Month: November 2017

Magnetize Your Mind For Money: Rev. Ike’s 10 Commandments of Money

When I first stumbled upon Rev. Ike, I had to binge watch his YouTube channel and all videos posted of his sermons and interviews. They are really that good, engaging and some of them had me cracking up. His messages are about working with mind science, prosperity consciousness, having the right thinking, and being a deliberate creator.

Applying his 10 Commandments of Money to my own life actually helped me find a tech job within a couple of weeks of looking. Mind you I’m in a city where it’s considered “hard” to find a good job let along one at a tech company. I was hired for a different position than the one I interviewed for because the owner of the company really enjoyed my interview. That was after a year and a few months of looking for a new job and barely earning a living at a part-time job I really didn’t like. Now, I like my job, I’m way more secure, and I’m healing my relationship with money.

Rev. Ike says his 10 Commandments of Money “represent 10 attitudes about money which will magnetize your mind for money. Because it is your mind which is a magnet. Your mind draws to you whatever you believe in. If you believe in the goodness of money, it will magnetize your mind to draw more money into your experience. If you believe that money is scarce and hard to get, that’s exactly the way it will be.”

Check out Rev. Ike’s 10 Commandments of Money below and affirmations for magnetizing your mind for money.

1st Commandment: Thou shalt not think that money is evil.

Instead you should affirm:

money is totally good, my desire for money is totally good and right. I want and use money only for good purposes. Thank God for money!

2nd Commandment: Thou shalt not speak evil of money. Thou shalt not say money is hard to get or to hold. Money has ears and will flee from thee.

Instead affirm:

Money is wonderful stuff. I see and feel myself enjoying more money. I see money flowing into my life with ease. I see and feel money coming into my life in new, exciting ways. I am open and receptive to new, honest money making ideas. Thank God for money!

3rd Commandment: Thou shalt do right about money.


I am willing to do right about money. I have no need to do wrong about money or to do wrong to get money. Thinking right and doing right about money draws more and more money onto me. I pay my bills with joy. I use money with joy. Money has no power over me to make me do evil. I have all power over money.

Bonus affirmation:

I see myself rejoicing and paying all of my bills with ease. I bless all of the people that I owe money to. I bless all of the companies that trust me with their goods and services. And I pay my bills with ease and rejoicing. I send love with every payment.

4th Commandment: Thou shalt give right about money.

Rev. Ike’s definition of money: “…money is the getting power of the mind. Getting is the being power, doing power of the mind. Money is the power of acquisition. Whatever acquires, whatever gets – that is money. So ultimately, mind power is money. Self-image is money because whatever you feel yourself as possessing will be brought to you, will be bought for you in mind. Money is the acquiring power of the mind.

Share what you are, the good that you have with others and with life and life will bless you abundantly.”

5th Commandment: Thou shalt not serve money, rather, money shalt serve thee.


I am the boss of money. I tell money what to do. I call money and money has to come. Money must obey me. I am not the servant of money. Money is my loving, obedient servant. Money is always obeying my belief about it. I am the master of money.

6th Commandment: Thou shalt be aware that money loves thee, money loves to fill thy hands and pockets


Money loves me. Money loves to fill my hands and pockets. Money will not stay away from me. Money loves to serve me. Money loves for me to enjoy it. The more I use and enjoy money correctly, the more it flows into my life. I love money in its right place. I love the good that I can do with money.

7th Commandment: Thou shalt not fear money, that it will corrupt thee. “Only the corruptible can be corrupted.” If thy religion cannot stand money, then thy religion is bad – not money.”


I have no fear of money. I am not afraid that money will corrupt me. Money cannot make me a worse person. I am a better person because I have money to meet my needs, to enjoy, and to share. Money is not against my religion. Money cannot come between me and God. I can serve God better with the convenience of money.

8th Commandment: Thou shalt not deny money. If thou deny money, money will deny thee. If though art accused of having money, deny it not. Never say, “I don’t have any money,” even if you don’t. “Let the weak say ‘I am strong.'”


I make it my business to think, act, and look like I have money. I must become that which I say I am. Therefore, I boldly declare I AM rich! I see it and feel it. I AM rich in Health, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity, and Money.

9th Commandment: Thou shalt see to it that thy money makes money, no matter how much or how little you have. Thou shalt have “Money Making Money!” Money loves to increase an make thee rich. Money shall work for thee.


I see and feel myself having “Money Making Money!” I see myself having money drawing interest. I see money working for me; bring me more money in honest, exciting ways.

10 Commandment: Thou shalt not seek “something for nothing.” However, though shalt make the most of the money.


I realize that there is no such thing as “something for nothing.” I avoid all offers that promise “something for nothing.” Therefore, I don’t get caught in losing deals. I realize that I cannot get “something for nothing” from God or man. I serve God by right thinking, right doing, and right giving. And I am rewarded “according as my works shall be.” I serve mankind in my work – whatever it is. Life pays me according to my thinking, doing, and giving.

His 10 Commandments of Money Lecture

There’s a good playlist of his lecture where he speaks on each of his 10 commandments of money. There’s some extra goodies in those as well so I strongly suggest giving them a watch or listen.

Check out the playlist here. Enjoy!

Healthy Fats and How to Use Them

For the record, industrial oils are not healthy fats. Canola oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, and corn oil aren’t good for human consumption and can cause many health challenges as explained in this article.

Below is a list of healthy fats. I’ve used a majority of them so I also have some insight into good ways to use them on regular bases.

If you don’t already use them, consider trying some with a meal a day. Healthy fats are essential to hormone health, the brain, the absorption of vitamins, and also help with maintaining blood sugar, stable energy, and mood.

Coconut Oil

So many mentions of coconut oil out here in these internet streets.

  • Use it for defense against a cold by simply taking 1 tbsp 3x a day
  • Shorten your period by cooking with it and taking 2 to 3 tbsps a day
  • Heal breakouts on the face by wearing it as a mask while you shower
  • Fry eggs and plantain with it. Not together unless you like them like that
  • Add a tbsp to a cup of coffee for an extra boost of energy
  • Oil pull with it by swishing it around in your mouth between 10 to 20 minutes in the morning
  • Rub it on your feet for peeling skin and crusty heels that can be caused by a fungal infection

Organic Lard

Yeah, people don’t usually see this one coming. I L.O.V.E organic lard! I usually find organic lard at the health food stores like Sprouts, the local natural foods co-op, or whole foods.

  • Use it to fry chicken for crispier chicken skin
  • Use it took cook coconut flour pancakes – it only takes a tbsp or 2
  • Get more vitamin D in the winter by using it to cook skillet meals

Beef Tallow

I gather some by cooking grass-fed grown beef and saving the fat in a jar. It has a tasty flavor.

  • Fry eggs and sweet potato hash in a tbsp or two
  • I like adding a few tbsps to tomato sauce I cook in a saucepan I make for squash and paleo lasagna
  • Add some to a small pot of water, pink salt, and seasonings like garlic, pepper, onion, parsley, cayenne, and chives. Let it simmer for a while and sip if you catch a cold or need something warm and soup like
  • Add a bit to cauliflower mash to add some flavor

Pastured Raise Butter

Kerry’s Gold is where it’s at.

  • Fry eggs, pancakes, and kale in butter
  • Melt on a steak or beef burger
  • Add a few tbsps to broccoli or any other vegetable
  • Blend into coffee
  • Make coconut flour butter biscuits by adding a melted tbsp to two tbsps of coconut flour and 1 tbsp of coconut milk; mix with a fork and bake for 10 to 15 minutes

Duck Fat

Duck fat reminds me of my childhood when my great-grandfather used to surprise us with duck. It’s a delicious flavor in my opinion.

  • Can fry eggs, sweet potatoes and plantain with it
  • Sautee vegetables
  • Fry meats in it
  • Melt over vegetables

Olive Oil

Do you really need tips here?

  • Mix a 1/2 a tbsp or less with apple cider vinegar and seasonings of your choice to have over a salad
  • Do not cook olive oil as it burns at lower temperatures than oils mentioned above

Other healthy fats you should check out

  • Avocado
  • Avocado oil and avocado oil mayonnaise – use this oil as a salad dressing also
  • Macadamia nut oil
  • Red Palm Oil
  • MCT Oil – be very, very careful with this one. Too much and it’ll run right through you
  • Ghee
  • Coconut butter


The Power of a Mid-Morning Walk

Working in an office for 8 to 9 hours a day, I’ve come to really appreciate my mid-morning walks. They allow me to get under the sun, breath outside air, break up my sedentary work-day, and think alone.

The biggest benefit I’ve noticed, however, is how much it has helped me be positive, uplifted, and better at managing the stress of my day.

Here are a few other benefits I’ve noticed about mid-morning walks:

  • Lowers stress later in the day – I don’t know why but I do better in traffic if I take a walk in the morning
  • Increases sunlight exposure – Less likely to come home and take a walk at the end of my day, getting my sunlight exposure earlier helps me make sure I get some during the work week instead of only on the weekends
  • Helps with stress management – the sun is good for giving me good vibes. I’ve read in a few places that the sun helps humans release the hormones that make us feel better.
  • Lowers the damage of a sedentary lifestyle – humans aren’t evolutionarily prepared to sit for long periods of time. We are supposed to move. Walking mid-mornings and to get water regularly helps with movement big time.

If you also spend a majority of your day sitting at a desk and notice your mood can definitely use some improvement, try getting outside for a walk. Especially in the morning when the air is crispier. If the weather is permitting, a good mid-morning walk can not only help with your mood but also your health and wellbeing.

Improve a Lack-and-Limitations Closet to Help Heal a Bad Relationship With Money

Last weekend I got the idea to finally let go of the outdated, clean out my closet and organize it. There was plenty in there. Plenty. But I was having a hard time finding something to wear. Things were too old, in the way, or out of season. It was definitely time.

I’ve also been getting into examining my money mindset and what different areas of my home said about my money mindset. I’ve noticed I keep a lot of stuff just in case I don’t have money. Most of the clothes in my closet I’ve held on to because I’m afraid of not being able to purchase what I need. This says I’m worried about making money, believe more in lack and limitation than prosperity and abundance, and find it hard to trust my needs will be met.

This type of mindset makes it hard to have a healthier more prosperous relationship with money. Thinking money is hard to make and quick to leave will make money hard to make and quick to leave. Believing I don’t have the money to buy new things has made it hard to have money to buy new things.

Cleaning out my closet was a big step in letting go of that fear and attention to lack and limitations.

Here are a few pointers on how I cleaned out my closet and updated it, made it way easier to find something to wear and how I now use my closet to create a healthier more prosperous relationship with money.

How I cleaned out and updated my closet

First of all, this was way harder than I anticipated. I really did step up to my closet thinking I was going to be easily tossing things over my shoulder into the “don’t want” pile. Wrong. I stood there staring at most of my clothes as I contemplated between the “maybe” and “donate it” pile.

Then I sorta remembered what I heard some personal style guru say on YouTube. If you haven’t wore it in a very long time, don’t remember the last time you wore it, or you know damn well you won’t wear it again, toss it. That made tossing old things into the “donate it” pile easier. Kinda.

I updated my closet by keeping the pieces that I could still get away with wearing. Checking Pinterest for what’s in this fall and winter helped a lot. Apparently big sweaters, loose tops, tight, skinny jeans, and green army jackets are still in. So I kept mine. That allowed me to still keep a couple of my favorites, pull out what I do have that’s up to date, and also get rid of things that were hard for me to give up.

Make it easier to find something to wear

This trick has truly made a huge difference in how long it takes me to get dressed. It has also made looking up-to-date much easier.

I now hang my clothes by combining my jackets, tops and jeans or pants. I’m pretty much planning my outfits for the week. There’s still room for me to easily change my mind because there are five to seven hung combinations to choose from with extras in view.

I’m spending less time making decisions about things like clothes during my busy morning routine. Making things move more smoothly and more time for me to review my goals and visualize before work.

Using my cleaner closet to help create a healthier more prosperous relationship with money

Letting go of clothes I held on to just in case I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes has been a huge act of faith for me. I have been saving clothes for years. I still had stuff I brought over 8 years and 70 pounds ago.

The true reason I kept these things was fear of lack of money. Paying attention to lack and limitation in any way draws more lack and limitations to life. Hard to make and keep money thinking that way.

Having a healthy, prosperous relationship with money begins with believing it’ll come when it is needed, is an obedient servant, is abundant, and isn’t hard to keep. Cleaning out my closet has helped me identify my limited beliefs about money and learn to have prosperous ones.

Do you have lack-and-limitation spaces?

Ever think that maybe, just maybe, the reason why money is hard for you to find and, or keep is because you’re holding on to things “just in case”?

If you think this might be your deal, give yourself a little test. Go to your closet and look at what you have. Ask yourself if you would wear it if you had to right now. In this weather on this day. If the answer is no for a number of things in your closet, you could be holding on just in case. Donate what you no longer need and begin to believe you will have the resources to have what you need.