Write Out Your Transformation Goals for 2018

Really, you need to write out all of your goals, but creating a special list of changes you’d like to see and transformations you’d like to experience in 2018 is equally beneficial. Transformation goals are goals specific to personal improvements you will like to see in your life. They can be goals pertaining to your […]

Healing Thoughts Before Taking Action

I’m trying something new here so bare with me. I am determined to get over my fears and post regularly. Like many, I have a fear of looking stupid or new. Hilarious considering I am kind of new at this and yes, I might even look stupid. For over a year, I have allowed these […]

3 well-meaning, but bad-habit triggering people

Changing your lifestyle and behaviors can be challenging enough. The last thing anyone getting healthy needs are damaging comments that’ll encourage backsliding. I had these type of friends catch me off guard plenty of times. In the beginning my will power was weak and I needed friends that would encourage me to make the changes […]

What’s Really a Decision and How To Make One

Have you ever found a “self-improvement” program, a blogging workshop, or a branding e-course that’ll cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars? They can give you what you need and sound pretty awesome. Hell, you’ll jump right on it, but there’s just one problem: you don’t have a penny to invest in these helpful tools. Matter […]

What does persistence look like?

It was unrecognizable in the mist of faulty consistency and discipline. When failing to create what I wanted to create and have the things I wanted to have, I figured persistence was something I lacked. Boy was I wrong. Persistence, as defined by the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, is “the quality that allows someone to continue […]

Paralyzed by fear?

I’m paralyzed by fear. Fear that I’m making the wrong decisions. Fear that it isn’t the right time. Fear that I don’t have the right tools. Essentially fear of failure. It is a fear that is becoming more apparent as I learn more about myself and how “the laws” work. There’s something longing to come […]