It all started with a desire to tame my inner hungry hippo, cultivate healthy eating habits, and eat a much healthier diet for my body. After trying all types of diets, going the meatless route and not feeling so hot, I searched for other truths about diet, eating, and foods. These are the books I’ve stumbled upon so far. 

Books That Make Healthy Eating "Simple"

These books have actually made healthy eating pretty simple in my life. I’ve learned there are foods meant for humans that humans run optimally on and foods that cause weight gain and lead to health complications. I’ve learned how and why we gain weight and lose weight. I’ve also learned what foods give us the most life and what foods tax our well being. 

Learning the truth about foods and what conventional knowledge has told us about food has definitely made healthy eating simple to do. It’s not always easy, but definitely simpler. 

Books For Overcoming Binge Eating

Binge eating is still something I’m learning to manage even though I lost a significant amount of weight. Developing healthy eating habits and a healthy relationship with food did not come with eating a healthy diet and losing weight. 

These books can help you overcome the mind chatter that causes overeating and eating off plan. My favorite so far is Glenn Livingston’s Never Binge Again. It was funny. 

Welcome, I'm Latrice!

It is my goal to help women achieve their self-care, wellness, and beauty goals by getting their lifestyles in alignment. 

I’m working on my lifestyle transformation goals too. Doing research, gathering resources, experimenting, and reporting back here. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, and regained weight I’ve lost. I’ve tried all types of diets. I do understand the struggle. How did I lose 75 lbs? Find out here

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