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15 Grab-n-Go Keto Breakfast Recipes That are Deliciously Guilt-Free

Eating healthy is already a challenge, but coupled with a busy schedule makes it seem impossible.

This was definitely something I’ve too struggled with that made weight loss hard and eating clean a struggle.

If you’ve also struggled with eating healthy on a busy schedule, this list is for you.

keto breakfast recipes for busy people

These are 15 keto breakfast recipes you can easily prepare on a day off and have ready for the week. And a good amount of them don’t even require a plate!

You can eat them in the airport, on a plane, in the car, on the train, (oh snap, that sounded like Dr. Seuss) on the bus, on your walk from the bus to your job. Wherever!

And they’re actually healthy thus guilt free.

Disclaimer: This post may contain links where if you purchase via my links I receive a commission at no additional cost to you! Thanks for supporting. I will always only recommend products and services I’m diggin’ (Love). Full disclosure available here.

Bunless Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Total time to prep and cook: 10 mins

Bunless Bacon, Egg & Cheese from | Image Source:

This Bunless Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich from looks super bomb. And it looks super simple to make (video tutorial included). Only 10 minutes to cook ’em.

Not sure these will freeze well, but I’m sure you can prep 5 to 7 of them for the week and then refrigerate. I suggest making the “buns” and bacon ahead of time and then assembling them each morning since there’s avocado. Or go without avocado.

Wrap one of these bad boys up in a napkin or some parchment paper and you’re good to go! Or carry in a container. Either way, they’re great for the go.

Check out the Bunless Bacon, Egg & Cheese sandwich from

Keto Breakfast Sandwhich

Total time to prep and cook: not stated (but doesn’t seem long at all)

Keto Breakfast Sandwich from | Image Source: is calling this there favorite keto breakfast sandwich. From the looks of it, doesn’t seem like they’re just saying that because it’s their sandwich. It does look like a really good sandwich.

The sandwich is essentially a cheesy omelette cut and placed between two cooked sausage patties with avocado slices. The kick is the sriracha sauce. Now, if you’re a fan of sriracha, I’m sure you can appreciate a splash in your eggs.

These can also be prepared ahead of time by cooking the sausage and eggs on one day of the week and then adding the avocado later. Microwave or toaster oven to heat it up. Wrap it up and head out!

Check out the Keto Breakfast Sandwich on

Keto Breakfast BLT

Total time to prep and cook: Not stated (but if you know how to whip and fry eggs you’ll be able to whip these up in no time.)

Keto Breakfast BLT from | Image Source:

More bacon, eggs, and avocado, but this time with spinach.

This recipe looks so simple, a caveman can…. I’m just kidding. I was not about to take it back to those old school Gieco commercials. But it’s funny to make you think I was. Anywho…

This wrap looks scrumptious with that fresh spinach. Not sure these will prep well. Meaning, I’m not sure they’ll survive being refrigerated for a week.

Well, unless you cooked the “wrap” (eggs) ahead of time. And you can cook the bacon ahead of time also. Then just take a few minutes in the morning to assemble with spinach and avocado.

Check out the Keto Breakfast BLT on

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Ham, Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups

Total time to prep and cook: 20 minutes (yields 5)

Ham Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups from | Image source:

These Ham Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups from look tasty too. (Video included)

What I really like about these is how easy it looks to cook more than the 5 the recipe yields. In their video it looks like they cooked 10 at once. I’m thinking that’s 2 a day for your standard work week.

They’re portable and I’m sure quick to heat.

Check out these Ham Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups from

Paleo Egg & Chorizo Muffins

Total time to prep and cook: 20 minutes (yields 12)

Paleo Egg & Chorizo Muffins by | Image Source:

According to Courtney of, these Paleo Egg & Chorizo muffins were thought up to solve the struggle of eating a healthy breakfast on a busy schedule. She says she loves these “because I can bake up a big batch, freeze them, and have them ready for single servings on crazy mornings!”

So, they freeze well too. You can cook them on meal prep day and freeze them. Then microwave or bake them when you’re ready. And 20 minutes to make 12 muffins is pretty good too.

Check out Paleo Egg & Chorizo Muffins at

Mini Crustless Quiche Cups with Sausage and Cheese

Time to prep and cook: 30 minutes or less

Mini Crustless Quiche Cups with Sausage and Cheese by | Image Source:

Another good one that’ll survive the freezer, these Mini Crustless Quiche Cups are great to be made ahead, frozen, and microwaved or baked for the go.

The recipe looks pretty darn simple. It does call for nonfat milk, but I’m sure substituting with heavy whipping cream, a nut milk, or coconut milk. There’s also a call for reduced-fat cheese. Sub for full fat, raw cheese for a healthier, more keto option.

Check out the Mini Crustless Quiche Cups with Sausage and Cheese from

Cheesy Spinach Mini Frittatas

Time to prep and cook: 30 minutes

Cheesy Spinach Mini Frittatas from | Image Source:

Created in the spirit of brunch, but also good for breakfast on the go. These Cheesy Spinach Mini Frittatas from are made with spinach, cheddar cheese and fresh chives.

And peep this. The recipe yields 20 to 24! *gasp* That’s plenty of mini frittatas for the week! Grab a few, toss them in a zip-lock bag, grab a napkin, and head off to your busy day.

Check out these Cheesy Spinach Mini Frittatas from

Low-Carb Broccoli Cheddar Muffins

Time to prep and cook: not stated (but bakes in 8 to 10 minutes and is a simple recipe)

Low Carb Broccoli Cheddar Muffins by | Image Source:

Two words: pork rinds. It is the pork rinds in these Low Carb Broccoli Cheddar Muffins by that make them taste more bready than your typical egg muffin. I’ve never tasted pork rinds in a egg muffin before but it does sound pretty darn scrumptious.

They’re also high in fat with a good amount of protein in them as well.

Check out these Low Carb Broccoli Cheddar Muffins on

Low-Carb Breakfast Egg Wrap

Time to prep and cook: not stated (but it’s literally a cheese omelette, minus the flip so it can be a wrap.)

Low-Carb Breakfast Egg Wrap by | Image Source:

Freezer friendly and stupid simple, these Low-Carb Breakfast Egg Wraps by look bomb. Matter of fact, I think I’m going to prep a version for next week.

It’s good for keto because it’s high in fat, has a good amount of protein, and is low in carbs. (duh) Plus they survive the freezer and microwave making them great for mornings when… “ain’t nobody got time for that.” (You knew the meme reference was coming.)

Check out these Low-Carb Breakfast Egg Wraps on

Keto Breakfast Biscuits Stuffed with Sausage and Cheese

Time to prep and cook: 40 minutes

Keto Breakfast Bicuits Stuffed with Sausage And Cheese on | Image Source:

These stuffed Keto Breakfast Biscuits remind me of Hot Pockets. Remember those things? Eat them too quick out the microwave and the roof of your mouth was burnt tender?

They also remind me of my favorite breakfast day in elementary school – pancake dogs day (breakfast sausage dipped in pancake batter and fried). Guurrrllll….. I used to show up early to school on those days. Yum.

These Keto Breakfast Biscuits Stuffed with Sausage and Cheese look delicious and easy to hold. Now, it might take 40 minutes to make about 6 of them, but um… stuffed keto breakfast biscuits? Totally worth it. Not sure they freeze well considering the almond flour, but’ll likely sit well for a week in the fridge.

Check out the Keto Breakfast Biscuits Stuffed with Sausage and Cheese recipe on

Broccoli Ham and Cheese Egg Muffin Cups

Total prep and cook time: 37 minutes

Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Egg Muffin Cups by | Image Source:

Cupcakes and Kale Chips… Isn’t that just cute? Ok… focus Latrice.

Another recipe with freezing and on-the-go breakfast in mind, these Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Egg Muffin cups look simple to make also. Lots of protein in them too.

They’re safe to grab and go with. As in, they’re described as being pickup-able. Like, they won’t crumble when grabbed.

Check out these Broccoli, Ham and Cheese Egg Muffin Cups by

Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll-Ups

Total prep and cook time: 20 minutes

Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll-Ups by | Image Source:

These Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll-Ups from look pretty solid. It’s a simple breakfast with a simple recipe and easily portable.

The recipe calls for milk and cheddar cheese. Substitute the milk for heavy whipping cream, coconut milk, raw milk, or a nut milk for a healthier milk option. And use raw cheddar cheese for the cheddar cheese.

Check out these Bacon Egg and Cheese Roll-Ups at

Keto Egg Wraps

Total prep and cook time: a whopping 5 minutes

Egg Wraps by | Image Source:

The recipe is only for the egg wraps, but imagine the possibilities. You can wrap all types of tasty stuff in one of these egg wraps and head out the door.

Wrap salmon and cream cheese, wrap bacon, avocado and ranch, or wrap some ground sausage and cheddar cheese. You can make enough of these for the week and then take about 5 minutes each morning wrapping up your faves to eat on the go.

Check out these Egg Wraps by

Spinach Quiche Cups

Total time to prep and cook: around 30 minutes

Spinach Quiche Cups by | Image Source:

Cook the veggies, whisk the eggs, put into muffin cups, bake for 23 minutes. Simple procedure that’ll get you 12 Spinach Quiche Cups.

Check out these Spinach Quiche Cups at

Cinnamon Keto Granola | 5 Ingredients!

Total time to prep and cook: 25 minutes

Cinnamon Keto Granola by | Image Source:

What?! Something other than eggs?!

Yes. Something other than eggs.

This granola is only 5 ingredients and still has plenty of fat and protein in it for a keto diet. The carbs are a bit high at 11 g per serving, but the granola still looks like a safe break from the norm. Like on those days you don’t feel like eggs.

Put this granola and some blueberries over full-fat Greek yogurt or some chia seed pudding and it can be a very filling breakfast that’s not like every other day. (Well, if you eat eggs every day like I do.)

Eat clean on a busy schedule

Well, there you have it – 15 grab-n-go breakfast keto recipes to help you stay on track with your healthy eating even when you have a busy schedule.

With these recipes, you can make them ahead of time, plenty of them are freezer and fridge-friendly, and they don’t require sitting down to eat them.

Happy clean eating!

Need some weight loss tips? Check out these latest posts!

Feeling this list of keto breakfast goodies? Share the love and save this pin to your Keto Recipes or Keto Breakfast Recipes boards on Pinterest. 🙂

keto breakfast recipes for those on-the-go mornings

“How to Build Self-Discipline” – Weight Loss & Mindset

I’ve learned a few things about self discipline since I’ve been working on my personal development goals.

First, self-discipline isn’t limiting, it’s liberating. I had to learn self-discipline allowed more freedom than it did restrictions. It’s actually more restrictive on life to lack self-discipline. Lacking self-discipline is being controlled by substances and habits that don’t serve. Being controlled by a lack of self-discipline means other things in life, you want to enjoy, can’t be experienced.

Learning that my freedom from cravings and food addiction, and ability to have more in my life, came from practicing self-discipline allowed me to start having more appreciation for it. It caused me to start paying attention to getting better.

Secondly, self-discipline isn’t something you’ll need when the action becomes a habit. I try to keep this in mind as I form new habits for healthy eating, exercise, writing, and reading daily. It takes on average 66 days to form a new habit (as you’ll see below). I figure that’s about 2 months of marking a calendar and setting timers until the habit is formed.

Lastly, self-discipline and consistency is what makes the difference. Practicing self-discipline all week and then cutting loose on the weekends typically doesn’t work unless it’s an activity that only requires you put in work during the week or only on certain days. But if it’s related to healthy eating, exercise, going to bed at a certain time, or getting up early, then you’ll need to be consistently disciplined for the new habit to form.

Below are three helpful lessons on building self-discipline that helped me see improvements. They’re from YouTube channel ProfoundSelfImprovement.

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“How to Build Self-Discipline Lesson #1: How to Form a Habit”

Points from this lesson:

Self-discipline can be simplified by automated behavior – create a new habit

Automated behavior prevents you from breaking your resolutions

On average, it takes 66 days to make a new habit automatic.

Once it becomes a habit, you’ll need less self-discipline.

Habit = Que + Action + Reward

Create healthy keystone habits to change several other bad habits. Keystone habits: exercise, food journaling, meditation, waking up earlier, trying a new thing everyday, saving money, expressing gratitude.

“How to Build Self-Discipline Lesson #2: What is Your Why?”

Points from this lesson:

Self-discipline is about controlling your temporary urges to meet your long term goals.

Simply keeping your goal in mind isn’t enough. Give yourself a minute to visualize your goals. Take your mind off the craving.

To get the most out of your why, learn the proper way to visualize. Simply visualizing your goals is more likely to take you off track.

Visualize the process.

Envision each action you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

Train your mind to prepare yourself for the challenges.

“How to Build Self-Discipline Lesson #3: Be More Selective:”

Points from this lesson:

Be more selective and focus on essential tasks. Tasks you find pleasant and play off your strengths.

Trying to do too many tasks at a time will work against you in the long run. That’s why the first step to forming more self-discipline is keystone habits.

Ask yourself how your new goals and habits fit into your general plan for your life.

Make sure you’re working on goals you want for your life and not what others want for your life. Be selective.

When setting your own goals, keep your goals in mind. Do things you genuinely believe to work and want to achieve.

Being more selective will help you increase your self-discipline and reach your goals.

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How I increased my blog traffic from struggling to 1000+ views in under 3 weeks


My blog traffic used to struggle because I didn’t put in the work. Well, unless we can count research, taking notes, planning, and re-planning as work.

Implementing these four strategies not only improved my numbers, but they also helped me get focused enough to quit thinking I needed more research and a “better” plan.

If you’ve also found yourself trapped in the “need more research” trance, give these four strategies a try. They’re practical, to the point, and actionable. You can do research on the side.

Disclaimer: This post contains links where if you purchase via my links I receive a commission at no additional cost to you! It “keeps the lights on” around here 🙂 Allowing me to create content and tips for you. Thanks for supporting! I will always only recommend products and services I’m diggin’ (Love). Full disclosure can be read here.

How did I increase my blog traffic?

The short answer: “finally got my ass to work.”

Now, this might not seem like much traffic, but I’m hyped by how much and how quickly I’ve seen improvements.

After creating several blogs and allowing them to shrivel up from inactivity, is the first one I’ve kept active for over 2 years. It’s my baby.

Honestly, it’s the first one out of six I’ve kept active for over 6 months. (Don’t judge.)

Even though I’ve spent a majority of those 2 years on popping in occasionally to drop a post and barely sharing it when I did publish, I still showed up and did something. And for that, I give myself kudos.

Much of that pussy-footing around involved prioritizing research and hording freebies over taking meaningful action. I knew I had to share my blog to actually get views, but I used “I need to know more though” as my excuse to not share, grow, and monetize my blog.

Then the second year of my thirties hit and I realized I was the one playing myself. If I really wanted to make this blogging thing happened for me, it was time to start taking the type of actions that got traffic and made money. Instead of continuing to think I needed more information.

Which is sad considering I’ve been a social media manager, content manager, and blogger professionally, have done a gang of research on these topics to keep my skills tight, and I am up to my scalp in years of freebies and courses. (I have a pretty impressive collection.)

But I couldn’t get myself to do these things for my own blog to achieve my dreams.

Within a month of doing what I’m about to tell you, I took my blog from struggling with very little views to reaching hundreds of views in a day in a matter of weeks. Essentially, what I spent years planning to do took me a few weeks to accomplish once I quit planning and started doing. (I mean… I still plan, but now I force myself to take action.)

First, I’ve got to show you how quickly and how much my traffic grew in just the last few weeks.

My blog growth over the last three weeks

I’ve recently hit milestones that had me happy dancing all weekend.

I reached my first 100+ views in a day on Saturday and topped out at 300+ views on Sunday.

My blog goal for June 2018 was to reach 500 views for the month. I reached 573. One of my blog goals for July was to reach 1,000 views, I’ve reached 1,031 in the first 10 days. Yeeee!

Aaaannnndddd, I’ve had a blog post break my goal of 100 shares reaching 588 shares so far on Pinterest! When I first started taking action, I was happy with 22 pins, but 588?! That’s exciting.

As you can see below, my views before the burst this past weekend were low. My last ‘Best ever’ number was 56. Now it’s 309.

My post “10 Keto recipes that make awesome weight loss dinners” is what gave me the boost in traffic. Researching and IMPLEMENTING what popular recipe list posts and pins look like was, in my opinion, what also contributed to the increase.

I have another recipe list that’s struggling and perhaps you can see why: “10 Simple Paleo Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss“. I’ve got a couple theories: the pin doesn’t have preview pics of the recipes in the list like the one above and Paleo is not as hot as keto right now. I’ll be experimenting and posting my results later.

Here’s Saturday, July 7th…

And here’s Sunday, July 8th…

My goal for June was to reach 500 view. I received 573.

My goal for July was to reach 1000. I did that and then some within the first 10 days. So far I’m at 1,031 views and the month isn’t even half way over yet.

I’m excited with my results thus far and looking forward to continued growth. I think I’ll see even more traffic growth once I start getting accepted to Pinterest group boards, refreshing my published-but-unshared posts with pins AND sharing them, and getting more active with Tailwind tribes.

I will be sharing my results.

My Pinterest growth over the last 3 weeks

I wish I started taking screen shots early on. I was not expecting this.

This is June 22nd…

June 27th…

July 4th…

And July 11th…

When I say my Pinterest growth snatched my edges?! Gurl!

I remember celebrating when I hit 3.6k monthly views. Then getting giddy over my 9.9k. Now I’m at 96.3k monthly viewers. My Pinterest is taking off and that’s without being accepted to any group boards… yet.

Have to admit I was a bit discouraged after I spent hours sending requests only to receive one invite that I’m still wondering if I was actually invited considering I can’t find the board after I’ve accepted the request. It’s been weeks and I still haven’t heard from the other 80+ requests I’ve sent.

I pushed forward on my Pinterest efforts anyway and put joining groups on the back burner for now. I started pinning using a scheduler, pinning manually, following boards, and following people every day. No days off. The results have been pretty sweet.

I’m still working on better analyzing these numbers. From my understanding, getting more monthly views improves the likeliness of my own pins showing up in search results and suggestions. That’s maybe another reason why my “10 keto recipes…” pin blew up like it did. It looks worthy to Pinterest because what I have been repinning has gotten lots of monthly views.

Below are my results since July 3rd. I’ve been officially working the method since mid June.

What. The. Hell?! Yeee! Still excited.

I’m the type of person that enjoys getting “cookies” in the form of results for my work and consistency. These “cookies” though? At one point I was getting up and checking my stats fresh out of a deep slumber to see what happened the night before.

Loving what I’m seeing.

Now on to the action steps that changed the game for me.

Published more consistently on a schedule I could handle

I work a full-time job. I had to admit to myself there was only so much I can handle if I wanted to create high quality content and go into depth to provide value. That meant cutting back my ambitious 3x a week schedule down to once a week.

Writing a post once a week, and being ok with that during this stage of my blog’s transformation, has helped me show up each week with fresh content. When I tasked myself with 3 posts a week, I made myself feel so overwhelmed I didn’t get any posts written.

Posting once a week also helps me get into the habit of showing up and hitting publish consistently. It’s less content, but its been consistent and high in quality. My blog is getting more traffic because of it.

If you find yourself struggling to post consistently, maybe you should cut back on your posting schedule. Instead of posting several times a week, try once a week. I read that one blogger posts every other week. I think that’s a little too spread out, personally, but if it gets you to publish consistently, do it.

Just share the hell out of that piece of content until you get up a new one.

When (and if) you get ready to share more posts, you can try publishing more posts.

Decided to focus on getting really good on ONE platform at a time

There are plenty of places to share a new blog post that can potentially bring traffic to your blog. Do I really have to name them all?

Between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, just to name a few, I often times felt overwhelmed by making the decision of where was the best place to share and when to share for the quickest and best results. Which is why I hardly shared. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram did absolutely nothing for my traffic when I did share.

Then I made the decision to pour all of my efforts into getting good on Pinterest.

That focus took the pressure off of trying to be effective at too many things and feeling like I was wasting my time. It has saved me lots of time and has yield some great results.

Putting my energy into learning Pinterest, working with it, and improving my strategy is why I’ve seen that much growth in such a short period of time. Even with a full-time job.

If you’re struggling with sharing on multiple platforms, try focusing on Pinterest first. From what I’ve read, it’s honestly where most bloggers get a majority of their traffic. And from my experience, it’s where you can start bringing in more traffic relatively quickly.

That’s if you actually work Pinterest. Half-assing your efforts on Pinterest will give you half-assed results. You’ve been warned.

Invested in Pinterest strategies I could AFFORD

No shade, no tea, but I’ve come across Pinterest ecourses priced like I needed to take out lines of credit to purchase them. The creators are super successful on Pinterest and people buy their courses, but not something I could do on my little if-I-get-sick-and-need-to-pay-a-copay-I’m-screwed salary.

(Which did happen when I contracted MRSA of all things and HAD to pay for treatment and a doctor visit. No home remedies for that yucky stuff.)

I’ve invested in two Pinterest strategies that have been super helpful in my growth. They’re affordable, packed with plenty of valuable information, and give straight up actionable steps.

The first one I purchased was Pinterest Perfection Masterclass by Elna at Twins Mommy.

Elna breaks down her successful Pinterest strategy in an ecourse that includes her Pin Promoter Planner ebook.

What I really appreciated about Elna’s course was being able to create a step-by-step list of what I needed to do to prepare my blog, optimize my Pinterest profile, and work with my blog and posts for Pinterest success. It’s also quick to digest and implement the entire strategy in a week or in 30 days depending on where you’re at on your Pinterest endeavors.

The Pin Promoter Planner includes what to focus on each day of the week, what to focus on each month and a 30-day strategy for getting started.

Check out the Pinterest Perfection Masterclass.

The second Pinterest strategy I purchased was Pinterest Ninja by Megan at Love. Family. Health. This helpful bad boy right here goes into so much depth I’m still working through it and making sure I implement her strategies.

In 13 chapters, this ebook, also packed with plenty of extra, super valuable goodies, goes into not only how to rock it on Pinterest, but also other ways to use Pinterest.

Here are a few chapters that touch on other ways to use Pinterest:

  • Chapter 7: Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Following and How to Create Your Own Profitable Facebook Group
  • Chapter 8: Using Pinterest to Grow Your Email List and The In’s and Out’s of Pinterest Analytics! (Video)
  • Chapter 9: Creating Pins that market your affiliates and how to start a Pinterest group board!
  • Chapter 11: How to Create a Mini Course with Teachable

What I like about Megan’s ebook is how she’s included in it what I’ve almost bought separately from other people. For instance, I almost purchased a course on how to market affiliate links on Pinterest before I found it in Pinterest Ninja.

Check out Pinterest Ninja.

Purchasing both of these strategies have been extremely helpful in getting me focused and learning all the new ways I can work with Pinterest to achieve my blogging goals.

Both of them have really valuable information, but are priced to be affordable. If you can’t afford the ebook (that also includes lessons on building an email list and affiliate marketing), go with the masterclass (still very helpful and quick to consume).

I highly suggest investing in learning the strategies of people that have already successfully done it. You’ll save time, you’ll save energy, and you’ll avoid plenty of confusion and overwhelm. Do yourself a favor and invest if you can. It’s totally worth it.

And if you’re not in the market to invest, take action on those freebies you’re gathering.

Started using Tailwind every day of the week

I hesitated purchasing a Tailwind membership, but boy oh boy has it been worth every penny. Even though I’m not making money yet with my blog, Tailwind has still been worth using it to build my profile up strategically. And it has hella worked!

And it was honestly hard for me to pass up purchasing a plan after using Tailwind’s free trial and seeing great results. The free trial allows you to dig in and see how Tailwind can work for you.

On using Tailwind

I’ve read that some Tailwind users schedule their content for the week or for the month. I like to keep a closer eye on my actions by scheduling content by the day. At least for now. That way I can determine what actions yield which results.

Everyday, I start by checking my scheduled time slots. Some time slots are called the ‘Smart Schedule’ which is determined by when my audience is most engaged. I like using these slots to schedule when I do my manual pinning as well. I think it optimizes my manual pinning efforts if I pin around the times my audience is most likely to be engaged according to the stats collected by Tailwind.

Then there’s the ‘Add Recommended Time Slots’ for time slots even more tailored to my Pinterest account. These have also been super helpful in increasing my engagement and monthly viewers in such a short period of time.

I remember back in the day when we used to have to keep a close eye on our stats to determine when was the best time to post social media. Or we had to go by general rules based on when most people used particular platforms.

Tailwind does all of that for you with way better accuracy by monitoring how your pins and repins are performing and when people are engaged with your content. Saves a hell of a lot of time AND is more accurate.

The results have been worth the monthly membership. (There’s also a yearly membership that’ll save you some money.)

With how helpful Tailwind has been in growing my Pinterest and blog traffic, I definitely say don’t sleep on it. I was, but now I understand why so many bloggers put Tailwind to work for them.


Getting more traffic comes down to putting in more work and knowing where that work will better serve your blog and blogging goals.

What I did to improve my traffic in such a short period of time was:

My traffic grew quickly and surpassed my goal of 1,000 monthly views in the first 10 days of July.


Intermittent Fating for Weight Loss: How I lost 45-lbs in 4 months the easy way

The easy way?

Yes, the easy way.

It seems I lost the most weight when I didn’t know what intermittent fasting was. I just followed the advice to not go to bed on a full stomach.

The weight seemed to fall right off of me. So much so that one morning I got up, stretched my arms to the sky, and my waste beads slid right off. I was shooketh.

Below I detailed how I got to the size I am at right now using an intermittent fasting routine that was relatively easy and didn’t take much thought to follow.

I’m also going to share the foods I believe made it easy to intermittent fast. And I’m someone that used to be a really hungry person.

Like, needed to eat every few hours and will cuss out inanimate objects if I didn’t, type of hungry. It was rough.

intermittent fasting before and after success story pin

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase via my links I receive a commission at no additional cost to you! Thanks for supporting! I will always only recommend products and services I’m feeling. Full disclosures.

Learned how to eat like a human

Seriously, there’s something liberating about learning how to eat like humans are supposed to eat.

It took me years of trying all types of diets before I realized the “secret sauce,” so to speak, was to just focus on eating real, nutrient dense, clean foods.

Is it still called paleo? I haven’t heard anyone say “paleo” in a while. lol

I’ve been paleo for almost 8 years and going paleo took away plenty of confusion for me.

Foods that come from the earth or have spent their lives living off the earth (eating grass or other animals for example) are the foods that humans are supposed to eat.

All of these newer foods have created the obesity epidemic we’re currently dealing with in addition to the heavy use of sugar, inflammation-causing industrial oils, and soy.

Figuring out how to eat clean, nutrient dense foods helped me then figure out how to eat when I need to lose weight.

I also cleared up my eczema, regained my monthly cycle that’s like clockwork now, and I improved my digestive system.

Here are a couple of my favorite books that have taught me the truth about modern foods, the problems with the standard American diet, and what to do to live a healthier life.

  • Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes – This was the first book I read about what was wrong with the food industry, how the government came up with its idea of what was healthy eating, and how simple it actually is to eat healthy. I have to say it ins’t always easy to eat healthy, but it’s much simpler than we have been led to believe.
  • Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe – I listened to the audible and Liz had me cracking up. She’s funny. And hella informative. Eat the Yolks debunks a lot of misinformation we’ve been force fed about what is healthy eating including egg white omelettes.

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Transitioned into a Keto for weight loss diet, did not nose-dive

If you’re someone that knows you get hungrier than most, do yourself a favor and ease into a lower-carb, paleo, ketogenic-ish diet.

Don’t nose dive. Give your body time to adjust to getting less carbs. From experience, it makes it easier to stick to.

Transitioning into this lifestyle made it more of a lifestyle than a diet, which made it easier to stick to. I’ve nose-dived into SEVERAL diets with little to no luck. I’ve been eating paleo for over 7 years now. Longer period of time and better results.

To transition, I spent a few weeks eating your basic paleo diet.

This included sweet potatoes, fruits, paleo-friendly baked treats, dates, and any food that isn’t man made. I also limited snacking and got to a point where I could comfortably eat 3 meals a day.

Once the cravings were under control, I was learning to trust my appetite, and was ready to turn the weight loss up a notch, I cut out sweet potatoes, fruits, paleo-friendly flours, dates, nuts, any super sweet fruits, and starchy vegetables.

I watched protein to make sure I was eating enough calories and loaded up on dark, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables.

My appetite was in check and it was easier to go without eating for longer periods of time because I honestly wasn’t hungry.

And this is still the case. I still do not need to eat as often as I used to eat before going low-carb.

Currently, there are some days where I do just fine on one meal. Or I don’t eat a second meal until 6 to 8 hours later. Not hungry.

I used to eat every few hours.

Truly liberating for someone that ate like me.

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Stopped eating a few hours or more before bedtime to effortlessly intermittent fast

I’ve been picking up out here in these health and wellness streets that eating right before bed is cool to do again.

Especially in the intermittent fasting convos where people are eating their last meals as late as 9 pm.

When I first heard that, I gasped. Kid you not.

Compared to eating close to bed time, I’ve experienced the easiest weight loss when I stopped eating between 3 to 4 pm and was in bed by 9 pm.

I’ve also heard that most repair goes on while sleeping and if the body is digesting food while you’re sleeping, it won’t use that time to rejuvenate and repair.

So I’ve heard. And it worked for me. I shrunk all while intermittent fasting during my sleep.

The following morning I would eat my first meal by 9 am. That gave me about 17 hours of fasting. With most of it done while I was sleeping.

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What I did NOT eat

Here’s a list of things I stopped eating. These are the foods I got rid of when I learned how to eat in a way that better served my needs.

I’ve also included a food list for transitioning to clean eating and intermittent fasting with a transitioning plan in my FREE Quick Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting cheatsheets and worksheets.

This FREE bundle also includes worksheets that help you plan your health and wellness goals and healthy meals.

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What did I eat

While transitioning 

These foods made it super easy to stick to clean eating while I was overcoming sugar withdrawals and working through cravings.

They helped my body heal and helped me get to a point where I could trust my appetite.

I also still lost weight.

If you’ve also had challenges with sticking to a clean diet, find yourself feeling addicted to foods and have a tendency to binge eat if you slip off of a super strict routine, give this list a try.

It’s a list of real foods with most of them being Paleo approved. I say “most” because I’ve seen some Paleo site say dairy isn’t Paleo, while others say raw dairy is fine.

From my experience, raw dairy (in moderation) is great when transitioning, but not so great when taking your weight loss transformation to another level. Like, when I hit a plateau, dairy was the first to go.

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Pork
  • Eggs
  • Healthy fats
  • Raw milk, raw milk cheeses
  • All types of fruits and vegetables
  • Raw nuts and raw nut butters
  • Keto and paleo friendly flours and packaged foods

While focusing on fat loss

What I noticed while sticking to the foods listed below was a decrease in appetite and an ability to fast for longer periods of time.

I even got to a point where I could not finish my prepped meals. I was simply too full.

From my experience and online research, these foods do not raise insulin as high as starchy vegetables, substitute flours like almond and coconut, or Paleo-friendly sweeteners like Agave or coconut nectar.

  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Healthy fats
  • Cooked dark leafy greens
  • Low-carb fruits and vegetables

Check out my latest post where I share the keto diet meals I put together that has helped me lose 45 pounds. This post can help you put together your own meals.

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Working out

I worked out fasted early in the mornings and continue to do so.

My workouts consisted of a 10 minute warm-up of light cardio, weight lifting, and then a 20 minute HIIT cardio session to finish. Oh, and I stretch afterwards.

Give yourself time to adapt to intermittent fasting before starting a workout routine. If your body isn’t adapted to burning fat and fasting, working out can be a pain in the ass. Especially if you try to workout fasted.

Working out increases your appetite. Fasting increases your appetite (duh).

Stacking hungry on top of hungry will make intermittent fasting way harder than it has to be. Trust.

Instead of going ham at the gym during your first week of intermittent fasting, try giving yourself a solid two to three weeks of intermittent fasting before you start a heavy workout.

I believe walking and yoga is fine, but lifting and hard cardio can be a challenge when new to fasting.

But do what feels best to your body.

As someone that used to be a very hungry person, I gave myself two weeks before working out at the gym.

(Even as someone that’s eaten paleo a majority of the time.)

I knew I was good to workout because I felt energized after my workout and I didn’t get tired during.

Round up

I ended up losing 45 lbs in 4 months by eating foods that kept my insulin relatively low – shortening the amount of time it took my insulin to get low enough for my body to burn fat – and doing a majority of my intermittent fasting while I was sleep.

Before living a Paleo lifestyle, I had tried what seemed like EVERYTHING to lose weight. A weight loss journey that started when I was 15-years-old and 245 pounds.

I’ve juice fasted on juices I made myself, I ate a raw foods diet, I was a vegan, I was a vegetarian, I did the master cleanse, I tried eating one grapefruit a day, I did a blood type diet, I did a liver cleanse, and even did a fat flush diet.

Nothing has worked for fat loss, appetite control, and keeping cravings in check like intermittent fasting and eating real foods meant for humans that don’t raise insulin too high nor trigger cravings.

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DISCLAIMER: This strategy and these tips I am sharing with you because it has worked wonders for me. I’ve gathered them after spending YEARS trying all types of diets and doing lots of research. I am not a dietitian, nutritionist, nor a medial professional. As always, please check with a professional before starting a new health and wellness routine. ESPECIALLY, if you’re on medications or have health complications.