evil of money. Thou shalt not say money is hard to get or to hold. Money has ears and will flee from thee.

Instead affirm:

Money is wonderful stuff. I see and feel myself enjoying more money. I see money flowing into my life with ease. I see and feel money coming into my life in new, exciting ways. I am open and receptive to new, honest money making ideas. Thank God for money!

3rd Commandment: Thou shalt do right about money.


I am willing to do right about money. I have no need to do wrong about money or to do wrong to get money. Thinking right and doing right about money draws more and more money onto me. I pay my bills with joy. I use money with joy. Money has no power over me to make me do evil. I have all power over money.

Bonus affirmation:

I see myself rejoicing and paying all of my bills with ease. I bless all of the people that I owe money to. I bless all of the companies that trust me with their goods and services. And I pay my bills with ease and rejoicing. I send love with every payment.

4th Commandment: Thou shalt give right about money.

Rev. Ike’s definition of money: “…money is the getting power of the mind. Getting is the being power, doing power of the mind. Money is the power of acquisition. Whatever acquires, whatever gets – that is money. So ultimately, mind power is money. Self-image is money because whatever you feel yourself as possessing will be brought to you, will be bought for you in mind. Money is the acquiring power of the mind.

Share what you are, the good that you have with others and with life and life will bless you abundantly.”

5th Commandment: Thou shalt not serve money, rather, money shalt serve thee.


I am the boss of money. I tell money what to do. I call money and money has to come. Money must obey me. I am not the servant of money. Money is my loving, obedient servant. Money is always obeying my belief about it. I am the master of money.

6th Commandment: Thou shalt be aware that money loves thee, money loves to fill thy hands and pockets


Money loves me. Money loves to fill my hands and pockets. Money will not stay away from me. Money loves to serve me. Money loves for me to enjoy it. The more I use and enjoy money correctly, the more it flows into my life. I love money in its right place. I love the good that I can do with money.

7th Commandment: Thou shalt not fear money, that it will corrupt thee. “Only the corruptible can be corrupted.” If thy religion cannot stand money, then thy religion is bad – not money.”


I have no fear of money. I am not afraid that money will corrupt me. Money cannot make me a worse person. I am a better person because I have money to meet my needs, to enjoy, and to share. Money is not against my religion. Money cannot come between me and God. I can serve God better with the convenience of money.

8th Commandment: Thou shalt not deny money. If thou deny money, money will deny thee. If though art accused of having money, deny it not. Never say, “I don’t have any money,” even if you don’t. “Let the weak say ‘I am strong.'”


I make it my business to think, act, and look like I have money. I must become that which I say I am. Therefore, I boldly declare I AM rich! I see it and feel it. I AM rich in Health, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity, and Money.

9th Commandment: Thou shalt see to it that thy money makes money, no matter how much or how little you have. Thou shalt have “Money Making Money!” Money loves to increase an make thee rich. Money shall work for thee.


I see and feel myself having “Money Making Money!” I see myself having money drawing interest. I see money working for me; bring me more money in honest, exciting ways.

10 Commandment: Thou shalt not seek “something for nothing.” However, though shalt make the most of the money.


I realize that there is no such thing as “something for nothing.” I avoid all offers that promise “something for nothing.” Therefore, I don’t get caught in losing deals. I realize that I cannot get “something for nothing” from God or man. I serve God by right thinking, right doing, and right giving. And I am rewarded “according as my works shall be.” I serve mankind in my work – whatever it is. Life pays me according to my thinking, doing, and giving.

His 10 Commandments of Money Lecture

There’s a good playlist of his lecture where he speaks on each of his 10 commandments of money. There’s some extra goodies in those as well so I strongly suggest giving them a watch or listen.

Check out the playlist here. Enjoy!

Improve a Lack-and-Limitations Closet to Help Heal a Bad Relationship With Money

Last weekend I got the idea to finally let go of the outdated, clean out my closet and organize it. There was plenty in there. Plenty. But I was having a hard time finding something to wear. Things were too old, in the way, or out of season. It was definitely time.

I’ve also been getting into examining my money mindset and what different areas of my home said about my money mindset. I’ve noticed I keep a lot of stuff just in case I don’t have money. Most of the clothes in my closet I’ve held on to because I’m afraid of not being able to purchase what I need. This says I’m worried about making money, believe more in lack and limitation than prosperity and abundance, and find it hard to trust my needs will be met.

This type of mindset makes it hard to have a healthier more prosperous relationship with money. Thinking money is hard to make and quick to leave will make money hard to make and quick to leave. Believing I don’t have the money to buy new things has made it hard to have money to buy new things.

Cleaning out my closet was a big step in letting go of that fear and attention to lack and limitations.

Here are a few pointers on how I cleaned out my closet and updated it, made it way easier to find something to wear and how I now use my closet to create a healthier more prosperous relationship with money.

How I cleaned out and updated my closet

First of all, this was way harder than I anticipated. I really did step up to my closet thinking I was going to be easily tossing things over my shoulder into the “don’t want” pile. Wrong. I stood there staring at most of my clothes as I contemplated between the “maybe” and “donate it” pile.

Then I sorta remembered what I heard some personal style guru say on YouTube. If you haven’t wore it in a very long time, don’t remember the last time you wore it, or you know damn well you won’t wear it again, toss it. That made tossing old things into the “donate it” pile easier. Kinda.

I updated my closet by keeping the pieces that I could still get away with wearing. Checking Pinterest for what’s in this fall and winter helped a lot. Apparently big sweaters, loose tops, tight, skinny jeans, and green army jackets are still in. So I kept mine. That allowed me to still keep a couple of my favorites, pull out what I do have that’s up to date, and also get rid of things that were hard for me to give up.

Make it easier to find something to wear

This trick has truly made a huge difference in how long it takes me to get dressed. It has also made looking up-to-date much easier.

I now hang my clothes by combining my jackets, tops and jeans or pants. I’m pretty much planning my outfits for the week. There’s still room for me to easily change my mind because there are five to seven hung combinations to choose from with extras in view.

I’m spending less time making decisions about things like clothes during my busy morning routine. Making things move more smoothly and more time for me to review my goals and visualize before work.

Using my cleaner closet to help create a healthier more prosperous relationship with money

Letting go of clothes I held on to just in case I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes has been a huge act of faith for me. I have been saving clothes for years. I still had stuff I brought over 8 years and 70 pounds ago.

The true reason I kept these things was fear of lack of money. Paying attention to lack and limitation in any way draws more lack and limitations to life. Hard to make and keep money thinking that way.

Having a healthy, prosperous relationship with money begins with believing it’ll come when it is needed, is an obedient servant, is abundant, and isn’t hard to keep. Cleaning out my closet has helped me identify my limited beliefs about money and learn to have prosperous ones.

Do you have lack-and-limitation spaces?

Ever think that maybe, just maybe, the reason why money is hard for you to find and, or keep is because you’re holding on to things “just in case”?

If you think this might be your deal, give yourself a little test. Go to your closet and look at what you have. Ask yourself if you would wear it if you had to right now. In this weather on this day. If the answer is no for a number of things in your closet, you could be holding on just in case. Donate what you no longer need and begin to believe you will have the resources to have what you need.


My Struggle and Solution for Committing To New Habits

As I start to write this, I can feel myself getting emotionally drained and frustrated. Do you know how often I’ve written about this push and pull between what I want to do and what I actually do? Plenty. Frankly, it makes me feel like shit to talk about it and acknowledge, again, it is something I deal with. I’m sure I’m not the only one by far and this is very normal for humans to encounter by got damn!

I’ve experienced serious resistance with getting healthy, sticking to commitments I’ve made to myself, and overcoming unhealthy habits. I’m going to keep it 100 here about this because I’m tired of hiding, waiting, and feeling guilty. I’m tired of beating myself up and waiting for me to get my shit together so I can come up with the type of posts the experts, gurus, and high earners say ya’ll read. I’m done with that shit so here it goes, some raw shit Latrice style.

Since having this blog, declaring on my YouTube channel I’ll be following a ketogenic diet, and sharing my tips on weight loss and overcoming challenges, I’ve been living outside of what I say my values are. Well, let’s say I’ve been speaking it yet finding it ever increasingly difficult to stick to my commitments. It seems to have gotten even harder since I’ve become more public about my plans.

Honestly, I’m clueless as to what to do at this point. I’ve been giving into cravings of all sorts, eating foods I know are off of my plan as if I don’t even have a goal (failed at my “no” self-discipline challenge), and I’ve been spending my designated content creation times scrolling social media, free writing my feelings, chilling on the weekends, dating, or catching up on my shows. All things I told myself I’d give up, and even felt excited about giving up, but still habitually get into.

I learned from Mel Robbins that our brains are designed to keep us safe and that changing old habits is perceived as a threat by our brains. Especially when we hesitate and struggle with doing new things. Those new things, although it can be as physically unthreatening as writing a blog post, can be seen by the brain as a threat when we hesitate. The brain figures the hesitation was a sign there is a threat so it’ll bring to memory all of the reasons why one shouldn’t proceed and will even work to shut the body down on taking action.

Methods I’ve Tried to Stick to Commitments

There are plenty of things I’ve tried to establish aligning habits that’ll help me stick to my plans and accomplish my goals.

I set up an Asana account and scheduled out my to-do’s so I could get email notifications regularly. And having a digital calendar had been my game changer while I was a marketing manager so surely, I thought, it’ll keep me on task. It worked for a few days. Literally just a few days. When something came up and I had to “ignore” a notification, I got into the habit of ignoring more of them. So now the Asana task notifications just keep piling up in my inbox as I continue to ignore them. Not that I don’t have the time to complete the tasks or don’t know how to, I just keep “forgetting” apparently.

Secondly, I tried getting myself cute, physical calendars I could write, highlight and doodle in. I was all happy and spent a few hours jotting down my goals, making the plans that’ll accomplish them, and scheduling them accordingly around work, gym, and chores. Well, like the digital calendar, I started ignoring those scheduled tasks as well. Those cute ass calendars are now sitting on my book shelves, hidden between books and old magazines I’m also ignoring.

Third, I put the bullet journal to the test. This one actually had me gassed (excited) for a while. I was taking my plans day-by-day and checking off the tasks I got completed. I felt accomplished and like I was making meaningful moves. What I really liked about the bullet journal was I didn’t have empty calendar pages to remind me of the guilt I felt for not getting things done. I’d still put in a ‘>’ sign and move it on to another day. And if I didn’t get to work with my bullet journal on a particular day, I could just pick up where I left off without the visual of my lack of commitment. Even now, although I’m struggling with sticking to my commitments, I’m still using my bullet journal to free write, write down my ideas, write out what I ‘want’ to do, and pretty much keep hope alive. At least I’m still playing with my ideas, I figure.

Fourth, I tried the gold-star approach. I went out and bought myself some actual stickers to post on my wall calendar on the days I fasted for 16 hours, stuck to my clean diet, and worked out. That worked for about a month until I went to see my brother and let loose on my diet because I was with family. (My typical excuse for cheating on my diet.) For about a week, I continued to eat toxic foods and bend to my cravings. Soon, I was ignoring that as well.

Fifth, (I know huh? A fifth.) I created a two-page document of how I would want my weekdays and weekends to look, I listed my affirmations, my goals, and even my content goals for each week. My idea was to read it three times a day and follow it without being strict, but by getting better with each day. Unlike the other methods, I gave myself space to fall off as long as I kept reading that list. Well, guess what happened. After about a week, I started ignoring that shit too.

Mind Work I’ve Given a Try

Besides those five methods, I’ve also tried listening to subliminal messages, listening to hypnosis treatments and affirmation playlists at night, pinning up my affirmations and goals so I can see them all the time, listening to motivational compilations on YouTube in the mornings, journaling how I feel, writing down lists, listening to podcasts at work, watching videos on health and wellness on YouTube, listening to mind science and law of attraction gurus, getting a consultation and having someone else holding me accountable, telling Instagram my goals, remembering to use the 5-second rule method of Mel Robbins, and even keeping an alter.

Guess what happened to those also. I didn’t stick to them. Actually, I do still listen to YouTube videos from Abraham Hicks, Rev. Ike, and Be Inspired regularly.

What I’ve just noticed is that everything I’ve tried requires commitment in itself to work so how do I commit to those things that are supposed to help me commit when I’m having trouble committing? What the fuck is wrong with meeeeeeeeee?!

Seriously. What the hell is going on? Do I need therapy? Should I talk to somebody? Or do I remain patient and trust that eventually my ass’ll catch up? Ironic that Erykah Badu’s “Searching (Live)” comes on while I start typing this paragraph.

I really am searching. Searching. Searching. Searching. Looking for that thing that’ll click for me. Maybe I’m fighting this way too much and just need to chill out. Maybe I need to stop trying things and just be. Ugh, I’m about to cry. Lying. I am crying at this point.

What I’ve Learned About Struggling and Fighting

On this journey, what I’ve been learning about this internal conflict is that feeling negative, frustrated and beating myself up over it is a sign that I’m not in alignment with who I truly am. God is loving and like that patient parent watching their stumbling baby learn how to walk. God isn’t considering me broken, stupid, lacking, or as if something is wrong with me because I’m struggling to commit. She’s patiently encouraging, lovingly giving direction even when I don’t listen or spend an extended amount of time dealing with my own shit before I can hear Her and listen. She’s the epiphany of “no worries.” So I’ve been realizing in my own life. She’s not worried, will wait, and is constantly giving direction, dropping gems.

Reminding myself of that just now helped a lot. And She just blessed my life right now. Look at God.

I also learned that flowing energy towards what I don’t want by resisting, especially with frustration and beating myself up, creates more of that experience in my life. Where energy flows, power goes. I’m putting a lot of energy into resistance instead of heading towards what I want. Maybe I’m having a hard time changing old, limiting habits because I’m putting energy and focus into the fact that I’m having a harder time than I anticipated changing my old habits. Maybe this is hard because I’ve been “fighting” instead of being patient with myself.

Evidence Not Fighting and Not Worrying Works

Well, that’s what I’ve been learning from Abraham Hicks and actually finding evidence of in my own life and practice with deliberate creation now that I really think about it. When I’ve let go and didn’t worry about stuff or beat myself up about what I could have, should have done, I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted.

Actually, that’s how I manifested my new job at a great, local tech company and my new iPhone. That’s also how I’ve kept my bills paid when I was only working part-time, didn’t have my car repossessed although I missed way over 3 payments, had my car payments and APR lowered although my credit is currently less than good, and kept high-quality food in my fridge despite not having much funds. Not worrying about what I didn’t have worked fine. So maybe it’s time I stop worrying about what I’m not doing and just be.

The Solution

Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Chill.

I’ll also stop worrying about creating the “right” type of content and just come here to talk my shit, share my lessons as they come, keep the updates, and work through my shit as I just did with this post.

Oh my goodness, I feel so much better now! #WritingIsMyTherapy

Currently finding it hard to establish your own healthy, new habits? How are you managing and what have you tried? Please remember to never give up. One thing I’ve been committed to is never giving up no matter how hard and dark things look.

Love yourself through it. If you’re super frustrated and angered with yourself, it might take you some time to get to a point of loving yourself through this. It’ll still take me some time although I’ve just taken myself out of my funk. Be patient boo. It’s coming. Belieee’ dat. (Believe that)

10 Bomb Ass Motivational Compilations Perfect For Getting Shit Done In The AM

I’m up at 3:15 AM five days a week.

My weekday mornings are pretty busy. I workout between 4 and 5:15-ish then I come home to shower, pack my meal prep for the day, ready my purse, and pack my gym bag for after-work cardio sessions.

I’m not playing this off-season, I say!

Workdays, I’m up at 3:15 AM and in bed by 9 PM with lots of life and goal pursuing in between. This can get tiring and has definitely challenged my will power.

Especially with the first week back at it consistently, with the new job, and following my “no” self-discipline challenge.

My “secret” sauce has been motivational compilation videos from YouTube.

Like, I knew they existed. I’ve even listened to plenty of them. But this past week has been the first time I’ve played them after my gratitude meditation when I’m tempted to get “just 10 more minutes” of sleep.  

And they work like a charm when I’m kneeling on the edge of my bed because I’ve slid out of it onto my knees in a half-ass attempt to get up.

Do you know how easy it is to fall back asleep when kneeling on the side of your bed at the crack of crack of dawn? Easy!

Anyways… With these videos playing during those crucial moments, I’ve made it to my feet and off to the gym. I can tell they’ve also helped me stick to my transformation routine throughout the day.

Hope they help you out also.

Wake Up With Determination

Upgrade Your Values

Stay Committed To Your Dreams

10 Minutes That Will Change Your Life 

Improvement Begins With I

Wake Up Positive

Self Discipline Daily

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail 

Results or Excuses 

Eric Thomas & Les Brown | I’m On My Way

Make a playlist of these videos for quick access and add some of your own.

Got some you already use to fuel your drive? Share the good. Let me know which one(s) below!

10 Vibe-Boosting Activities That Helped Me Manifest FAST!

I quickly found that being in a good mood, being organized, and appreciating what’s around me was a sure way to manifest fast the changes I wanted to see and the things I want to have.

Damn near a year was spent being mad and feeling trapped. In that year, I let go of self-care and dug in deep trying to force change. I went further into debt, spent money I didn’t have, and stayed frustrated about how stuck I felt.

When I eased up and started living life again, things started changing. I got a job in just a week of seriously looking (sent 1 batch of 10 resumes w/o cover letters) and I got my first call and freelance client from postcards I sent out three months prior. And she gave me two other clients! Money, money, money!

Below are 10 vibe-boosting activities I implemented or got back to doing to manifest good in my life and get moving again. These practices promote optimism, positivity, and happiness even on your toughest days.

1) Wake Up And Give Thanks

Before any of the thoughts about your plans, what you should be doing, what you didn’t do, and what you’ve got to do come flooding in, block them with thoughts of gratitude.

I’ve found that starting my day with gratitude helped me go from feeling trapped and being reactionary to being more appreciative, forward thinking, and relaxed.

Whatever we give most of our attention to, we attract. Being thankful helps you turn your attention to the good in your life so you can attract more good. 

Even when the shit is hitting the fan, give thanks to have a fan for shit to hit.

2) Spend Quiet Time In The Morning When Possible  

If you have time in the morning to spend alone with no phones, no laptops, no music, and no chatter from others, take it, take it, take it! Did I mention how you should take it?!

Taking quiet time to settle into my day with meditation, prayer, reading, journaling, a glass of water, and warm lemon water or tea helps me set the tone for my day. It helps me have more control throughout the day by being a routine practice for centering.

Quiet mornings, if even for just 5 to 10 minutes, help with manifesting desires because they help fine tune alignment first thing in the day and are great for realizing the power to control how the day goes.

3) Get in a Workout

Morning workouts are the bees knees if you ask me. They help me release stress, make me feel better throughout the day, and encourages me to stick to my diet. There’s an extra pep in my step.

These two videos – “Morning Exercise = Mental Health” and “Why Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link) – detail the benefits of exercise besides building muscle and weight loss. Exercise helps improve brain power, the ability to learn, and stress management.

Morning workouts also boost your moods, promote stress management, and help you stay positive throughout the day. These things help plenty with manifesting the good you desire to see.  

4) Get In The Mirror And Beat That Face! 

“Look good, smell good, feel good.” – Rev. Ike

You know how sometimes we feel we’re too busy or things are going too tough for us to take the time to look good, smell like flowers, and feel awesome? Is it just me?

When my life went south, I believed I wasn’t in a place to take the time to look good. Not that I left the house looking like a hot ass mess. I just stopped trying different hairstyles, wearing my cute clothes, and wearing my nice perfume. I was a body spray, bun, and comfort jeans girl for a while.

Taking the extra time to do more in the morning made me feel better and more kept. Feeling better helped me feel happier throughout the day. Feeling good brought more good to my life.

Taking good care of yourself on the outer influences how you’ll feel about yourself in the inner. It helps with manifesting because you’re showing that you’re deserving and ready to receive.

5) Listen to Mind Science, Prosperity Consciousness, Self-Development Videos and Books  

Even when I didn’t feel like it, I tried to listen to some type of self-improvement, law of attraction, or prosperity teaching. Especially in the morning while getting dressed.

Besides being encouraging, listening to these types of materials helped me notice limiting behaviors and thoughts that I wanted to change. And it helped me change them without hard work! There’s so much to learn about how to work with the mind, I geeked out.

Plus, your mind is being conditioned regardless. You might as well condition it with the things you want instead of what others out here in the streets want.

Feeding my mind daily helped me have more productive thoughts and better choices which leads to quicker manifestation. 


6) Keep your environment clean and organize  

Not only did this take my mind off of wanting and lack, but it also worked wonders on lifting my spirits.

I’m one of those people that used to let things go when I got too busy or just felt like shit. Clothes piled up, old mail and magazines hung around, and mail wasn’t getting opened at all. I would tell people it was just a busy week. Truth is when my place is a mess, I am too.

Cleaning up and organizing helped me take care of what I have and appreciate my environment. It also encouraged me to enjoy my space and alone time much more. Enjoying my space and alone time helped me buckle down and focus.

7) Bless those bills and everyone you owe!

Are you one of those people that don’t open bills and hide them because you can’t pay them? I was hella one of those people. I used to tuck away my bills and ignore my mounting debt. It got so bad that I stopped monitoring my account although I was earning something.

Right before I was called to interview at my new job, I hung up all the bills I was ignoring and got real familiar with how much debt I’m in. I stopped ignoring my money and my debt. I blessed my bills, gave thanks, and happily budgeted my little income. Then I got the call to interview. That was a trip.

I learned this technique from Rev. Ike. He points out that money can hear you and when you do things like curse paying your bills and ignore your finances, you’re essentially ignoring money. When I stopped ignoring my money and my debt, things started turning around. I manifested money not only with a new job, but also with new freelance clients. 

8) Create a Vision Board on Pinterest and Shop, Shop, Shop

People always point out the importance of vision boards considering the mind works in pictures. It helps to have images to visualize yourself having the things you desire. It’s helped me too.

But can I emphasize how awesome it feels to shop?! Is it just me? I love to shop. But because I didn’t have the money, I ignored all things I couldn’t afford and couldn’t afford to do including shop.

Now, I shop anytime I get the urge or have this feeling that things aren’t going my way. Anything I want, I “buy” by pinning it to my Pinterest and I claiming it. I’ve “purchased” everything from my dream home and my new Porsche to my favorite organic, high-end beauty products.

Shopping and pinning helped me better see what was coming as opposed to worrying about what I didn’t have. That was the power for me and helped me manifestt quicker. 

9) Eat Healthy, Drink Plenty of Water, End Your Day With Tea   

Healthy foods from the earth and of the earth elevate vibes. I truly do believe this. Giving my body man-made foods makes my skin feel icky. But when I eat clean foods and bless my plate, I feel waaaaaaaay better.

Feeling good is the key to manifesting what we want.

Healthy foods and plenty of water also helps with brain function, immunity, hormones, stress management, and proper sleep.

And the tea helps with soothing and chilling after the day. Having a well functioning body and a soothing end to your day helps with manifesting faster because it just makes you feel better.

10) Journal, Read Goals, Visualize, Meditate, and Chill in the Evenings

I learned that a person should never go to bed feeling negative because your subconscious is so powerful that the following day it will search for and attract more of the negativity you slept on.

So taking the time to write out any challenges, read goals, visualize having them, meditate, and chill puts the mind on to positivity and the subconscious on a task to create more of that good.

After giving this a serious try, I noticed more changes in how I worked through the day and what I was able to take. I wasn’t easily frustrated and the “bad” stuff didn’t ruffle my feathers like they used to. Next, I’ll be working on getting better with the road rage.


All 10 of these activities are ways I started actually practicing feeling good, being thankful, and being happy. Feeling good and being happy is how I changed my situation from jobless and struggling to employed and feeling pretty damn good.

These things helped me take my mind off of lack, limitation, and wanting what I didn’t have. They helped me stop crying and feeling trapped because they took my mind off the pain and helped guide me towards positive thinking and better living.

Hope these help you out also.  

Tried these out or got a few of your own? Let me know in the comments. Sharing is caring. 🙂


Healing Thoughts Before Taking Action

I’m trying something new here so bare with me. I am determined to get over my fears and post regularly. Like many, I have a fear of looking stupid or new. Hilarious considering I am kind of new at this and yes, I might even look stupid.

For over a year, I have allowed these fears to keep me from posting regularly like I want.  And I’ve been too frightened to start freelance writing.

There are several limiting, lacking, and negative thoughts I’ve allowed to hold me back. Many I wasn’t aware of until I started taking a serious look at my life.

Each situation going on in my life, including my tendency to binge eat and my challenge with food addiction, is a result of the ways I’ve been thinking about my life and myself.

negative beliefs: not enough & missing out

Two beliefs that stuck out were that I’m not ready or good enough to go for what I want and I’ll miss out if I don’t take the right steps or don’t take what is offered now. I believe these beliefs have manifested themselves into my life as a desired, but not started freelance writing business, a challenge with healing my body, and taking crap.

I’ve been too scared to start my freelance writing because I believe I’m not ready. I’ve binge eating because I feel I’m missing out on “good” foods. And I’ve dated crappy men that make promises they really can’t keep because I’ve feared losing out.

I’ve done my thinking a bit ass backwards, to say the least. But I’m learning so that’s good. Right? Of course it is.

To build better beliefs that’ll drown out the limiting ones, I’ve started using affirmations regularly. I sniff money and tell myself I’m one with an enormous amount of money. I’ve taped affirmations to my bathroom mirror to read while I wash my face and do my makeup or do my hair.

I’ve set alarms on my phone to read my affirmations and list of things to be thankful for. I visualize and get emotionally involved with what I want and I use language that says I already have it.

Changes I’ve noticed healing my thoughts

The biggest change I’ve noticed thus far is no longer feeling like I’m being forced to be where I’m at, working where I work and living where I live. Feeling forced to be in this situation made me feel overwhelming sadness, frustration, anger, and impatient.

I became resentful towards my mother because I felt forced into having to take the opportunity she gave me to make some type of money. I couldn’t appreciate the blessings I did have when I felt like I was imprisoned.

Now that I don’t feel forced and I realize the control I do have, I’m having much better days at home and at work. I’m happier and managing stress better. There’s still work to be done, but I am nowhere near where I was and only getting better.

What did it take to start healing my thinking

Changing my thinking started with realizing that I truly do have the control to change things. I don’t have to wait for a better time and I for damn sure don’t have to wait for anyone else. I don’t even have to wait to see change, change can happen whenever I really want it to.

Like, right now. There’s no need to wait and I have full control. The more I remembered these things, the more empowered and in control I feel. The more I practice it in my day-to-day.

Changing my thinking also involved having the faith to stop action in order to work on my thoughts and prioritize my thoughts above action. When I first set out to try this entrepreneurship thing out full-time, actually, let’s take it a little further back.

When I decided it was time to leave my “secure” job to do this full-time, I jumped into action. The place pissed me off so much I jumped right into action and made moves to “quit.” In retrospect, I made the decision to leave out of a negative place and “quit” out of resentment.

If I were in a cooler more positive place, I would have kept my cool and used my income to build my next venture. I would have opted for the smoother transition. Lesson learned for sure. As a result, I’ve dealt with a lot of procrastination, put myself further into debt, and have allowed fears to drown out what I know about my strengths.

As a result, I’ve dealt with a lot of procrastination, put myself further into debt, and have allowed fears to drown out what I know about my strengths.

What happens when actions come before healing thoughts

Before acting on a decision, especially the major ones, I’m learning it is important to think correctly and deal with any underlining beliefs that might hinder progress. When we don’t deal with this step first, those beliefs will sabotage any efforts, stunt growth, and create more of what is trying to be changed.

I know this from experience. Any thoughts of lack, limitation, lingering poverty mindsets, doubts, and fears easily snuffed out progress and made me fall back into old habits. And I kept attracting the same bullshit I was sick of seeing. I kind of still do, but working on it.

Because there are bills and deadlines and I’m getting older, it isn’t easy to prioritize my thoughts and beliefs above my actions. But I am realizing the quicker I feel better, the quicker I can let things happened. The quicker I’ll be led to the good I want to see in my life and changes I want to make. I also know that without thinking better, I put in a lot of work without seeing the changes I wanted to see.

How I’ve worked on my thoughts for my health

With my health, I’ve also stopped action to work on my thoughts. That doesn’t mean I started eating crappy foods all the time and stopped working out. I just stopped following a super anal, ketogenic diet and went for a routine that fits my life like a glove.

I started focusing on making this journey about healing my body and healing my relationship with my appearance and my thoughts. So far, I’m more forgiving and find it easier to do what I know I want to do.

Being able to eat really large, real-food meals once a day makes this a treat. I’ve also started reminding myself of how attractive and shapely I am with beautiful skin and long hair. I give thanks for my butt and thick thighs and hourglass figure. I give thanks for my health and long, healthy nails. Thinking this way has helped.


Realizing my control, using affirmations, prioritizing thoughts over action, and having the faith to work on my thoughts first has already changed my life by leading me to conquer my fears and believe change is something I can do. Action before thoughts can hinder change, while thoughts before action

Fah sho!