keto diet meal ideas for weight loss

8 keto diet meal ideas for weight loss that helped me lose 45 pounds

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Recently got a request to share some of my go-to keto diet meal ideas I ate to lose weight.

So I went through my Instagram to gather my go-to, easy, nutrient-dense keto meal ideas for weight loss. These are the keto diet meal ideas I used to help me lose weight.

These meals are also simple meal combinations. What helped me simplify weight loss and stick to my routine was keeping my meals super simple. I was also able to keep better track of my macros and caloric intake with simpler meals.

keto meal prep ideas that helped me lose 45 pounds

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A few helpful tools for meal prep

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Ground turkey with tomato sauce and Trader Joe’s Cruciferous Crunch

This is a one-pan meal. Toss everything into one pan, cook, and serve.

This is 2 pounds of ground turkey seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder, pepper, nutritional yeast, and smoked paprika. Browned before adding the sugar-free tomato sauce made of natural ingredients. Then I added the cruciferous crunch and let the veggies cook a bit.

Veggie Scrambles


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Eating breakfast outside today. It’s nice out. ?

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I think what makes my veggie scrambles so delicious is whisking 2 tablespoons of avocado oil mayo into my eggs. I also use nutritional yeast in the beat. I scramble my eggs in butter with Tuscan kale and sometimes other veggies.

Cabbage and ground beef

I had ground beef and cabbage then eggs and super greens today

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So simple but super yummy. Cabbage cooked in butter is my favorite. Sometimes I’ll steam the cabbage and add butter afterwards and sometimes I fry the cabbage in butter.

This a simple combination of ground beef seasoned and browned then added to cooked cabbage.

Meaty tomato sauce with spaghetti squash

This week on the menu: spaghetti squash with a chunky meat sauce ?

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Steamed spaghetti squash with ground beef, tomato sauce, and butter. I season my ground beef with Italian seasoning.

A word on tomato sauce: read the ingredients to avoid sugar. Check for natural ingredients and added sugars.

Baked chicken with steamed Tuscan kale and melted butter

On the menu this week #mealprepsunday

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Listen, Trader Joe’s Organic Tuscan Kale is my favorite bag of greens. They remind me of smokey, boiled collard or mustard greens, especially when I add butter.

Eating a juicy thigh with steamed dark, green kale is one of my favorite, simple, very satiating meals.

Huge fatty salad

I LOVE a huge, crunchy, fatty, flavorful salad.

My salads typically consist of dark leafy greens, spinach, blue berries, avocado mayo oil, nutritional yeast, seasoning, salt, eggs, chicken or ground beef, avocado, and olives.

Chopped baked chicken with chopped Brussels sprouts

Just some chopped baked chicken with some chopped steamed Brussels sprouts from Trader Joe’s. (I like to buy Trader Joe’s pre-cooked Brussels sprouts. They’re good right out of the package.)

Roasted chicken with tomato sauce over cauliflower rice cooked in duck fat

No wonder my great grand parents used to cook a lot with duck fat. Duck fat is good!

I cooked some frozen cauliflower (Trader Joe’s) in duck fat then topped with chicken I roasted then added tomato sauce on top. This is a good, warm, fall-feelings type of meal.

How to adjust these meals to your macro needs

I wrote a post on how to plan your own keto diet meals: “How to create your own keto diet meal plan in 3 simple steps“.

Other helpful weight loss tips

Feeling what I put down here? Found it helpful or motivating? Save a pin to your Keto, Keto Meal Ideas or Keto Recipes boards on Pinterest. 🙂

simple keto meal prep ideas


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