Geeky Tricee is a lifestyle blog ran by a geeky 30-something-year-old on a transformation journey. That picture up there is the honest picture I decided to go with after spending too much time looking for the perfect picture. Some experts say it’s too much to be too real online. Well, I’ve got to be real with this one. That picture is a whole mood for me at this time in my life. Let me tell you… 

Geeky Tricee is a “figuring this out” type of lifestyle blog. We’re figuring things out, learning to be kinder to ourselves, and working through this 30-something mini crisis… Where I realized I didn’t have anything I wanted out of life by this age. I mean… not that that’s a problem. But I was like… “dang, I can at least have my blog up and poppin’.” So here we is… Running a lifestyle blog. Sharing lifestyle tips. Geeking out and being a creative. 

But more specifically, Geeky Tricee covers food on an animal-based diet as a human that cares about animals and the environment, taking care of the whole body, minding our minds, planning (because… planning), and the tech side of life. 

When I’m not writing about lifestyle topics, I’m trying to figure out where the hell my year went, wondering what my mom’s dog would say if she could push buttons to speak, and how funny my mom was for telling me that one day I would be happy that my period came. I still laugh about how at 14-years-old, I thought my mom was nuts for thinking I’d ever be happy my period came. Then I have those rare months where I’m happy my period came. lol shame

And Tracee Ellis Ross is who I wanna be when I grow up. 

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