Hey, welcome to my transformation journey.

I’ve got goals to level up my life, live the lifestyle I TRULY want to live, and be, do, and have the things I want to be, do, and have.

A few years deep into my thirties, I made the decision that it was time to quit playing with my life and do the things I’ve “always” talked about doing.

Turning thirty did something for me. It woke me all the way the hell up and I realized I wasn’t doing anything I actually wanted to do.

It took me about two years and some change of my thirties to muster up the courage to build my blog up enough to quit my job and do one of those things I’ve “always” wanted to do: blog full-time.

So I did it. And I’m here. Blogging full-time and following my passion of writing. I’m also here to be “all up in” my level up transformation journey full-time.

I made the decision to be me and achieve my level up transformation goals.

GeekyTricee.com is where I come to talk about transformation, share what has worked so far, what doesn’t work, and lessons learned.

My goals are to achieve my transformation goals, level up in several areas of my life, and start living the life I want to live all while sharing with others to motivate and inspire.

Level Up Transformation Goals

Weight Loss Transformation:

I share weight loss transformation tips from my own 75-pound weight loss transformation.

But I’m also keeping it real about surviving the emotional turmoil of gaining weight with an eating disorder.

My goal is to be a healthy eater with a healthy body and healthy relationship with food.

I share the journey and review what works as well as what doesn’t.

Beauty and Self-Care Transformation:

My goals are to get this skin together, take better care of my hair, and have the beauty routine of a well-kept woman.

I share what these routines look like, what beauty products to check into, and even makeup although I’m a total newbie.

Well, not total. I did start working with makeup in my late twenties. I’m learning.

Mindset & Personal Development Transformation:

The mind is really where it all starts.

Want to change your entire life? Start with your mindset, how you think, and your beliefs. Everything else really does fall into place.

What I’ve learned so far is the power of leveraging an in sync mindset and set of beliefs that actually work with you instead of against you.

I share what books, lessons learned, and other helpful resources for doing your transformation from the inside out.

When you start with your mind, you save so much time too.

Financial Transformation:

Getting that money together is important to this transformation journey.

But I don’t talk about personal finances or too much about how to make money.

I’m exploring the mindset side of making money, attracting money, and updating beliefs that make earning money “easy.”

Welcome, I'm Latrice!

It is my goal to help women achieve their self-care, wellness, and beauty goals by getting their lifestyles in alignment. 

I’m working on my lifestyle transformation goals too. Doing research, gathering resources, experimenting, and reporting back here. I’ve lost weight, gained weight, and regained weight I’ve lost. I’ve tried all types of diets. I do understand the struggle. How did I lose 75 lbs? Find out here

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